What Zodiac Sign is October 23?

What Zodiac Sign is October 23?

Are you wondering about the zodiac sign for October 23?  Perhaps you were born on this day, or perhaps you know someone who was.  You must have noticed some confusion regarding the horoscope sign (or Sun sign) for this date. 

Luckily, I’m going to clarify this for you and help you understand what people are like born on this date.  So, What zodiac sign is October 23?

Due to the fact that Sun doesn’t have exactly the same pattern over the sky throughout the year, your Western or tropical Zodiac sign for October 22 or 23 can be Libra or Scorpio. But on the other side, in terms of Vedic or sidereal astrology, you are definitely a Libra.

In this article, you will find out why you might be either Libra or Scorpio.  Before we jump in, I wanted to point out the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page.  I have assembled a collection of articles that I know you will enjoy.  Make sure to check them out!

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What are Tropical and Vedic Astrology Systems?

Once upon a time, there was just one astrology system that originated from the Middle East and India, where the first civilizations began.

The separation happened a little bit more than two thousand years ago when the great ancient astrologer/astrologer Ptolemy introduced the western or tropical system and then, due to the Precession of the Equinox, those two systems started to differ.

Tropical astronomy deals with the projection of celestial objects onto the Earth’s plane, while sidereal astronomy considers only the “true” positions of the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and planets in the sky.

Those two astronomy systems produced Western astrology as we know it today which is known as tropical astrology, and the Vedic or sidereal astrology.

Please don’t underestimate any of those two systems, because they both can be very accurate and the readings are always precise and up to the point if your chosen astrologer is the true master of this art, no matter which style (Western or Vedie) this person uses for their readings.

The main difference between those two main astrology schools can be seen through degrees of the Zodiac signs, meaning that tropical astrology is now approximately 24 degrees ahead of Vedic calculations.

If you want to clear out all of your doubts and learn something more about astronomy too, you can check – What are the differences between Vedic astrology and Western astrology here.

Also, have in mind that the Western astrology chart is circular which means that it consists of 360 degrees. On the other side, the Earth revolves around the Sun for 365, or 25 days. And the difference of 5 days and 6 hours makes small but to us humans, significant changes.

For instance, one person can be born on October 22 and her Sun sign for that particular year will be Libra, while another person can be born on the exact day, but during a different year, and his Sun sign will be Scorpio.

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What is important for October 22 or 23 Zodiac sign Birthday?

There are several important things happening on October 22 and 23. On the one side, everything is perfect. It’s like nature is gifting us with exquisite beauty, the colors of the leaves on the trees and all sorts of fruits are appealing, bringing us the feeling of celebration, wealth, and harmony. 

These are all Libra or the seventh house in astrology traits. We want to connect, cooperate, to feel joyous in our togetherness. Days are nicely warm, children are enthusiastic while going to school, and women and men look rested and peaceful while looking neatly dressed and calm with their emotions.

However, suddenly one morning when you wake up and look through your window, you can see that everything outside is dead. The leaves are falling down, the ground is naked, the garbage can be seen all over, it’s cold, and the feeling of a long and exhausting winter is in the air.

This is the Scorpio season or the eighth house in astrology which carries the symbolism of a sudden transformation, deep insight, death, sex, inheritances, retirement, and all hidden, secretive, and of course, legal issues.

Scorpio and the Lord of the Underworld

This is an excellent place to be reminded of the Persephone and Pluto story from Greek mythology.

Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of nature. And one day, at this time of the year exactly, Persephone was with her mother in the fields gathering plants.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, out of the ground, to be precise, a black carriage appeared, and while accelerating someone or something grabbed Persephone and kidnapped her.

The carriage then disappeared.

Demeter was out of her mind and everything in nature died while she was grieving the loss of her beloved daughter. It went so far that Zeus, the highest god, became mad watching everything in the world fall apart.

Since Persephone couldn’t be found anywhere in the living world, the gods realized that she must be kept by Pluto. But no one could go under the ground to ask for Persephone back, not even Zeus himself. No one could ever cross Styx, the river of death, and survive, not even the gods.

No one, except Mercury, the messenger of the gods, who is neither male nor female, nor dead or alive.

He can be everything and nothing, all at the same time, and due to those traits, he was the chosen one to visit Pluto, the god of the Underworld, and try to negotiate for Persephone’s freedom.

And so he did. But there was one problem though. Persephone did love her mother very dearly, but she discovered her love for her husband, god Pluto, too. And while she was in his kingdom, she accepted the generous food offering and tasted several grains of pomegranate.

