Cancer Man In Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Cancer Man In Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Sweet and emotional, you’re wondering, how in the hell can you get a Cancer man on your sheets? He seems too fragile and gentle. Would sex be enjoyable with him? How can I do seduce him? Here are your answers.

To turn your Cancer man on, you need to make him feel safe and secure, and you should be sensitive to his sensitivity. You can also initiate new things. Flaunt your boobs by wearing fits that will allow you to do so. Massage him and send him dirty and flirty messages. Lastly, be gentle with him.

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There’s a lot more to learn so I suggest you keep reading. You don’t want to miss these tips if you really want to turn on your Cancer man. Let’s start!

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Cancer Man in Bed: What It’s Like…

Your Cancer man makes love, so expect a lot of emotions. He prioritizes pleasuring you, and he does not do one-night stands. You can also expect a lot of sex with water somewhere in the location. This can be in the shower or the tub. He prefers intimacy and privacy rather than experimenting in public.

He does not have sex, he makes love

Cancer Man In Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Your Cancer Man is a water sign, and a water sign is an element of emotions. He is also ruled by the moon, and the moon is the ruler of emotions. So, you can expect a lot of hot, steamy, and slow sex. The emotions in the sessions are intertwined.

He caters to his partner

Whoever his partner is, a woman or a man, he will be sensitive enough to notice every detail of your body. He is intuitive and that is beneficial to his partner because he will give you everything, he thinks you need. If you are dominant and are looking for the perfect submissive, he is the one!

He will look at his partner’s expression and will notice the way you react to his touch. He will remember it and will use it to your advantage the next time you have sex. He will study your body as if it is a book. That is why most sexual partners Cancers had been pleased up to a hundred percent because of this trait.

He does not do one-night stands

This is very predictable for your Cancer man unless he has some Gemini in his chart. Remember he is an emotional being and is very much into commitment. He would not have sex with someone with who he did not feel secure. He is not one to do threesomes and orgies. He is not about infidelity.

He loves to do it on water

Cancer Man In Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer man, notice how he gets so aroused doing it in the presence of water.

You may have been doing it a lot in the shower or in the hot tub. If you have a pool at home, he loves doing it there too! He does not like to do it at the beach though because he doesn’t like to do it in public.

He prefers intimacy and privacy

This is the reason why he does not like to do it in public. Believe me or not, he does not mind whether you do it on the couch or on the bed. He does not get bored of that. However, he can get moody if he notices that you are not enjoying what he enjoys.

He expects you to pick up on what he likes. To be safe, be sure to ask your Cancer man what he wants to experience in bed.

7 Tips to Turn On your Cancer Man in Bed

There are a lot of ways to seduce your Cancer, but I have listed here 7 of the most effective ones.

Make him feel safe and secure

Cancer Man In Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

You see, your Cancer man needs to feel loved because he is affectionate. He makes sure that the people he loves are treated with so much love and respect. He likes to feel safe and secure, and the safer he feels with somebody, the more affectionate he will get.

To be able to pull this off, make sure that you give enough reassurance to your Cancer man. Make sure that he knows how much you adore him, and that you want to be with him. Make him feel secure with the way he looks. Compliment his body and make him feel like you badly need it.

Be sensitive

Your Cancer man sends out vibrations when he first meets people. And you might have felt it when you first met. When you respond to it emotionally and make him know that you feel what he feels, you will definitely lure him in.

Be sensitive enough to your Cancer man’s sensitivity. And if you do that, there will be an immediate attraction. This is because he enjoys the feeling of being wooed, and he lives through his senses and physicality.

Initiate new things

Once a Cancer man knows how to please you, he will do it again and again. The downside is it can get a little boring for you. If you think your sex life is getting a little stale with your Cancer man, do not be afraid to suggest trying out new things.

Remember that your Cancer man aims to please you sexually all the time, and so, he would be eager to experiment to pleasure you. Do not be afraid to spice things up with your Cancer man. He would truly appreciate that.

Flaunt your assets

Cancer Man In Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

The certain body parts that are associated with Cancer are the stomach, the breast, and the chest. These are most definitely his favorite parts. So, what you can do here is to flaunt it. You can wear a push-up bra or a low-cut top to give him that little hint of his favorite part.

Aside from these, you can also wear a crop top that shows off your stomach or a tight dress that shows off your waistline.

Offer him a massage

A massage is definitely one of the ultimate seduction tips for you if you want to woo a Cancer man. Remember that your Cancer man is a very affectionate being, and physical touch is definitely one of his love languages. When your fingers touch his skin, he will definitely feel excited for you, especially when it is done with baby oil or lotion.

Send him dirt and flirty messages

Your Cancer man can be too shy to express what he really wants to say in person. This includes the things he wants to do with you. So, take action and initiate. Be the first one to text him flirty texts. This way, you can bring out his passionate side.

Be gentle

Cancer Man In Bed, 7 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Your Cancer man loves it when you make the first move or initiate sex, but if he is not in the mood, do not be too aggressive. Do not push him. Do not be too aggressive around your Cancer man because it will turn him off.

Cancers are known to be sensitive, so you also need to be one when you really want to be with them. So, do not be too pushy because he doesn’t want a woman that is combative.

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Are Cancer Men “Freaks” in Bed?

Yes, they can be! Cancer men can be kinky and freaky, and they can be into spanking, and addling, and may use a lot of ice or feathers. They lean towards trying anal. They also like a little bit of blindfolding and some sensory tools. They can be really animalistic and freaky under the covers.

Although you can read Cancers as loving and sweet, they can be total freaks in bed. They tend to put this wall in public to protect their sexual emotions. However, it can take a while for them to show you this side because their sexuality is always tied up with emotionality.

Some cancer men can be into spanking, paddling, and anal. They also like to be surprised with surprise sex dates. They lean towards blindfolding and sensory tools. They can be animalistic once you get to have a Cancer man on your sheets.

Your Cancer man in bed, in a nutshell

To turn a Cancer man on, you need to:

  • Make him feel safe and secure
  • Be sensitive
  • Initiate new things
  • Flaunt your assets
  • Offer him a massage
  • Send him dirty and flirty messages
  • Be gentle




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