What Zodiac Sign is July 22?

What zodiac sign is July 22?

If you want to know what the correct Zodiac sign is for June 22nd, honestly speaking, no one will be able to answer this question correctly without checking the exact year of birth of a person who was born on that day. And let’s explain why.

For a person born on July 22nd your zodiac sign will depend on a few factors, from the Vedic Astrology perspective, a person born on this day is Cancer. However, from the Western Astrology perspective, this person can be a last-degree Cancer or the very beginning of the sign of Leo.

Before we dive into the zodiac sign for the 22nd of July, I want to point out the Related Articles section at the end of this page. I’ve assembled a number of articles that you will find interesting. Make sure you check them out.

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July 22 Zodiac Sign Dilemma

First of all, you have to know that in terms of Western astrology, you can never know exactly when the Sun will cross the first degree of the sign of Leo on July 22nd or 23rd, and this will differ each year, simply because in astrology we are dealing with the circular presentation of the sky and this circle has 360 degrees.

As we all know the Earth needs 365, 25 days to circle around the Sun. The difference of 5 days and six hours makes the Sun “wobble” a degree here and there when we look at it on the astrological chart.

In any particular case, the Sun can enter into the sign of Leo during the morning, afternoon, or evening hours of July 22nd, but it can also cross this degree during the morning of July 23rd.

The best thing anyone who is born on this day can do is simply use the tool I have here on this website that will provide your chart based on the exact location of the Sun at the time and location of your birth.

Calculate Your Zodiac Sign & Natal Chart

OK. So do you want to know what your sign is? Try this little tool!

To determine your specific zodiac sign provide the date, location, and time of your birth to receive your natal chart and ultimately determine your zodiac (Sun) sign.

Western vs. Vedic Astrology

There are two schools of astrology, the western or “tropical” which derived from Ptolemy’s reform and which was accurate with the astronomical observation of the sky, way back when, a bit more than two thousand years ago; and there is the Vedic school of astrology which uses the sidereal or true image of the sky in astronomical terms.

In short terms, tropical astrology uses the projection of the celestial bodies onto the Earth’s surface and this astrology is accurate in terms of seasons happening on Earth.

On the other side, Vedic astrology uses the projection of celestial bodies, like planets, the Sun, and the Moon, onto the Celestial sphere, as astronomers measure time.

Both systems can show accurate information if you happen to encounter a well-skilled astrologer, so don’t mind the system, but instead seek a good professional reading.

For more information about Vedic and Western Astrology, read this article: 9 Differences Between Western and Vedic Astrology

Zodiac Sign for July 22nd is Leo for Western Astrology

In the case you were born during the year when the Sun crossed over the first degree of the sign of Leo, you will know it by your appearance and your psychological traits after you reach the age of thirty.

In case you are a Leo Sun sign, you will have a slightly reddish complexion, bright or lighter eyes, and curly hair, and in the case you are a man, you will start losing your hair. Your body will enlarge around your waist and your main health concerns will revolve around your heart or spine.

As far as your personality goes, you will be a noble, but joyous person, with many similar-thinking friends and broad social networks, and you will admire all expensive, glittery, or exquisite things in life.

In most cases, you will have a career as a general director, a manager, or a head of this or that, or you will simply lead your own company because this is what you are – a natural-born leader.

If your natal Sun is affected by the negative influences of other planets, you could be vain, unable to properly judge people, and therefore surround yourself with frauds or flatterers who will try to use your influence and power of finances for their goals.

Also, you could have some open enemies and they might try to diminish your importance.

You will surely have children, but their number will be smaller than you desire, and you will see your children as your pride and joy.

Investing huge sums of money and love into their education and proper growing-up will become a priority for you as soon as you reach the proper age.

Your spouse will come from a humble origin, but this will also be someone unusual or unique in many ways, and someone who had to fight hard to reach the affluent lifestyle and fulfill their goals.

What if your July 22nd Zodiac Sign is Cancer?

If the Sun was crossing the last degree of the sign of Cancer in the year you were born, then you can easily relate your main traits by consulting Western and Vedic astrology.

In this case, your complexion has a bluish or cold tone, your skin is lighter but cold to the touch, your eyes are lighter with a silvery shine, and your hair is thin and soft. And this applies to any racial or national background.