Since she had tasted the food of the dead she made a pact with her husband to return to him each winter and spend several months as his wife. By the beginning of spring, she would return to her mother and ensure that the plants are growing and producing the food for all other beings on Earth.

No matter how the ancient Greeks tried to understand the seasons of the year, this story is exceptionally important from the psychological point of view because it describes Libra and Scorpio’s traits very precisely.

Via Combusta in Astrology

What is Via Combusta, you might ask now? This is the term which means the “Burnt way” or the “Fire path” and it’s mostly related to the horary or the “prashna” (Vedic name) astrology, the one method in which you ask a particular question and then open the chart of the sky at that exact moment in time.

If the chart looks like this or that, then the sky will grant you the proper answer, or in the opposite case, you will have to wait for another moment for the sky to open up for you.

The Via Combusta lies on the path of the sky from 15 degrees of Libra to 15 degrees of Scorpio. It’s significant for horary charts because when the Moon is on Via Combusta the chart is not valid at all, because anything can happen.

Natal charts, it carries the meaning of deep individual transformations with very uncertain outcomes.

This is the exact path where Persephone is kidnapped and carried down… to become the queen of the Underworld.

This is the path where all Libra characteristics like we are together, everything is shining and beautiful, all of a sudden become filled with the breath of death, immense fear, the realization of the uncertainty of everything, the mesmerizing power of sex, and the magnetizing overwhelming state of power over life itself.

There is no other way to start the journey from the lovely union and goodness in everything and everyone in the sign of Libra and finish neatly the completion of the soul through the highest spirituality and wisdom in the sign of Sagittarius, but to go through all the darkness, the pain and the garbage which will burn, transform and thrive right there in between, the sign of Scorpio.

Having this in mind, Scorpio is regarded as the sign of the lowest, but at the same time, the highest achievements for humankind.

Ancient astrologers divided this sign into three parts,

Scorpio – the lowest phase of the soul, which describes frightened, anti-social, or even criminal individuals,

Eagle – the middle phase – the fierce warrior and strategist, vengeful, but with enough self-control, and

the Phoenix – the highest phase, when a person had gone through all terrible experiences and became extremely powerful, but at the same time, knowledgeable and merciful.

This is why Scorpios are known as the best criminals, spies, and psychopaths, but also psychiatrists, extraordinary healers and surgeons, military strategists, and investors. And so much more.

The Libra in you – your shining Chitra nakshatra

One interesting thing happens right here where the influences of Libra and Scorpio, therefore Venus and Mars, mix so suddenly.

The third decan (last ten degrees) of this sign of Libra is under the influence of the planet Mercury. And as we know from the story of Persephone and Pluto, Mercury was the only one able to carry messages between the two worlds.

On the other side, as Vedic astrology goes, this is clearly the sign of Libra. Remember, Vedic astrology uses “true” astronomical positions of the planets, but the planet which rules this area, or Chitra nakshatra (you can learn more about nakshatras here in the article called “9 differences between Vedie and Western Astrology”, is the planet Mars in its violent or “demonic” form.

Chitra means the shining gem, and according to Vedic mythology, this is the place where the Twashtar, the Cosmic craftsman, or the Cosmic Architect resides.

Obviously, the people born with significant planets or sensitive points in this nakshatra are blessed with innate talents for engineering, and craftsmanship, they are excellent sculptors, painters, architects, furniture makers, and of course, fashion designers.

The ability to see greatness and beauty in anything, and to transform anything into a genuine work of art and admiration is the main trait of Chitra individuals. They are, also, extremely charismatic, charming, and always glamorous, with beautiful eyes and well-proportioned bodies.

Besides their glittery outer appearance, Chitra individuals must go through deep and transformational experiences, and at one point in their lives, they can become exceptionally wise and even gifted with clairvoyant abilities.

They are the rulers of the world of “Maya”, or the worldly illusion, and their main characteristic is to see through this illusion deeper and higher than other people.

Again, the qualities of Venus and Mars, the beauty and the action, the harmony and the lust, the gentleness, and violence, all mix here producing the ultimate polarity game which creates the life itself.

If you have prominent Chitra nakshatra in your natal chart, you are a male and a female, the angel and the demon, the wise and the confused one, all at the same time.

And from this diversity, you are able to create your own Universe, so be blessed and enjoy the game. And don’t forget to taste the pomegranate.

Who knows where this fruit will lead you…

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