What Zodiac Sign is Addison Rae?

What zodiac sign is August 22?

Perhaps you frequently feel distraught when searching what Zodiac sign is August 22 and often the answers just add another layer of the mix-up, instead of explaining clearly what is going on.

Luckily for you, this is the perfect place to find out the correct information.  So, what zodiac sign is August 22nd?

According to Western Astrology, those born on August 22 have an equal chance to belong to the sign of Leo or Virgo depending on the year of birth. However, according to Vedic Astrology, individuals born on August 22nd belong to the zodiac sign of Leo. No matter what, all are blessed with a special gift…

Before we delve into the uncertainty around the zodiac sign for August 22nd, I want to point out the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page.  I’ve assembled a collection of articles that you will enjoy.  Make sure you keep reading!

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Why do Signs in Astrology Differ?

The main misunderstanding in astrology going on for so long is about the system which astrologers are using. There is Western Astrology and there is Vedic Astrology. Western uses tropical positions, while Vedic Astrology uses sidereal or astronomical positions of celestial bodies.

You can find a detailed explanation in the article “What are the differences between Vedic astrology and Western astrology here”.

Besides this fact, you have to know that in astrology the sky is projected upon the circular chart, and this chart has 360 degrees while the Earth revolves around the Sun for 365, 25 days.

Those 5 days and 6 hours can often make a “mess” in astrology because the Sun never enters into one Zodiac sign at the same moment each year.

So, for someone born 20 years ago, let’s say, the Sun was at the last degree of Leo and we can consider that person to be a Leo. For someone else born 30 years ago, the Sun transited over the first degree of Virgo and it’s clear now that this person is a Vigo Sun sign.

Generally speaking and due to this “wobbling” path of the Sun over the Zodiac circle the sign of Virgo can start on August 22 or during August 23, and the only way to know which sign is on August 22 birthday is to check with the tool I’ve listed right here.

You can provide your personal birth information and then see your natal chart.

The Sun’s Location

If the Sun is at the 29th degree of Leo, then you are a Leo. On the other side, if you see the Sun’s position “0Vi…” this means the Sun is crossing over the first degree of Virgo and you are a Virgo in this case.

Don’t get confused when your Sun is at, for instance, “0Vi45”. This doesn’t mean that your Sun is at 0 degrees and 45 minutes, but it is at 45 minutes of the first degree of this sign. It’s the same as you would never say that a baby has zero years, but it’s nine months old.

Of course, these are all tropical positions of the Sun, but if we want to know the true astronomical data and look at the person’s chart from the perspective of Vedic Astrology, undoubtedly, this individual is born in the sign of Leo.

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The Traits of a True Virgo

In the case that your birthday for August 22 sign is Virgo, and you should check this fact for your year of birth, you might read many negative characteristics regarding this sign, like Virgos are perfectionists.

They critique too much, frequently they are nitpicky, or they are born just to serve. However, those are just generalizations.

The true meaning of Virgo is the sign of abundance. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables all around us if you are living in the northern hemisphere of this planet, and the main colors of this sign are all related to nature.

You can see the wonderful specter of yellow transforming into golden browns, like in the colors of grains and nuts. And there are all sorts of greens, reds, and oranges.

Those natural golden hues all belong to the sign of Virgo, and you can notice so many beautiful people with golden or reddish tones in their complexion, hair, or eyes, no matter what race or nationality they belong and also, with beautiful proportional, elegant and thin bodies, so they are usually most suitable fashion models or video presenters.

Not to mention, their natural ability to speak precisely, using the correct words and accents, and, of course, their perfect manners.

For those who are born on August 22 and beyond, until September 23, the sign of Virgo, is not just the time frame which indicates “stable” or lasting type of beauty, but also the working habits and discipline.

As said, this period of the year is all about picking the fruits of your labor, and the majority of our ancestors used this time of the year to finish the main agricultural jobs in the fields.

This period was also spent on preserving the food for the incoming winter, like turning fruits into jams and juices, pickling or preserving vegetables, and storing grains and nuts, we also carry this intrinsic feeling that the summer fun is over, and we should clean and clear out our living and working spaces, and start the new phase.

If this is not good enough for you to start praising Virgos, just look at the best physicians, chiropractors, homeopaths, natural healers, and of course, herbalists.

