How To Attract A Cancer Woman?

How to attract a Cancer woman?

Cancer is the first sign of the Zodiac where the water element appears. The ideas originated in Aries, materialized in Taurus, and spread around through Gemini, now gather back again, and focus deep inside in the sign of Cancer. This is why their emotions are so intense.

A Cancer woman is extremely sensitive, very gentle, and sensual. In order to attract a Cancer woman, you will show yourself as a very masculine person but in an organized and disciplined way. If you behave with great discipline and seriousness, you will catch her heart way faster than acting aggressively. 

With this, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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Is a Cancer woman melodramatic?

A Cancer woman can be melodramatic or overly reacting in some situations. This is true in most cases. But at the same time, you have to know that she is governed by her feelings which rely heavily on her intuition. This can give her many insights that other people simply can’t get.

When it comes to astrology basics, a Cancer woman has her natal Sun placed in the sign of Cancer. This means that all of her values, which are huge and truly precious, revolve around the idea of family, shelter, security, properties, motherly figure, and generally, her family or national roots.

However, the ruler of her natal Sun and her sign Cancer is the Moon, which can be placed anywhere in her chart. The Moon describes the face, and body somewhat, but the most important thing is that this luminary shows the person’s mind and emotions.

In this sense, if her natal Moon is in the earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, she will be more pragmatic and practical than sensitive. IF her natal Moon is in fire signs, like Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, she will have a confronting character and changeable moods.

When a Cancer woman’s natal Moon is in air signs like Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, she will then talk much about her feelings and show some lack of reality through her words.

And in a case when her natal Moon is positioned in the water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, then she will show her truly intuitive, but very fragile, and yes, in many situations, melodramatic nature.

If a Cancer woman belongs to a “higher type”, meaning that her other planetary aspects form mostly positive combinations, she will use this innate need constructively through many artistic forms of expression, like singing, dance, acting, or writing romance novels or poems.

On the other hand, if her chart is filled with hard aspects, she will show those heightened feelings through aggression, self-aggression, passive-aggressive behavior, or simply and most commonly, through depression.  

What are the main traits of a Cancer woman?

As very passionate, this woman starts her sentimental and erotic life early. The center of her existence is her family, and in motherhood, she finds the realization of all her aspirations, and she dedicates herself to children with the same attention and enthusiasm as her partner.

When in love, a Cancer woman is meek and attached, representing the ideal of a wife, although she often knows to be capricious, she is also mysterious and likes to lead intellectual conversations about art even during moments of passion.

Her sincerity and fidelity are exemplary, especially if she finds her ideal of a dreamy and romantic nature in a man. She is not so interested in sex before marriage, no matter what cultural background she comes from.

For a Cancer woman, bodily passion is hidden, asleep, so she needs some time to fully wake it up. She seems withdrawn and calm, although she has rich feelings, especially those that represent romantic notions about sex.

She is timid and caring, just like a lady from some old novel, she rarely reveals love and for her sex in marriage is sacred. If a man cheats on her, she will forgive, but she will surely suffer for a long time.

How to pursue a Cancer woman?

You can pursue a Cancer woman by acting like a romantic character. And yet at the same time, you have to be disciplined, strong inside, and strict in some way. By behaving like this you will get her admiration quickly and from that point, her emotional attachment will also appear very soon.

A Cancer woman is simply very weak when it comes to romantic gestures, and you will have to just provoke her fantasy world a bit and then don’t do so much afterward because she will create a whole world of illusion around you, and those initial sweet moments.

At the same time, you must position yourself as the lonely, but strong person who stands above all others, and now just needs someone to help him fill his empty heart with lots of love.

Now, you also must be very careful because she is just not suitable for playing games.

You should pursue her only if your intentions are truly honest because she will attach herself strongly even if you leave after a short while, and she will surely and dramatically suffer. So, spare her and spare yourself if you are just looking for fun.

On the other hand, if you really wish to be with her, but you are just not so sure, try to hang around for a while without showing your intentions clearly. Only when you know she is the one, then you can start your romantic pursuits.

How to attract the younger Cancer woman

If you want to attract a younger Cancer girl you have to play the role of the “father figure” in the sense that you should be knowledgeable about many things, but at the same time, you will act kind and with a dose of sadness or loneliness in your eyes. Her heart and soul will melt straight away.

In a Cancer girl chart, the ideal partner is portrayed through the planet Saturn, which can really be placed anywhere in her chart. However, this planet is known as a strict teacher, someone disciplined and organized, and also someone who had to rise above many obstacles in life.

Saturn is someone who possesses a strong sense of righteousness, and acts with manners, but had to go through poverty, oppression, hard circumstances, or anything similar, and became successful but retaining the innate humbleness and goodness.

She will generally observe the guys with the darker complexion, and somewhat slim, and especially fall for those who have prominent noses or faces. Something has to be different than the usual popular image of a young partner, and she won’t be able to resist dreaming about that “special” person who doesn’t look like anyone around.

How to attract a mature Cancer woman

To attract a mature Cancer lady, you will have to become mysterious, artistically inclined, and carry a strong sexual undertone in your appearance or even words. She will be mesmerized, excited, and feel alive again, hoping the “one”, her dark knight or long-awaited mighty king finally appeared.

If a Cancer lady in her middle or senior years is single and available, this means that she either had to go through a divorce or she lost her partner due to some hard circumstances. In either case, she will want to and be ready to explore more of what life has to offer her.

And in those moments her area of love and talents, placed in the sign of Scorpio, and her area of higher knowledge, in Pisces will become highly activated.

She will feel psychologically stronger and ready to explore and express her sexual desires more.

And also, she will sense that there is more to life than just usual duties and relationships. Therefore, she will feel the strong need to expand her knowledge about mysterious or mystical themes and learn a bit more about science and especially, fine arts.

And those are exactly areas you should shine in, or at least be equally interested to expand your views. You can easily start a conversation with her about any of those subjects, and she will instantly feel like she had finally found the proper partner to understand how this world functions.

Also, don’t forget to discretely here and there mention something about sex, but avoid being vulgar.

Your eyes and movements should explain way more about what she can expect from you than your words. In any case, if you show up as a dark, but romantic, dangerous and so artistic character, she will become astonished instantly and ready to fall into your arms.

Again, be very careful because a Cancer lady is not suitable for playing games or having just passing hookups. She expects more, and as a symbol of a really sensitive and kind woman, she surely deserves respect and the best treatment from her partner. 

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