How Does A Cancer Man Act When in Love?

How Cancer Man Behaves When In Love

Of the twelve zodiac signs, none loves as much as Cancer. The Cancer man embodies this: When he is in love, the Cancer man becomes more protective, loyal, nurturing, and romantic…and possessive!

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The Protective Crab

Cancer has been associated with various hardy animals throughout millennia. Lobsters, beetles, turtles, and recently, the crab. They all have one thing in common: A hard exterior for protection.

When a cancer man falls in love with you, he invites you into his shell too. He wants to shield you from the world and take you out of harm’s way.

When a Cancer man falls in love with you, he wants to do everything in his power to see that you’re safe. He is overwhelmed with a sense of guilt when he sees his lover being attacked and will feel like it was his fault.

A Cancer man will indeed become anxious and queasy all the time, but he means well. He’s worried sick to his stomach that you will get hurt. So though he can seem overbearing, he does mean well!

The good news is this means the Cancer man in love will not let anyone mess with you. So long as he is around if anyone tries to bother you, they will face his full wrath. They will be struck by the crab’s claws if they do!

Although the crab will protect you, it can be overbearing. This can turn into Cancer instantly hating everyone that you’re close to, which can lead to a lot of tension and stress in your life!

So please, if a Cancer man falls in love with you, assure him that your close ones mean no harm, it’ll save you from a lot of arguments.  

Cancer’s Loyalty

When a Cancer man falls in love with you, he also becomes more loyal. His priorities shift a lot. Don’t be surprised if he starts dropping a lot of his usual activities so that he can spend more time with you. When he is in love, he wants to spend all day in your presence. 

He will take time off work and even cancel events with his friends to be with you. They’ll give you lots of messages filled with love and do daily phone calls so that they can hear your voice. Once you’ve earned their love, you will have unlocked their full attention.

Another note is that once you have gotten their love, they won’t talk to another woman, or even dare to cheat on you. Cancer is not hedonistic; they are moral, upright, and too wholesome to consider something like that.

So even though it takes a long time for the crab to open up to you, and an even longer time for them to give you their loyalty, it is a great privilege to have it. They will come to you whenever you desire!

While having Cancer’s strong loyalty is a great plus, it can come off as very clingy. Cancer men can act like spoiled children. They don’t know what to do with themselves when they don’t have your undivided attention, and it can seem codependent.

If you need a lot of personal space, this may be a turn-off for you!

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The Romance

For a Cancer man, the romance never stops! He is a traditional sort of lover. His ideas of romance are centered all-around his lover, so you will never feel emotionally malnourished around him.

He will pay for every door, open every day for you, and make sure that you have all the snacks you want while in the movie theatre. He is a traditional romantic at heart, and he is probably planning a beautiful wedding with you in his mind!

Cancer is a sign that thrives in relationships, so it is his pleasure to show his affection towards you.

When you are finished with your date night, he won’t just drop you off or ask for something in return. He’ll head home with you to cuddle and have a deep conversation with you about life where he’ll share all of his feelings with you.

Like any diehard romantic, Cancer fantasizes about their dream life. A loving wife, kids, and a beautiful home that is tidy and clean. When he is in love with you, he will likely tell you about his dreams for the future with you, and one day ask if you will be the one.

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The Nurturing Lover

Cancers are also known for nurturing their lovers. They want to see you grow, develop, and feel safe around them, the same feeling of safety you get around family.

Like a loving family member, they will cook for you, check in to see how you’re feeling, and devote their attention to you when you need it.

Most importantly, Cancer is very intuitive. They just ~know~ what’s been bothering you and how to cheer you up.

The Downside To Cancer Man: Possessiveness

When it comes to the art of astrology, there is a yin for every yang. Astrology is a system that is always in balance; each positive trait has an equal negative trait. Cancer’s loving heart can turn into greed.

His love for you can turn into a distorted, possessive type of love that will harm both of you.

Sometimes, a Cancer in love can let emotions get the best of him. He can become jealous, and even controlling sometimes.

He can become so emotionally attached, that he simply won’t want to let go. He’ll want you all to himself, and want your sole priority to be him.

Final Words About Cancer Men In Love

Cancer men are great lovers. They will always protect you, be loyal to you, and give you a healthy dose of romance whenever you see them. They will adore you and ask you what’s wrong whenever you’re upset and will be a shoulder to cry on.

Don’t let the downsides turn you off from Cancers though! Not all of them are like that.

While it’s undeniable that Cancer men do let their emotions get the best of them, the vast majority of them do not become toxic. They might have an outburst of insecurity or jealousy, but it will just be a bump in the road to an otherwise loving relationship. So what are you waiting for? Go meet Cancer!

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