They are all under the strong influence of this sign because from ancient times Virgo has been portrayed as a young woman carrying the sheaf of grains in one, and healing herbs in the other hand.

The ruler of this sign, planet Mercury, is very precise, perceptive, and persistent here, and when in need, you will surely look for this type of doctor or a natural healer.

It’s not just about “serving”, the sign of Virgo is all about finding and fulfilling the true meaning of life through helping others.

The Courageous Leo in you

However, if you are born on August 22, then your natal Sun could also be transiting the last degree of the sign of Leo. But, even if this is not the case, and you are a Virgo, have in mind that the qualities of those two signs mix on that particular day.

We have the Sun leaving the third decan of Leo, meaning the last ten degrees of this sign, which are under the ruler-ship of the planet Mars, and entering Virgo, ruled by Mercury.

This transformation from Sun colored by fiery Mars into earthy Mercury is the exact moment when sublime ideas turn into focused actions. And this is the truly wonderful moment to be born in.

Not just due to this transformation, although is very powerful, but because of one special gift, too. But, let’s leave this for the end of this story.

Leos are natural-born leaders, and the ones born at the very end of this sign are specially gifted for all sorts of movements like martial arts or dancing.

They are able to mesmerize the public, or the nation, simply with their innate attitude of competence and taking control of everything. They could also be exquisite entertainers and especially, actors.

And one thing more, those individuals might not have as many children as they’ve planned, but one of their children will surely reach the pinnacle of glory in their profession.

On the negative side, Leos must take care of their health, especially the heart and then spine, because the fire they are using as their basic fuel might be too much at one point in their lives, so heart failures can occur frequently for those individuals.

The Heart of a Lion

And now the part you have been waiting for… What is this special blessing people born on August 22 have that all others lack? Well, this is the position of the fixed star Regulus and the famous Vedic Magha nakshatra. (read more about nakshatras here)

Magha nakshatra, or one of the Moon’s stations, has a special meaning because the real power, glory, and fame are concentrated here right on or close to the fixed star Regulus.

This goes for Western and Vedic astrology, too, because many ancient or medieval astrologers easily predicted the rise of a certain ruler of their times only by this position.

Of course, if you have your natal Sun or any other significant point in your chart placed on the star Regulus, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will become the emperor of your country or conquer another one, although it can.

It mostly means that you will become the true king in your area of interest or profession.

Having this in mind, you could be a CEO of a major global corporation, the leading and the world-famous scientist in your profession, the most popular actor or a singer, and if you do something seemingly non-important like making shoes, clothes or producing vegetables or selling kettle.

With this position of your natal Sun, you will surely become the ultimate fashion designer of shoes, and clothes, or you will be known as the biggest and most successful producer of vegetables or the kettle trader. It is so certain that you can’t miss it, even if you want to.

Naturally, this fixed star can bring an unpleasant fall from the high position for some people, but other planetary aspects have to confirm this scenario in order for it to happen.

The King’s Throne

Speaking about Magha nakshatra which is surrounding this particular area in the sky, you have to know its original story too. This nakshatra is governed by the South Node of the Moon, Ketu, which indicates the strong karmic, but more than just this, the strong family predispositions for the rise in life.

This is the area powerfully related to the cult of ancestors and its translation is the “chair” or the “King’s throne”.

The one who “sits” here was given this special right through the positive and noble efforts of their ancestors, especially the ones coming from the mother’s female and father’s male side, like mother’s side grandmothers and father’s side grandfathers.

In ancient cultures, the chair is considered as a sacred piece of furniture, because the common people were usually sitting on the floor, while the “chosen” ones had the privilege to be seated.

This is why in many African cultures, chairs have special and even magical meanings, giving the person exquisite powers.

The chair is “Esa” or “Isa”, the mother of the king, and in the Mediterranean tradition, this is also one of the names for the Egyptian goddess Isis. And please, don’t mix this several thousand years old goddess cults with the terrorist organization.

Isis, Isa, or Esa, or the chair, is the residing place for a king, and his true power comes from and through his mother.

And if you are interested, you can check the story of the goddess Isis, and her dedication, perseverance, and courage while trying to save and protect her husband and son, which resulted in true heroism.

This is why the Magha area of the sky gives birth to intelligent, positive, balanced, kind, honorable, and respectful individuals, and their accomplishments always last. And having this in mind, ask yourself what your unique traits could serve you and also serve all others and create improvements in this world.

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