How Does A Cancer Man Test You?

How Does A Cancer Man Test You?

Cancer is a nurturing sign ruled by the moon and is the 4th sign of the zodiac. They also have a cardinal quality which means that they are initiative and are visionary. They are all about their feelings and enjoy taking care of people.

Like their ruler, the moon changes phases quite quickly and so does their mood. The Cancer man is a family man and is happiest at home. Cancer men are sensitive and seek safety and comfort from a partner.

Cancer men test you by the way you treat others. They check out what your own family and friends say about you. He might be moody but he wants you to understand that it is because they are protective of those who try to take advantage of them.

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Profile of a Cancer man

How Does A Cancer Man Test You

Cancer men are compassionate, supportive, and family-oriented. They are often blessed with long-term memory. They often spend time having a recollection of moments. These men are protective of their loved ones.

Like the symbolism of the crab, they always put a brave mask on the world but are sensitive emotionally.

Cancer men are well aware of the concept of karma as they are drawn to the idea of the past.

They tend to hold on to what has already happened and learn from it. They may struggle in letting go but sometimes the memories actually push them to become better people and they vow to themselves not to let it happen again.

They are security-oriented and will not mind acting as a follower. These men put relationships first. Cancer men are happiest when they are cozy. Cancers are deeply loving people and make good parents. Sharing what they have is a joy for them. They are all about the home and foundations.

These men have a fear of abandonment. Cancer men might become clingy from time to time but it is because they care for their loved ones too much. They make great caregivers and will always offer a shoulder to cry on. Cancers may comfort you through food and stay with you until you feel better.

What are your chances with your Cancer man?

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7 Ways a Cancer man will test you

He will test you with his moodiness

How Does A Cancer Man Test You?

Cancer men are infamous for their mood, but there’s always a reason for that. Many times, because of their giving nature, they often are taken advantage of. They might not retaliate quickly but they do store grudges.

You don’t need to figure out if a Cancer is feeling bad, you will just know, but most of the time they might isolate.

What you can do is just let them know you’re there, it’s alright if you want to keep a distance. All they need is to be able to recollect, rest for a while, and reflect on what they’re going through. He will eventually return to his compassionate self.

He will test you on how you value your family or relationships in general

Cancer is all about the home and domestic life. They cherish relationships and make them a priority. If he thinks you are too materialistic or superficial, he might not consider you to be a partner but just as a friend.

Despite seeming like they are full of goodness, they are very cautious. They are devoted to their loved ones and expect their partners to be the same. It would be very good for them if the woman he will date is able to get along with their family or even their friends, whoever is important to them.

He will test you with the help of his family or friends

Cancer will assign one of his family or friends to help him evaluate you. They might ask their opinions and he respects their thoughts about you. This will definitely affect how he sees you. Basically, when you are with a cancer man, you are not dating one person, you are dating his entire circle.

He will test you with the kind of family and friends you have

How Does A Cancer Man Test You?

As they say birds of the same feather flock together, and when you are seeing a Cancer man you might notice he makes an effort to get to know your friends and be close to your family. He might start separate plans to hang with them without you knowing.

When a Cancer man likes you, he will also try to be close to your circle. How he feels about your family and friends may affect how he sees the relationship working. He will get to know them and ask them about what they feel about you which can help with his judgment.

So even without dating a Cancer man, make it a habit to surround yourself with people that have good intentions for you and help you grow. No matter how much we deny that the type of relationships we have, do make an impact.

He tests how much you trust him

Cancer men are extremely devoted and hurting other people are not the first thing on their plate. They will do their very best to keep promises.

He also expects that his partner will be the same. He might try to ghost you from time to time to see how frequently you bombard him with calls or texts.

He wants to know that you are able to trust him and have faith in him so when he becomes suddenly busy, he has the assurance that you are understanding and that you are his home, that he can always come to you because your presence gives him rest or peace.

He tests the quality of time you spend with him

Cancer men take relationships seriously. You might be with him but if you are not really paying attention to him, he might take it against you. As he already prioritizes your feelings, he hopes you would too. He wants to see if you can see him eye to eye.

They are willing to keep making space for the people who are important to you. He is open to compromise on certain things to make relationships better.

When you fight with him, he doesn’t mind being the one to apologize but it is different when he starts to think he is being treated harshly. Cancer men rarely fight but when they do, it’s usually worsened by the bottled resentment.

He tests how you treat other people

How Does A Cancer Man Test You?

Cancer men want to be with a partner who can treat people with respect. It doesn’t matter if that person has a position, a CEO, or a janitor. Every person has a heart that can get hurt, and out of all the signs, he is the most aware of that.

He takes note of how you treat people because he doesn’t want to be associated with those who act nice but actually talk badly about others behind their backs.

Get more details about your Cancer man…

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How your Cancer man tests you, in a nutshell…

Cancer men may be one of the most emotional signs but they can also feel like the most rewarding. The Cancer man tests you on the quality of relationships you have. He also seeks the help of his friends and family to help evaluate his view about you.

This is a man that you don’t just date, you date his entire circle and he will make an effort to get to know yours too. They don’t mind sacrificing for the people they love. These men are giving, and nurturing, and just want to be with someone who can meet them halfway.



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