Is Your Cancer Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

How Do You Know When A Cancer Man Is Done With You?

The Cancer man is known to be sentimental and emotional. They place relationships as top of their priorities and is protective of their loved ones. He takes note of what drives you crazy. He is a homebody and loves the comfort of familiarity.

Separation with a Cancer man is not for the faint of heart. The internet has rewarded the Cancer man a plaque as the sign that just can’t let go.

The Cancer man is done with you when he has become full of spite. He is a sign that keeps grudges. He wants to make the person who broke his heart feel his pain. It is better to make peace with him before he starts brooding plots for revenge.

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That said, let’s see what it looks like when a Cancer man is in love…

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The Cancer man in love

How Do You Know When A Cancer Man Is Done With You?

When a Cancer man falls in love, he likes to take care of his partner. He is a family man. When you date a Cancer, you date his family and loved ones too. The opinion and thoughts of his people will have an effect on how he sees you.

Of course, this also works to your benefit. He will do his best to make a good impression and try to build a relationship with your family and friends too. In a live setting, he tends to be traditional. The Cancer man prefers to be married exclusively and raise children. He will be devoted to his family all his life.

Even though he is sensitive, he will not give up on the relationship easily if it happens to be on the rocks. He is cardinal and that makes him determined to make sure it works. The Cancer man is happiest when he is able to do things for the people he loves.

His love language may be acts of service because he likes to go out of his way to provide nurture to his loved ones.

The Cancer man would also enjoy the same treatment. When his lover is able to reciprocate the same way, he is able to love her, he will feel reassured. Honestly, even if it didn’t end up with a happy ever after, their love remains forever.

With a Cancer man, there are two paths where a separation goes.

One, he never actually moves on, he may love you from a distance and bury his feelings. Two, he never moves on and if he can’t have you, he will resent you to the ends of the earth and pray you never be happy unless it’s with him.

What are your chances with your Cancer man?

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How to tell when a Cancer man has moved on (done with you)!

He becomes distant

How Do You Know When A Cancer Man Is Done With You?

Long-distance relationships are not ideal for the Cancer man because he needs physical presence. In the same way that when a Cancer man has decided to move forward with his life without you, he will initiate creating space between you.

He will retreat and try to live his life on his own terms. Over time he re-learns to live life like before he met you. He may be emotional, but the Cancer man is still the crab for a reason. He can stop showing it if he is focused.

The Cancer zodiac has been tarnished as crybabies but when they do fight back, you will regret it.

He has tried to see someone new

In order for a Cancer man to slowly forget his lover, he needs a replacement. Cancers thrive on taking care of others.

Depending on how the relationship went, Cancer men can take a while to move on. If he did not have an emotional connection or something special with his lover, most likely he is quick to bounce back to the dating scene.

A cancer man can fall in love very quickly. He, like Aries, is cardinal and passionate, especially when starting a project. He rushes in fast. Sometimes he might retreat as quickly because he wants to plan how to win the girl.

He is chasing the high of falling in love with someone new.

The Cancer man may join dating apps and flirt with as many girls as he wants, using sympathy to get girls to pay attention to him because one of them broke his heart.

The good news is, if you have shared something special and you have had a long-term commitment with him, there is a high chance you can remedy the separation. Just take note of the formula for winning a Cancer man’s heart which is reassurance, loyalty, and freshly baked goodies.

He is afraid of letting you back

Even though your Cancer man probably still has feelings for you, it doesn’t mean he is not moving on. He just doesn’t want to pursue you romantically anymore. He could be afraid of letting you back because he can’t trust you. He is not open to the idea of getting hurt again.

He might fear being rejected by you or he is unable to trust you. Cancer men have an elephant memory. Simple words may trigger him, although it’s not impossible to win him back, it will just take a lot of effort and maybe go through a bit of toxicity before things can be peaceful again.

If you try to rush them to accept you, they will just become more distrustful, and the result is that you are pushing them away.

He is not showing he is interested

The Cancer man may have decided to move on when he is ignoring you. You may have tried sending messages or calling him but he might not answer. If you want to make amends with a Cancer man it’s best that you give him time. Let him have his space and decide if he still wants to continue.

How Do You Know When A Cancer Man Is Done With You?

It will only be unfortunate when over time, months passed, or even years he has not responded. That’s a huge sign that he no longer wants to continue your relationship. By then he might be focused on his life as a bachelor.

He is giving you the silent treatment

A good way to test if your Cancer man is still angry with you is if he giving you the silent treatment. Sometimes this is a form of manipulation, many times it’s a direct way of saying he does not want to make amends.

He has already forgotten how to be sweet and caring to the person he used to love. He has hardened his shell; he wants to have nothing to do with you and to run as far as he can.

He might over-exhaust himself

After separation, the Cancer man may spend more hours working. He will comfort himself in trying to earn more.

He might develop stressful eating habits.  There will be forms of self-destructive behaviors as a way to cope. Liquor can become his companion at this time. Maybe he will look at how to take care of himself more.

He will seek the company of his friends and loved ones who can reassure him and they might enjoy talking badly about you so he can feel better. Don’t be fooled, separation is traumatic for a sign that puts relationships first.

Just pray to the gods that he doesn’t resent you too much and earn yourself an obsessive stalking ex.

He is deceptive

The Cancer man will be insecure during the separation. He might use his skills in manipulation. Some Cancer men use this to get a girl back but when he doesn’t, he will use your weaknesses against you. Cancer men are always bullied to be weak-willed and cry easily but they are psychologically talented.

How Do You Know When A Cancer Man Is Done With You?

He picks up people’s energy in his surroundings. He can read people. Your Cancer man has gotten to know you. He might pick up on your insecurities to help him foster a new passion with someone else. He might make it seem like he’s the victim.

If you notice that the Cancer man is shifting perspectives and adjusting them according to his preference, then your Cancer man may be truly over you and no longer interested in reuniting with you.

Get more details about your Cancer man

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When your Cancer man is done with you, the final word…

When a Cancer man is done with you, he will become resentful and traumatized. Relationships come first when it comes to this family-oriented sign. He is not able to take separation lightly. It would be better to ensure the breakup happened peacefully lest you earn someone who wishes you a miserable life.

A Cancer man has a memory of an elephant. He likes to live in the past. He might hate you for breaking up with him or for giving up on the relationship but in reality, he will always have a tender spot for you somewhere in his heart.

When a Cancer man loves, it is usually forever, the title does not give him too much justice. Cancer men don’t really move on not unless there was never any emotional connection, to begin with. They only want to love and feel the same thing in return.



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