How To Get A Cancer Woman To Chase You

How To Get A Cancer Woman To Chase You

Often misunderstood as weak because of how emotional they can be, you might be wondering how to get into the heart of a Cancer Woman you are crushing on. You have come to the right place to get your Cancer woman to fall in love with you.

To get a Cancer woman to chase you, you need to be sensitive, responsible, and authentic. You also need to keep the promises you have given her and be a man (or woman) of your words. Be emotionally connected to her and always give her reassurance. Show acts of service and always support her dreams.

There are a lot more to these tips, and if you read through this whole article, you’re going to master the art of letting your Cancer woman chase you.

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Know your Cancer Woman

How To Get A Cancer Woman To Chase You

A sweet, down-to-earth, and quiet soul, a Cancer woman may seem laid back, but do not sleep on her. She can be a little intense when it comes to people that are close to her. She’s not the type to throw relationships that easily.

She doesn’t just let just anyone in her circle. If she likes you, she likes you. Once someone has her as a friend, she’s going to be his or her confidant. How much more when she’s your lover?

She’s protective and very motherly even if she still has no children. She can throw her hands if she senses that something’s not right and if she or her loved ones are being bullied. She will not allow you to bully and walk over her and her loved ones. That’s why you can’t make her a pushover because she isn’t.

However, she’s also very forgiving. Too forgiving as a matter of fact. And when you finally have her in a relationship, she’s going to go down to the end because it is in her nature that when she loves, she is going to love obsessively hard.

However, she can also be promiscuous. This depends on the other signs in her birth chart that affects her personality.

She’s also a goal-getter and can get into a state where she settles down or where she plays in the field. She can go both ways. And if she’s into you, you’re going to know it because she’s going to seek for you. She’s going to want to learn about you and she’s going to want to hang out.

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8 Ways to Get a Cancer Woman to Chase You

Be sensitive

How To Get A Cancer Woman To Chase You

Your Cancer woman is a water sign, and so just like other water signs, she is emotionally in tune. They feel things very deeply and strongly than most people do. Your Cancer woman is very emotionally intelligent. She also has a lot of strength and is all about moving forward.

Being in tune with her emotions gives them the ability to sense what other people need and provide for these people. This explains why she is very nurturing. So, your Cancer woman expects the same from her partner. She needs someone who can empathize and nurture her.

What you can also do is to make her feel comfortable and safe. Make her feel that she is heard.

She can also feel shy about expressing her real feelings, especially when she is hurt. Instead of forcing her to express how badly hurt she is, encourage her to open up more and let her know that her feelings matter and that you hear her.

Give reassurance

As you might already know, your Cancer woman can pick up on a lot of different energies very easily. And so, what they feel can easily be negatively affected. They can sense that something is off and unusual. So, you need to reassure her that you are good with her and that everything is okay.

Hold her hand for she can be a little anxious sometimes. Make sure that she’s okay in the situation that she’s in and that there is no need to doubt herself.

Show an act of service

Aside from giving her reassurance all the time, consistently show up for her and make her feel safe in your arms, especially at times when she needs you. And you already know that your Cancer woman is very nurturing and motherly, so do the same for her.

If you are going out of your way to do things for her, you might as well want to consider cooking for her. And if you don’t cook, at least be a sous chef and cook together. She would appreciate it if you can mirror her nurturing motherly characteristics.

She wants to be taken care of. Listen to what she needs and provide that because it shows that you are doing an effort to get to their heart.

Be emotionally connected with her

How To Get A Cancer Woman To Chase You

Again, a Cancer woman is emotionally deep, and she also needs that in a partner. A deep connection with a person is very important to her. Most Cancer women do not want those surface-level relationships that quickly come and go. They are looking for something more meaningful and deeper.

Be authentic to her

Like some fire signs, a Cancer woman wants to hear the whole truth from you but unlike these fire signs, they don’t want you to be too upfront and blunt. They need to hear it without aggressiveness. So, you need to do it in a soft and careful way and be mindful of the tone that you’re using.

There is really no need to lie to a Cancer woman’s face because she knows it when you do. You also need to tone down your manipulative behavior and control your temper when speaking to her.

Be your word

Being responsible in every aspect of your life matters to a Cancer woman, including commitments. And when you say you are going to meet at a certain time, be there on time! If you have given her promises, you better make sure that you keep them. She is a genuine soul and not to be messed with.

Be responsible

Aside from commitments you also need to show her that you are responsible for your life and that you have goals to meet and plans to execute. As a matter of fact, let her know that you are saving up for the future that you want her to be in. But, of course, only if you do. Again, you don’t want to lie to her.

Let her feel like you can be someone to depend on when it comes to her emotional, physical, and even financial needs. She is one to focus on her career, and of course – you guessed it, she wants her partner to be like that too.

Be her confidant. She needs someone whom she can run to in times of difficulties and problems.

Support her dreams

How To Get A Cancer Woman To Chase You

Your Cancer woman may have a hard time expressing what she really wants publicly. It is not something that she is open to sharing with anyone except for those she trusts. So, you might need to do a little effort to figure it out yourself.

You might need to get a little attention when you’re engaging in a conversation with her because you might pick up information on what she really desires and the goals she wants to achieve. After knowing that, be there beside or behind her (it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re there). 

Do whatever you can to help her achieve these goals.

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Get a Cancer woman to chase you, the final word…

To get a Cancer woman to chase you, you need to:

  • Be sensitive around her
  • Give her reassurance
  • Show acts of service
  • Be emotionally connected to her
  • Be real to her
  • Be your word
  • Be responsible with all aspects of your life
  • Support her dreams

Happy chasing!



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