What is the Most Favorite Zodiac Sign?

What is the Most Favorite Zodiac Sign?

If you are interested in astrology, you may wonder which sign is the most favorite of the entire zodiac.

Based on their typical personality traits, the most favorite zodiac signs from each natural element are Pisces (water), Libra (air), Sagittarius (fire), and Taurus (earth). Since each sign gets along with other signs differently, it’s more accurate to nominate one sign from each element as the most hated.

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Now, let’s first review the elements associated with each zodiac sign to help us see why there are multiple “favorite” zodiac signs…

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The Four Elements

Every zodiac sign correlates with one of the four natural elements: fire, earth, water, and air. The twelve signs are distributed evenly between these four elements, meaning a total of three signs belong to each natural element.

The twelve signs are divided into four elements as follows:

  • Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Signs belonging to the same element usually get along better and have more in common with each other than any other element. For example, the three fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, so an Aries and a Sagittarius are more likely to become friends than an Aries and a Capricorn, which is an earth sign.

When two signs belonging to the same element come together, they will mesh more easily than two signs from different elements. You could consider how the elements mix to get an idea of how signs from two different elements will fare together.

For example, water and earth signs are usually either best friends or hate each other, with little to no middle ground. This makes sense when you consider the way that water and earth interact with each other.

Water and earth can mix easily to create mud, representing a harmonious relationship. On the other hand, water can flood the earth or the earth could block water, causing difficulties and frustrations for both parties.

Since every sign usually gets along with other signs of the same element, it’s fair to select one sign from each element as the most liked. An air sign will probably love a fellow air sign more than a water sign, while an earth sign might not care for a generally well-liked fire sign.

Between the three signs belonging to each element, the most favorite sign is the one with the most likable personality traits and the greatest popularity.

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Most Favorite Water Sign: Pisces

Born between February 19th and March 20th, Pisces is probably the most likable water sign of the zodiac.

On the positive side, Scorpios are intuitive, caring, compassionate, and artistic. On the other hand, they can also be naive, emotionally unstable, oversensitive, and prone to addictions.

Symbolized by the fish, a Pisces is happy to follow along with the current or a school of other fish and go with the flow. They don’t like to make waves and just want everyone to get along.

While all water signs are sensitive and emotional, Pisces is the last or “oldest” water sign of the zodiac, meaning it has more maturity than fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio.

They have more emotional regulation than the other water signs, and they feel their strongest feelings for others rather than themselves. Pisces are incredibly romantic and thoughtful, so they make great partners and companions.

When you befriend a Pisces, you are getting a loyal, kind, and devoted friend for life. It’s no wonder that the friendly fish is the favorite water sign of the zodiac.

Most Favorite Air Sign: Libra

Libra, born between September 23rd and October 22nd, is a universally favored sign, regardless of its element or any other factors.

This could be thanks to Libra’s ruling heavenly body, Venus, which is the planet of love and beauty. Those born under this sign tend to be highly physically attractive, making them more appealing to many. Being ruled by the planet of love, they would much rather everybody get along than fight.

Or perhaps Libras are so likable because they are reasonable and fair. Libra is the only zodiac sign symbolized by an inanimate object, the scales. Libras strive for balance in everything they do and believe in equality for everyone.

On the positive side, Libras are charming, beautiful, diplomatic, and friendly. On the negative side, Libras are inconsistent, vain, superficial, and judgmental.

Libras are very social and they are happiest among a large group of friends. While they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and don’t need other people, Libras don’t like being alone and prefer being in a committed relationship. 

Libras hate seeing people fight and tend to be the peacemakers of any group. They have a knack for anything to do with aesthetics, making them great artists, designers, and decorators.

If you want a sweet and bubbly friend who always knows where the next party is, popular and fun-loving Libra is the ideal companion.

Most Favorite Fire Sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarians, who are born between November 22nd and December 21st, are similar to Libras in that they are another universally well-liked sign, regardless of its element or other factors.

Some of the positive Sagittarius traits include being outgoing, energetic, funny, and generous. On the other hand, they can also be tactless, impatient, undependable, and reckless.

A Sagittarius is a person at the party standing on stage or in the middle of the room, laughing and talking loudly with a drink in each hand.

Sagittarians love to have a good time and they want everyone else to have a good time with them. They are positive and upbeat, the natural cheerleader of the zodiac.

Unlike their fellow fire signs, Aries and Leo, Sagittarians don’t crave attention; other people are just drawn to them naturally. They have warm and inviting personality that makes other people feel comfortable and joyful in their presence.

Sometimes a Sagittarius might not watch their words and say the wrong thing to hurt someone’s feelings, but they are never malicious or deliberately cruel. If they recognize their faux pas, they will apologize effusively and barrage the offended person with compliments and jokes to make up for it.

Of course, Sagittarius makes the list of most favorite signs, because who wouldn’t want to be around someone with the sunny and fun-loving personality of a Sagittarius?

Most Favorite Earth Sign: Taurus

Those born between April 20th and May 20th belong to Taurus, the most popular and well-liked earth sign of the zodiac. 

For their positive traits, Taureans are reliable, driven, hard-working, and easy-going. On the other hand, they are stubborn, materialistic, possessive, and hedonistic.

It makes sense that Taurus is so beloved because, like their fellow favored sign Libra, Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. While most signs have a unique ruling heavenly body or at least a separate secondary heavenly body, Taurus and Libra are the only signs that share just one ruling planet.

Like Libras, being ruled by Venus makes Taureans amiable, sweet, and loving. They adore being in love and appreciate beauty.

While Libra’s admiration of aesthetics can make them superficial and vain, Taurus’ love of beauty is reflected in their appreciation of nature and material goods that represent stability and comfort, such as expensive homes or bedding made of sensuous fabrics.

Unlike Virgo and Capricorn, who are disapproving and judgmental, Taureans are more open-minded and accepting than their fellow earth signs. They are much more critical of themselves than others, and always push themselves to be their personal best, rather than competing with anyone else.

Taureans love to host gatherings and they know how to throw an excellent party. They know how to cook amazing food, create a warm and friendly environment, and bring people together.

When you want someone to snuggle under a soft blanket in front of a roaring fire while watching a favorite old movie and eating a delicious home-cooked meal, a Taurus is the right companion for you. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?


Most signs are most compatible with the other signs of their same natural element, so it’s only fair to include one sign from each element when nominating the most favorite zodiac sign.

While those born under the fire sign Aries might choose their fiery fellow Sagittarius as their favorite sign, air sign Aquarius may prefer Libra, another air sign.

Based on popularity and common personality traits, the most favorite signs of the zodiac from each natural element are Pisces (water), Libra (air), Sagittarius (fire), and Taurus (earth).

If you don’t belong to one of these signs, don’t worry: there are plenty of zodiac signs that are compatible with your element who still love you! There are many wonderful and unique qualities of every other zodiac sign that make them lovable, too.

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    Taurus is literally the most hated earth sign and most obstinate, very bullheaded , Virgo is actually the most loved earth sign cos they’re always of service and very helpful, followed by libra , Aries & Cancer

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