Needless to say that nourishment will play a great role in your life, this emotional or physical. So, you will surely adore homemade meals prepared with lots of love, you could be attached to your mother, home, or country of origin.

Your health issues will derive from your proper or improper nourishment, too.

You might appear cold, moody, shy, or distanced from someone new, but things usually change once you start trusting that new person and your warm and carrying personality finally shines.

Also, your family, children, spouse, ancestors, or country are sacred to you and you are able to defend them all, and even give your life when tough times knock on the door. 

The governing celestial object of the sign of Cancer is the Moon, and Moon is cold, sensitive, sensual, fragile, and dependent. However, this is not all. In astrology, each sign can be divided into three parts called “decans” because they have ten degrees each.

The first decan of the sign of Cancer is under the rulership of the Moon, the second is governed by Mars, and the third one, the one you are interested in is under the direct influence of Jupiter.

This is why people born on this day, but under the sign of Cancer, are especially talented to become teachers, preachers, or priests.

If the planet Jupiter is positioned positively in their natal charts, those people can become exceptionally rich by “preaching” about positive values, like this is the case with public speakers or motivators.

Vedic Meaning of Zodiac Sign for July 22nd Birthday

In Vedic astrology, there are 27 nakshatras or the Moon stations, and each of these nakshatras has its unique meaning describing the person’s life very accurately through some ancient myths or archetypes.

Nakshatras are primarily used for the position of the natal Moon in a person’s chart. However, an experienced astrologer will never forget to see in which nakshatras are other planets and sensitive points placed too. And this especially goes for the position of the Sun.

If you celebrate your birthday on July 22nd then the position of your natal Sun is right there in the heart of the Pushya nakshatra. This is the area of the sky dedicated to nourishment, family, and family protection, and its symbol is the udder or the cow’s breasts.

The word “Pushya” means to fortify, but etymologically it means “to nourish” and this is why this position is dedicated to protecting, multiplying, replenishing, or strengthening.

The person born during the Sun’s transit over Pushya will be religious, in a conventional way, but with a very carrying and empathetic nature. Great wealth is seen for such a person, and their assets can reach the point of enormous opulence.

In some cases, they can become very arrogant believing they know it all, but usually, those people have some deep issues derived from insecurity and lack of love or mother’s care at an early age, and they are trying to compensate or to hide behind the façade of someone firm as a rock.

When the position of the natal Sun is negatively influenced by the other planets, those people will start a one-man-army type of war and carry it endlessly in the form that this person is right and the whole world is wrong.

Abundance is promised within the area of Pushya, but you have to be on the lookout for this fact. If you don’t have financial abundance, you will surely have an abundance of fat, or you will easily get overweight, storing the “wealth” inside of your body instead of depositing it in the bank or investing it.

If you want to turn your fortune around, then you can easily make it work in your favor by fasting or dieting. The trick is so simple – if you make your body thin, your bank account will be “fat”, or vice versa. You are free to choose.

The Main Traits of People Born on July 22nd

In Vedic astrology, this area is controlled by the planet Saturn and this also indicates that discipline and dedication will always pay off in this person’s life.

On the other side, the same planet can show that this person had to go through some painful moments with their mother or regarding the mother.

So, she could be absent, or ill, or her relationship with the child could be negative due to many factors.

This basic experience will shape the psyche of the person and behind the cheerful or strict appearance, this person will carry a deep wound in their soul and this sensitivity will be their weak point when they try to open up emotionally toward someone new.

An interesting fact, according to Vedic astrology, is that a male native will have a scar or a birthmark on their face, while the female will have shorter stature.

Although the male native will be very attached to his spouse and children, his working obligations will force him to be away from home for longer periods of time. And this will annoy and frustrate him a lot.

For female natives, Vedic astrology foresees a way more harmonious career and peaceful marriage.

These people can be very successful in any profession, but their inner calling, their purpose, or “dharma” is to teach or preach.

They are excellent philosophers with a strong spiritual and moral side of their personalities and they are perhaps not able to lead others with the power of inner fire, persuasion, or loud words, but they are surely capable to move mountains with their faith, sense of logic, goodness, and gentleness of their essential nature.

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