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What Zodiac Sign is June 21?

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Many people wonder what the correct Zodiac sign is for June 21st, often asking about the difference between Gemini and Cancer, and this question requires some explanation because things are not so simple at this point in the sky at all.  So, what zodiac sign is June 21?

The zodiac sign for June 21 could be one of two signs because there are two systems of astrology, the Western and the Vedic system. Each deal with different astronomical calculations, and surprisingly both systems are correct. For Western Astrology, June 21 is Cancer, and for Vedic Astrology the zodiac sign is Gemini.

The Run for the Sun in Astrology

Have you ever heard about the term “tropical” astrology? And this term doesn’t have to do anything with the tropics or the tropical feelings people might associate it with. This is actually the name of the most commonly used western type of astrology. You know, the one some of your grandparents loved to read about regularly in the newspaper in the western part of this planet.

The western or tropical astrology is based on the projections of the celestial bodies onto the Earth’s surface. And if you want to know a bit more about the basics of this astrology, then you have to be aware of the fact that astrology uses the vernal equinox which usually happens on March 21st as the Aries ingress point.

This means that the Sun enters the first degree of Aries as it crosses over the equator toward the northern hemisphere.

What is so special about this day, you might ask now. This is the moment when the day and night have equal length. So, it was obviously easy for those ancient astrologers to notice this fact and use it as the mark for the beginning of the new cycle of the year.

The second point is the autumnal equinox happening usually on September 23rd and the length of the day and night are equal too.

This now leads us toward the next two points in time during the year, June 20 or 21, the summer solstice when the day is the longest, and December 21 or 22 when the night is the longest during the winter solstice.

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Four Cornerstones of Western Astrology

Those 4 dates during the year mark the 4 cardinal points in astrology and the beginning of the 4 cardinal Zodiac signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Now, please notice that these dates are not so certain and this uncertainty happens because the Zodiac or astrology wheel is divided into 360 degrees, while the Earth needs 365, 5 days to dance around the Sun.

Those 5 days and 6 hours create some periodic differences and cause messy situations when it comes to knowing something so simple as – June 21st Zodiac sign, because in MOST cases, the Sun will enter the sign of Cancer, but in SOME rare cases, it will need as much as half a degree to reach the sign of Cancer later on that particular day.

And in the case you are wondering what Zodiac sign for June 21 birthday is, then the easiest option is to use the the tool we have right here so that you can find out your exact Sun sign for the moment of your birth. 

If you were born very early during the day, you might still have your natal Sun by the end degree of Gemini, having in mind that during your year of birth Sun reached the sign of Cancer in the afternoon. 

Gemini is Vedic Zodiac sign of June 21st

Now, let’s clarify this confusion even more because you might notice that many astrologers are certain that this date falls in the sign of Gemini. However, the detail you don’t know much about yet is that those astrologers belong to the Vedic or sidereal school of astrology.

Vedic astrology operates only with the sidereal placements of Sun, Moon, and planets and in technical terms, this means that they are using the astronomy time calculations like the precession of the equinoxes.

Therefore, for Vedic astrology, the new Zodiac year or cycle doesn’t begin on March 21, but approximately three weeks later, when the Sun aligns with the fixed star in the constellation of Aries. And this is why this astrology is also known as the “Fixed Zodiac”.

Simply said, tropical astrology uses the projections of the planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) onto the Earth’s plane, while sidereal astrology uses the projections onto the celestial surface.

And whatever system is being used, it will give correct and precise information if you encounter a well-versed and quality astrologer.

Having in mind that Vedic astrology is around 23.5 degrees “behind” western astrology because it uses the astronomical data, now it’s easy to understand that old dilemma whether June 21 Zodiac sign is Cancer or Gemini. For Vedic astrology it’s Gemini.

For more information about Vedic and Western Astrology, read this article: 9 Differences Between Western and Vedic Astrology

The Deeper Meaning of the June 21st  Zodiac Sign

Until now, you have realized that, in terms of the western astrology, you have 99.5% chances to be a Cancer if you were born on this particular day. But whether you are the late Gemini or the early Cancer, what are the traits that you possess, besides the standard characteristics of your Sun sign? How can you tell – What Sun sign am I?

