How To Get A Cancer Man To Chase You

How To Get A Cancer Man To Chase You

So, you like a Cancer man. But you’re not sure if he feels the exact same because you feel like he’s being too cold with you. Although it would be obvious if your Cancer man likes you (considering their nature), here’s how you can get them to chase you and be in love.

To get a Cancer man to chase you, be vulnerable. Allow him to be private and do not ask overly exposing questions. Express your admiration in private and create traditions between the two of you. Be honest and be responsible. Make the effort to be close to his family and be supportive of his dreams.

Cancer is a water sign and unlike the fire signs, these signs are a little easier to get your man to chase you. Let’s dive deeper into these and get a Cancer man to be obsessed over you.

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Know your Cancer Man

How To Get A Cancer Man To Chase You

A Cancer man is very nurturing and understanding in nature. And if you are someone that they care about, you will feel it because his actions will truly show. You will feel their care, nurture, and tenderness. They’re like soft little babies because they’re affectionate and extremely sensitive.

If they are confronted with rude comments, he will take it to the heart. This may be because of something that happened in his childhood and all that hurt was carried as he grew up. It will be played like a cassette tape over and over again.

This all makes him go back to the past as he gets triggered by these things. And if you feel like letting him in on a joke about him, forget it. You’ll hurt him.

Your Cancer man is also extremely intelligent but can be very shy. And he can be a little indirect about his goals to someone he just met. This can be with regard to his personal life, health, spirituality, and even profession.

They can be a little secretive about these, but they would certainly do anything to reach their goals.

Men of his nature are mostly traditional. He loves where he came from, and he loves learning it. Some of you might contradict this and say “Oh, but he’s computer savvy. How can that happen?” Have you dived deep into his mind and soul? I’m pretty sure he likes the beauty of his tradition and values it.

Cancers can be a little hard for them to come out of their shell. He may have friends but only a few selected ones. He will be fine with anyone and get along with them, but he’ll be very shy and just watch everything.

He would not be comfortable with meeting new people because sometimes, he would feel like he feels misplaced.

What are your chances with your Cancer man?

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8 Ways to Get a Cancer Man to Chase You

Show your sensitive side

How To Get A Cancer Man To Chase You

As we have mentioned earlier, your Cancer man is a sensitive soul. In order to seduce him or get him crazy over you, lead him with thoughtfulness. Give him slow and soft touches once in a while. Make him feel something for you by opening up to him.

And if he sees your vulnerability and feels a little sorry for you, he will attempt to fix you. Let them. They like to do that.

However, reveal these kinds of things if you really love them. You cannot be fake in this relationship because he certainly would not be. Because if he doesn’t like you, he will let you feel it. He can shut your feelings down like a crab.

Allow him to be private

Cancers are a little shy in nature, so you can’t expect your Cancer man to be over-the-top outgoing, and friendly. So do not ask overly direct questions that will embarrass him. He does not like all of your jokes so definitely not make them the butt of yours.

You are lucky if you can give a little tease here and there because some of his types do not like that. They don’t want to overexpose themselves, especially on social media. Most of the time, you have to ask for permission before posting anything that has to do with him. 

Don’t expect a Public Display of Affection

The big old PDA. Your Cancer man doesn’t like that. He doesn’t believe and trust in a full public display of attention. He thinks that affection in a relationship is reserved to be genuine, warm, and graceful, and if he thinks that it’s getting a little “louder”, he may think that you’re doing it for you, not for him.

So, you know what to do here. Do not “flex” him to all your social media friends. Some of the Cancer men may like that but they may be mixed with other signs. But pure Cancer energy does not like that. In order to get him, tell him that you appreciate him.

Tell him that you are there for him. Tell him that you love him. It’s quiet and intimate but intense at the same time.

Create traditions

How To Get A Cancer Man To Chase You

If you have been friends with the Cancer man you have been eyeing, you may have confirmed in this article that he is very much into traditions.

So, when you finally get the chance to have your first date with him, remember to make it special because in time, if all else falls into its right place, it will be your tradition. Hear him say “Let’s go to our spot” or “Let’s do our thing”.

Be truthful

When you want to be in a relationship with a Cancer man, you must be as honest as possible. No matter how hurtful you think you want to say it, tell him He will appreciate you more than anything. He can handle whatever truth that is inside you and in time, you may be able to have his heart.

Ask about his family

Your Cancer man cares so much about his family, and so it is only fitting for you to love them, including his pets, his roots, and of course, his traditions and where he came from. If you visit his house and there’s food in their tradition that they want you to try, try it and compliments it. But of course, only if it’s true.

And if you get the chance to get close to this Cancer man’s mother or whoever raised him, get close to them. You can also get them something when you first meet her because it’s a way that you’re honoring them.

If given the chance, get into their photo albums and ask for the pictures’ stories. Listen to their stories.

The thing about the Cancers is that they like to pass on their heritage and stories. They also love kids, and if you got lucky and are slowly making the Cancer man fall for you, tell him that it would be really nice to have his children. He would die!

Be responsible

A Cancer man wants to be with someone that he can trust and that can be of value to him. Be on time when you decide to go meet up. You know, just be your word. He needs people he can count on, emotionally, physically, and even financially.

He wouldn’t allow himself to fall for someone that he cannot trust. But when you are your word, he will let his guard down.

Care about their dreams

How To Get A Cancer Man To Chase You

As you have been told earlier, a Cancer man won’t just reveal his dreams and desires to you. You need to figure that one out on your own unless you have been close enough and told you already. What you need to do is do everything you can for him to cultivate that dream.

Do whatever it takes for that experience to come alive and meet his fantasies.

And when you do that, be sensitive about it. Do not share those with anyone, even your best friend, girlie. And when he finally expresses these dreams to you, you know that he already trusts you.

When you feel like this person and you have the chance to shoot a shot in a relationship, put these dreams in “future” conversations. An example would be “When you finally get your dream job, we can travel around the world and experience everything together”. He’ll go crazy over you!

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Get your Cancer man to chase you, the final word…

To get a Cancer man to chase you, you need to:

  • Show your sensitive side
  • Respect his privacy
  • Do not display public affection
  • Create traditions
  • Be honest
  • Love his family
  • Be responsible
  • Support him with his dreams

Happy chasing and being chased!



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