How To Get An Aquarius Woman Obsessed With You?

Are you in love with an Aquarius woman and you want her to become obsessed with you? Worry no more because in this article we are going to show you exactly how to make your Aquarius woman obsessed with you! We will also dive deep into her obsessive tendencies!

The Aquarius woman is the 11th sign in the zodiac wheel, represented by the Water-Bearer, She is a fixed air sign which makes her immensely intelligent and unconventional, The Aquarius woman is governed by Saturn and Aquarius.

Women born from January 20 up to February 18 are born under the humanitarian sign. 

Intelligent, unconventional, humanitarian, rationalist, eccentric yet beautiful and unique. Aquarius woman is known for being the most intelligent woman in the zodiac, not book-smart but practical and realistically smart out of all.

She is envied because of her immense rationality and stoicism. She is unknowingly admired by many because of her many talents.

She is a powerful individual who uses the logic of her mind rather than the passion of her own emotions. This can make her aloof or distant because she is unable to truly emotionally connect with people around her. Alongside that, she can be seen as intimidating, and being an intellectual can make her isolated.

Nevertheless, she is sympathetic and humanitarian, she likes to take care of people and help people on a massive scale, and as such charities and driving donations can be one of her hobbies. When you get to know her personally she will be the sweetest and most pleasant person you’ll ever meet.

She’s funny, quirky, and good at talking with people.

Your Aquarius woman is a truly loveable person to be with even in love and relationship, she can be rather affirmatory of her actions. She likes to compliment and say positive words to her partner.

She likes dosing him with optimism because she likes expressing love through her books and she likes to do it in a way that her partner will be surprised. she loves to cherish her partner uniquely and this in turn brings joy into her heart.

An Aquarius woman’s obsession tendencies can sprout if the man is inherently unique and confident in his being, if the man can illicit some form of excitement and happiness in an Aquarius woman there is a high chance of her getting infatuated.

Her love or obsessive tendencies usually tend to be rare, however, often spurting out due to her erratic and unpredictable nature.

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Aquarius man let’s dig deeper into her psyche and let’s find out more about her obsessive tendencies…

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Aquarius Women and Obsession Tendencies

Your Aquarius woman is a little less romantic compared to all the other zodiac signs, Aquarius is considered to be one if not the coldest and barrel sign of the zodiac, even when Astrologers are using the monthly moon cycle they tend to avoid the sign of Aquarius for harvesting or solving fertility problems.

Aquarius is known to be the most aloof and distant sign, if Gemini and Libra have warm and humid air that surrounds them, Aquarius is harsh and cold like the wind that blows from the Antarctic. This deeply rational sign almost acts alien-like or robotic and this can make your Aquarius woman seem distant.

Whether or not an Aquarius woman is quiet or talkative, there will always be an air of coldness and mystery to her. Even in romantic relationships, her romance will seem to be non-existent or private for some reason in this way it is truly hard to encapsulate what’s going on inside an Aquarius woman’s mind.

Her obsessive tendencies can start from a simple admiration of the man, the man will have a unique vibe to him, he might be talented, gifted, wildly passionate, or energetic, whatever it is there will be this certain “unique” trait that makes the Aquarius woman look upon him with desire and admiration.

Alongside that, your Aquarius woman will be immensely attracted to a guy who can give him passion and excitement, a guy who can be a fire to her ice.

This is why often an Aquarius woman will get an immense crush on a guy with heavy fire placements. She craves passionate experiences that counteract her lonely and icy life.

Unlike other women who place too much emphasis on looks, your Aquarius woman considered looks as her 2nd priority, she will still look for a man who can give her the vibe and energy she deeply craves.

The obsessive tendencies will start from a simple crush to a full-blown-out obsession where she will get erratic with her mood swings just by overthinking about the guy she desires. She becomes chaotic and messy to the point that her patterns will be seen as weird by many.

Overall, her obsessive tendencies can sprout out if the timing of the man is right, if you give her enough excitement and passion and you actually can bring something into her life she will be deeply infatuated with you! 

How to Get Your Aquarius Woman to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Show off your Creative and Imaginative side!

You must show your Aquarius woman your creative and imaginative side! Your Aquarius woman is attracted to an unconventional man who has his own life and talents! Show her that you are that man!

Do not show or boast that your book is smart. It will seem weird to her, instead if there are problems that arise be there to offer a clever solution. The more creative and bright you appear to be the more she’ll be drawn toward you!

