Does a Cancer Woman Cheat?

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about how and why a Cancer woman would cheat on her partner, alongside that we’ll give you all the telltale signs that your Cancer woman might be cheating on you and is being sneaky behind your back all along!

Yes, a Cancer woman can cheat but is unlikely, she might cheat because she’s insecure and copes by cheating as a form of validation, she might also cheat for a chance of getting a better relationship than her previous one when she cheats she can be manipulative by playing the victim, the blame game is inevitable.

The Cancer woman is the motherly figure of the zodiac, traditional, feminine, and emotional, she has close attachments to her long-standing friendships and family, and she can also form a familial bond with the people she deems worthy of her time.

Ruled by the Moon, her emotions are ever-changing, she can be moody at times, often she is resonating with the energy of the moon, the closest celestial body on our planet, the lunar energy can give immense feminine beauty and allure to her appearance as well as personality.

Often seen with beautiful doe eyes and a nice feminine figure, the Cancer woman has distinct beauty others cannot comprehend, in terms of love, she will be self-sacrificial, she loves passionately with all her heart, she will be delicate and emotional, and clingy, often attaching herself to sentimental values of the past.

As such she would need a partner who can protect her and at the same time understand her enigmatic energy, she wants a partner who can also match the energy she gives into the relationship 24/7

However, it’s not all flowers and sunshine for the Cancer woman, she is also capable of being unfaithful to her partner, with that said, there can be several ways why your Cancer woman would be unfaithful and cheat on you.

To further know the truth, let us tackle the psychology of why would a Cancer woman cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot your Cancer woman if she commits infidelity behind your back!

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Let’s dig deep!

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Are Cancer Women More Likely to Cheat?

Cancer women aren’t known to be cheaters, quite the contrary, they’ve been labeled as one of the most faithful and trustworthy signs, however, they are capable of cheating if they feel a lack of emotional connection to their partner or if the relationship is becoming toxic and abusive (both abusive meaning to both parties).

Cancer women are emotional, they’re emotional, and loving, these traits give them a warm and fuzzy vibe about them as if they can never do wrong and be sweet and innocent all along, however, this is far from the truth.

A genuine good Cancer woman can be all of that but an insecure and sinister-infused Cancer woman thrives on overwhelming attention and love from her lover to the point that it becomes toxic and abusive.

She’s most likely to cheat if she feels she doesn’t get the emotional support from her partner, although she will truly feel guilt and remorse, there will be no second chances once she gives in to the temptation of cheating.

A Cancer woman’s emotional manipulation is petrifying, she can be good at lying but can be terrible at hiding it as it shows in her body language (being fidgety and frowned facial expressions), she can also be good a playing the victim, this, in turn, can put all the blame on you and alienate you from your family and friends.

Overall, she can cheat in a relationship if she wants, but most likely, she will be extremely loyal and dedicated to her partner to the point of being attached to her partner, however, attachment does not indicate a healthy relationship, a good relationship only happens when there’s mutual love and trust with each other as well as a good set of boundaries!

The Cancer woman will have an easier and harmonious relationship with someone who has water placements (Scorpio, Pisces) and earth placements (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo). For more detailed information spread an accurate birth chart for her and look for her Moon sign (emotions, deep inward attachments) and her Mars sign (the kind of man he wants, her sexuality).

A full accurate description of her birth chart can precisely tell you how to love her and make it seem to go smoothly, however, there are no indicative placements in Astrology that can predict if the person is a cheater or not, however, some placements are indicative of being less detached romantically and how easy it is for a person to succumb into temptations.

Why Do Cancer Women Cheat?

The Cancer woman cheats because she wants to seek the emotional intimacy she deems lacking in the relationship she’s currently in, she might also have a victim complex, often telling herself that the love she gives isn’t given back and she then lashes out.

The Cancer woman solely cheats because of her deeply rooted insecurity and the need for emotional fulfillment, she often goes for long-term relationships rather than flings, however, if she feels her love isn’t reciprocated, she becomes insecure and seeks validation by looking out for another man who can fulfill that need in her.

She seeks the perceived excitement and she wants to fill that gaping hole caused by his insecurities, her insecurities can stem from trauma and other negative past experiences, and because of her attachment issues, it can be difficult for her to move on.

It is also possible that she’s been cheated before in a committed relationship and she seeks revenge by reenacting it, but this time she’s the perpetrator, it can be a sick way and terrible especially to the man she’s currently with.

Alongside that, because of her “victim complex”, she will often lash out when she feels unloved or she deems the amount of affection you give to her small, your Cancer woman needs to pamper amounts of love and affection, she needs it when she feels she’s not getting it she might seek from other sources.

More often this form of cheating won’t be a sexual one, it can be purely emotional, you might find out that she’s talking to other guys on the phone who are giving her lots of compliments and reassurance that she’s beautiful and no guys deserve her, it may not be the kind of cheating most people reason out to be but its still a form of lying to your romantic partner.

All of these things are deadly ingredients that can tempt your Cancer man to replace you, all of these will certainly have an impact as to why he would cheat on you, if you’re suspecting that your Cancer man might be cheating on you there are potential signs to look out for…

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How to Find out if your Cancer Woman is Cheating on you?

There are some telltale signs that your Cancer woman is cheating on you, one is that she will be extremely emotional in an off-putting way, you know her very well and you know what to do when she’s upset, but now that she’s cheated on you the guilt wraps around her making her extremely erratic and moody.

She becomes highly guarded of her surroundings, she will hide her phone when she’s away with you and she will often look distressed, her clothing and style will change, reflecting her distressed mood, this guilt can often bottle up until it reaches the point – she will often burst and tell you the truth.

This is because she can’t control her emotions and her emotions will control her, when she does admit to you that she’s cheating she will often play the part of looking like the victim – being the one distressed and crying.

If you ever get any physical evidence that proves she’s lying and cheating whether it’s in a form of pictures, videos, phone conversations, keep it hidden so that you can use it if she ever tries to put the blame on you or vindicate you in some other form, be calm and do not throw a fit.

This gives the relationship a clear standing on how it is supposed to be, you hold the power, and no manipulation tactics can come on your way. This is a pretty good step in case something bad ever happens.

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Cancer Woman’s cheating heart? 

Cheating is a grave sin in a relationship, it breaks trust and fades love, and it can destroy best of the both worlds, with that being said, it is still your choice to still get back together with a cheating Cancer woman, and welcome her with an open heart.

However, if you have no plans of getting back with her, the best thing to do is forgive her and move on, no turning back, the unseen wounds can take some time to heal but trust that it is better than living off being betrayed by the one you choose to love.

In the meantime, focus on the life you have, the best cure is self-love and understanding your worth, and aside from those get close to the people that truly love and cherish you!

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