How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Woman

In this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to a Cancer woman to get her turned on and wildly interested in making out with you! Let’s start!

Talking dirty to a Cancer woman is a romantic slow-burn.

Do not rush her to reciprocate during the dirty talking process, instead show her your love and lust, tease her with a romantic and cozy makeout session while showing her that she can be vulnerable and open to share her feelings with you, treat love and sex as one.

Cancer women are emotional, intuitive, and loving women of the zodiac, deeply romantic and motherly, they are caregivers who take care of the physical and emotional needs of the people they deem worthy of their love and service.

In terms of relationships, she likes a man that she’s comfortable being with, she’s emotional and sensitive, and slow dances and romantic bubble baths are her preferred mode of spending time with her partner.

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How to turn on a Cancer woman through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Woman?

Your Cancer lady is rarely outspoken when it comes to sex, she can be withdrawn and shy about it, but deep down she craves intimacy like no other – she wants sex, only with a guy she can truly trust and love.

Dirty talking is rarely done by a Cancer woman unless she is in an exclusive relationship where she feels she’s comfortable enough to express her sexuality, as such it must be important to test out the waters before talking dirty to her.

If you feel it’s the right thing to dirty talk with her, romantic and slow-burning conversations accompanied by sensual touch and eye contact is a must, when you’re talking dirty to her make sure to keep the tone of your voice amorous and classy, do not be fiery or loud when talking dirty to her.

Instead, be slow and calm in your approach, and get cuddly if needed, the main key aspect here is to encourage her to get out of her “shell” and get to express her repressed sexuality in a not-so-complicated manner.

Compliment her body, make her feel she is wanted in the bedroom, tell her how good her body is or how nice her figure is, tell her how beautiful she is and how madly in love you are with her and how it would be lucky if you to make out with her.

When talking dirty, always remember that she takes sex and love seriously, enable her to trust you first so you’ll be able to get into the wild and passionate side of her.

How to talk dirty to a Cancer woman through text?

Send her romantic yet wildly horny text messages

How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Woman?

Because she is deeply romantic, she’ll want her dirty conversations with you to be passionate and full of love, with that you need to send her messages that are sweet and spicy at the same time.

Send her messages like “I would love to look into your eyes as I thrust into you..” or “I can’t wait to devour you, your heart, your body, and your soul.” 

Wildly passionate yet sexy dirty talking turns her on like no other! Pour out your heart and feelings when talking dirty to her, she’ll love it!

Pamper her with sweet gestures and compliments

Compliment her body or figure, be sincere in making her feel good about herself, and tell her how lovely she looks or how good she looks when she has no clothes on.

Pampering her with acutely positive and sweet compliments makes her self-assured about herself, which in turn will make her have a more positive outlook towards sex and a romantic relationship with you!

Promise her a romantic getaway!

Your Cancer woman is extremely romantic, as such, it is important to make it up to her and her heart by messaging her that both of you will be on a romantic trip, this helps ease the moment.

Take note that while messaging her things like these you must be able to have a real romantic setup happening, whether it’s a dinner date or a cozy bubble bath, texting her these must be for the real deal!

Keep the mystery and anticipation in! She will love it!

Tease her with cunnilingus

How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Woman?

She is totally into oral sex and she likes receiving it! As such try to incorporate cunnilingus when talking dirty to her! Try messaging her with hot and wild phrases like:

“I’d love to go down on you and taste you.” or “I’d love to be down there in your thighs while you spread it”.

Teasing her with the anticipation that she’ll receive oral sex from you will arouse her and will be more likely to encourage her to make a move!

Message her asking her about her love spots

Ask her pleasure spots and play along with it, knowing what she wants in the bed is a great way to talk dirty to her, if she has weakness over back kisses, incorporate it while you talking dirty to her on message.

Be slow and romantic, do not be in a rush, remember you she likes it slow and passionate…

Keep this in mind and you’ll have her wrapped around your fingers in no time.

Talk dirty to her gently

As much as sexting and dirty talking arouse her, she does not like being challenged during love, as much as possible keep your dirty talking to her to a limit.

Do not be harsh or rough when implying sexual thoughts about her, instead be classy and gentle, try being a gentleman who is subtle in saying his romantic and sexual feelings to his partner.

When you call or text her make sure to be extra sweet and add emojis to make the conversation more comfortable for her, when the time is right, and when she’s showing enough motive.

That’s the time when you can be extra seductive and try going harder in your punchlines, either way, the best way to get to her heart is to test the waters frequently.

Be intuitive, if it’s the right time to go full force or go gently because this woman is moody and changeable, being smart on when to go gentle or hard during your dirty talk is essential.

Tell her the best part of sex was the afterpart

How To Talk Dirty To A Cancer Woman?

Send her messages that will make her giddy and childish! She is a hopeless romantic and as such telling, her romantic gestures will surely melt her heart.

Try saying touching and heart-warming things like “The best part of our sex was when we cuddle after and I can feel your warm body beside me…”

A cancer woman is sensitive to descriptive touch and pleasure, with you messaging her those things, she’ll intuitively feel that you’re there with her at the moment making her aroused and happy.

Love and sex are intertwined

Take it slow! Love and sex are two sides of the same coin for a Cancer woman, she likes that you’re dirty talking to her while you’re showing to her that she’s important in your life and that you care about her more than she thinks!

Do not treat the dirty talking stage as light and humorous, be sweet and sensitive to her needs and whims, and always test the waters out when talking to her.

In that way, both of you will get into a win-win situation.

Dirty talking with your Cancer woman’s final thoughts

Cancer woman is sweet, gentle, and loving, in the bedroom she likes to pleasure and be pleasured, she is a giving partner and is wildly passionate in her romantic endeavors.

If you’re trying to seduce her while talking dirty you must be romantic and wild at the same time, be sweet and spicy, pamper her with compliments to make her self-assured, and tease her on her pleasure spots.

She is for keeps! Love her and make love to her with all your heart and she’ll do the same to you!

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