2. Be a good friend

Your Aquarius woman likes to be friends with you as much as possible. She will not be a flat-out flirt like other zodiac signs. As such it is important to make sure she feels safe around your presence first.

It is important to build a friendly relationship with her first where she can openly talk to you without any shyness. Casually talk to her without asking her too many personal questions, try being funny, and try helping her out with things, you can also send her memes or funny videos you’d see on the internet. 

The more friendly you seem to be the more likely she will open up to you, and the more chances you talk and get to know each other.

3. Be Mysterious

The first process in the seduction game. This is where you can truly showcase yourself as an attractive man worthy of her desire. Whenever you’re around her be sure to be presentable as possible. Dress well and have your hair well styled.

Put on a unique fragrance that she will surely smell and be reminded of you whenever you’re not around anymore. In this process, you must also refrain from sharing too much information about yourself. When asked by her or other people be sure to say half-answers that don’t answer the question.

Play it cool, talk confidently, and do not show her that you are romantically interested in any way. Also give him little to no information about your personal life, in this way the more chances of her getting fascinated with you…

4. Challenge him!

The fourth key step in making your Aquarius woman obsessed with you is that you must separate yourself from other men who are flirting with her. Challenging her in a competition is a form of playful banter that is a true seduction method for your Aquarius woman.

She despises the corny jokes and cheesy pickup lines, when flirting you must understand that she is your equal, when teasing her it is important to thoroughly challenge her intellect. This makes you stand out from the rest of the men trying to pursue her.

Keep her under wraps by showing your little competitive nature and intelligence. Challenge her to games or debates! Debates are especially a fun way to converse with her! The more of a challenge you appear to be the more she’ll be attracted to you!

5. Show your strong independent nature

Live life to the fullest! Show her through social media all your career, passion, and travel adventures! Whether it is a fun experience or a not-so-fun one it is good to show her that you are living a successful and independent life!

There’s nothing more an Aquarius woman hates than a man who is still dependent on his parents for money and living. You must show her that you are the opposite of what turns her off. 

Also, remember that your Aquarius woman loves a confident and passionate man who doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion or expectation of him. Just remember to live life happily and you’ll radiate the energy from within! Surely your Aquarius woman will take notice of that!

Whether it is your career, education, passion, or just about anything in life! The more independent you seem in her eyes the more he’s gonna be attracted to you! 

6. Stand out from the crowd!

Showcase your unique talents to her and everyone, every once in a while, it is good to boast your abilities to people as this gives your Aquarius woman enough chance to see you as unique and quirky. 

It is a good thing to showcase your successes or your unique abilities because it gives her hindsight to show who you are as a person, whether you’re showing it with your friends or in a social setting like a party or gathering, the more you stand out the more chances you being an immense candidate for your Aquarius woman’s heart.

7. Don’t become attached

The last key step on the list is to take things easy with her, chill out, and not over-force yourself on her, the seduction process takes time and it requires a lot of patience on your part.

It is necessary not to become attached in the process as any emotional sentimentality or clinginess will be a huge turn-off for her.

The real attraction begins when you start focusing on yourself more and the power you hold, do not get too overbearing with making her obsessed with you instead let it flow thoroughly. You gain more power if you are just as detached if not more detached than her.

This way you can play more games with her and you can flirt with her in a fun and exciting way without any strings attached, this in turn will surely get your Aquarius woman more obsessed and infatuated with you!

Aquarius: The Alien-like Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Aquarius woman is intelligent and clever, her alien-like approach to dealing with her own emotions can make her an eccentric yet totally loving romantic partner. Being Uranus-ruled and Saturn-ruled she is truly a force to be reckoned with!

Your Aquarius woman is like a wind, cannot be seen and lacks any form, she cannot be held down by anyone or any social norms and construct, she is wildly independent and she forges her path to take. She may look calm, sensitive, and pleasant but she will not hesitate to destroy just for the sake of freedom.

You must truly offer something unique and exciting to her for her to truly look at you as a potential partner. Seducing her with your talents and gifts is a must but you must not restrain her from her independence.

The moment you become controlling is the moment she’ll be uninterested to move forward with your relationship.

Instead, follow the steps aforementioned above and you’ll be sure that your Aquarius woman will be immensely obsessed with you! Patience is everything! The seduction will take time but when done properly be ready to see the magic happens! You’ll surely have her in the palm of your hand!

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