In general, if you are a Gemini, you will be jovial, easygoing, communicative, attached to your friends or siblings, and focused on marketing or informative types of jobs. Your body should be slim, it will possess the childlike appearance in some way, and your mind will be unstoppable.

In the case that you are a Cancer, then you should have lighter eyes, hair, or complexion, no matter what your race or nationality is. Your body or skin should be softer, prone to excess weight when you get older, and you should be attached to your motherly figure or your family of origin.

Your thinking will be studious and deep, and you will be able to use your intuition while building your career remotely from your home or working on some jobs which are related to care or nurturing.

When it comes to a finer division in astrology, the last ten degrees of the sign of Gemini are under the rulership of the planet Saturn, and the first ten degrees are under the direct rulership of Moon.

Now, keep in mind that Saturn is disciplined, serious, could be a bit dry or conservative, while the Moon is soft, prone to various influences, sensitive and sensual, you could decipher how those qualities penetrate your personality and find the proper answer.

Vedic interpretation of the June 21 Zodiac sign degree

In case you are interested to know what Vedic astrology has to say about this degree, you could find it fairly surprising, because this is the Ardra nakshatra’s beginning, and it’s related to many very harsh, but also very powerful transformations.

Nakshatra is the area, one of 27 areas or Moon stations, in the horoscope, according to sidereal astrology. Each of those areas has its separate and special meaning, and this area we are discussing here is under the rulership of the North Node of the Moon, Rahu, which is again, just the servant of the goddess Durga, the one who leads all armies and wars in this Universe as claimed by the Hindu religion.

Ardra nakshatra, or in another pronunciation, Rudra nakshatra, belongs to the god Shiva, who has his war or military transformation as “Rudra”, someone who is fierce or ready to start the war. This nakshatra is also known as the “Shiva’s teardrop” or the “Thunder” because it announces great changes but accomplished through horrible battles.

The person with their Sun, Moon, or any sensitive point placed here, surely had some issues and frequent misunderstandings in the family while growing up. And those issues resulted in pain, and in many cases as cried tears during childhood.

Later on, those same experiences made the person stronger than others turning the scars in their soul into powerful strength, ability to solve problems fast, or to use all sorts of weapons, psychological or physical on their behalf.

Talents of the June 21 Zodiac sign

Many people with their Sun, Moon, or the cusp of the house of career placed right there on the first degree of Cancer, in the terms of tropical astrology calculation, have the prominent skills when it comes to the IT industry and they are exceptionally talented for creating video games.

Those “war” qualities are being used as something constructive, something which will bring joy or the moments of relaxation for so many users all over this planet. And also, to create immense profits.

In the case, you have this point prominent in your chart, you shouldn’t become desperate if you are not able to work in the IT industry or create the video game scripts. Just admit that there is this innate need in you to destroy and then re-create and even make better whatever you touch in your life.

This is a wonderful position for all those who are in real estate because they can see greatness in ruins or wrecks. The person with this planetary position will be able to see through the huge piles of garbage the glimpses of true gold and take advantage of it.

If you are considering what your career might be, and you are not so drawn to the computer or online world, then your proper choice can be construction building, or even better, the house flipping. And you could make the fortune with it, turning something dark, dirty and old, into something exquisite, luxurious and really, really, expensive.

And the same goes for transforming the furniture or the neglected or abandoned pieces of land and turning those pieces into rich permaculture gardens or beautiful parks.

Remember that you don’t need good conditions, on the contrary, you need very bad circumstances and shapes, to put your energy and talent flow through, and then transform it into something truly amazing.

Even if your personal conditions don’t look so bright, and you are far from all those options, you can use this “transformation through destruction” quality you possess inside. Let’s say that you are the elderly woman who is not interested to learn about IT, and physically not capable to engage in house or furniture flipping. What can you do then?

You can easily transform old thrift clothes and resell them as the pieces of art to young girls, or you could use some old recipes for cookies, tinctures, salves and so on, your grandmother taught you to make, and ”re-create” those recipes or redesign them, in order to start your new and very profitable business.

There are really no excuses, and you should know that Zodiac sign born on June 21 has so many great qualities and talents, and this person’s life path sometimes won’t be so easy, but it will memorable and very creative.

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