What is the Best Zodiac Sign?

What is the best zodiac sign?

We all think our sign is the best right? I know I am biased. Knowing what we know about our own signs you must admit, there can be some bad traits. Our stars not only bless us with positive traits, they can also rain down some awful things.

Finding out which sign is the best takes a little time. You need to sort out good and bad qualities and check the pros and cons. Some signs are natural healers, others have an innate ability to listen, really listen, which is rare these days.  Let’s get to it… what is the best zodiac sign?

The best zodiac sign is none other than Leo. Leos have a charismatic nature that draws people to them. They are born leaders and have a tendency to be enthusiastic and generous. Peruse the list below to see how you stack up against this passionate sign..

It may be odd to judge someone by their Zodiac sign as we all know they are just archetypes for people, not strict guidelines. Yet the majority of people fall into these archetypes most of the time.

If you keep an open mind for those people that may go against the norm so to speak, zodiac signs can be a good guide to social interactions. That said we also want to know where the rest of the zodiac signs stack up…

Keep in mind while you read this list that this is an overview of the signs. It is not specific to any individual person as we all have our own unique quirks. If you see something negative about your sign think of it as a heads-up, a learning point to be aware of. In this list, I have compiled the signs from worst to best.

As we make our way from number twelve to number one, let us see what characteristics we all may have that could frighten away others.

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12. Aries

Aries, you seem to show up in my life more frequently than any other sign. I know I am not the only one to notice how aggressive and judgmental you can be. When in full swing Aries, you can really throw some shade on fire signs in general. 

You can be a lot to handle, you go after what you want when you want it. I am fearful for those that stand in your way. While being demanding can have positive notes, when out of balance Aries can seem like a real tyrant.

When you have an utter breakdown, everyone best clear the way as you are liable to do anything. You can hurt many of your loved ones with just your words. This tends to get you into trouble often at this point.

When it all blows over though, your heart gets the better of you and you do apologize.

Read about a celebrity who is an Aries, Kourtney Kardashian.

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11. Scorpio

Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio. You are used to getting a bad rap, aren’t you? It is not like you have not had the occasion to earn this spot. You can get Evil given a chance.

Even as you try to fight to rise above and hit your phoenix stage, you can still take your feelings out on others when you Scorpios are stuck at the Scorpio level. As a water sign, you can get trapped in your feelings.

Scorpios can lack empathy and can manipulate on the level of an arch-villain. The epitome of petty, Scorpio can sting with a blind vengeance if we feel crossed or excluded.

This can make you feel seem selfish to those that do not understand Scorpio’s innate need to meet high standards and have those around you do the same.

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You can become paranoid, believing those around you are out to get you. You will not hesitate to cut out and ghost anyone you feel is not up to your standards or may be talking behind your back.

This quantum mass of black malignant ooze of negativity is kept under a calm exterior, which makes it that much worse when you let it out.

Scorpio, your in good company with a few other celebrities…

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10. Pisces

Water signs can tend to be emotional, and those emotions run as deep as the ocean. Pisces, I know you will not be happy with your spot on this list. You like everyone to think the best of you.

In fact, what others think of you can bother you so much you can resort to manipulations to put yourself in a good light. While you love to be the center of things you can get your feelings easily hurt, making you hard to get along with.

Your attitude can cause you to go from one extreme to another making you quite unpredictable. You also have a tendency toward bitterness and cause those you feel wronged you some real agony.

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9. Gemini

Our drama queens/kings, Gemini you come across like a tornado. As an air sign, you are a mutable one, which can have you chaotically everywhere at once.

This makes you the guy everybody likes to hate. When something fails to go to your expectation you can spiral into paranoia and take it out on everyone around you believing that it is their fault.

There are no shades of gray for you, you only see things in black and white allowing no flexibility. 

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8. Sagittarius

Sagittarius you are so changeable, just like the flickering of a flame. You are constantly reinventing yourself to find the true you. That is Sagittarius in a nutshell, burn through to the truth.

As a mutable fire sign, you do as you like if it feels true to your essential self.  Nervousness is a friend of yours that visits often.

This friend causes you to unleash everything negative you know about a person to their face. Even though you tend to forgive and forget small mishaps, no one can quite make a mountain out of a mole hill like you Sagittarius.

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7. Capricorn

Capricorns you are proud people, even unto the point of excess. You are apt at conveniently misunderstanding a conversation. Once you have accomplished this you introduce drama into said conversation leading to all kinds of shenanigans.

Capricorn when you do not feel well or are even slightly irritated, you tend to be even more temperamental with others in a way that can easily upset almost any zodiac sign.

Growing up with a Capricorn mother I have experienced how well a Capricorn can destroy a good mood with a few choice words and a detestable tone of voice.  

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6. Cancer

Cancers have a bad reputation for being the proverbial crab. Cancer, this is due to your tendency of dark humor and ability to cause instant credulity. But I think that, of the water signs, Cancer is one of the more adjusted ones.

I cannot deny that you are emotional, but that does not have to be a bad thing. Compared to Pisces and Scorpios, you handle your emotions with empathy and loyalty, being much better at hiding the dark side of your crustaceous personality.

Cancer will listen to your frustrations and not judge you because they know what it is like to have a lot of feelings. Cancer can also become toxic if you feel hurt by or toyed with by someone you care for.

You can act out of pocket in an extreme way if this happens. If there is anyone to depend on, it is Cancer. You will be down for anything for those close to you.

Here is more info about a couple of celebrities whose sign is Cancer: Selena Gomez and Khloe Kardashian.

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5. Virgo

We have made it to our top five. I feel that Virgos fit very well here. Virgos, another earth sign are one of the purest signs. Virgos you are a practical person, very down to earth.

You are also some of the most lighted-hearted people I have ever met, you are so naturally loveable.

You respect others and empathize with those you feel are suffering unjustly. You duly give notice to those that may cross the line into your business and aggravate you.

Yet Virgos do not push too hard as you dislike direct confrontation.

Read more about the celebrity Virgo, Beyonce.

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4. Taurus

Taurus, solid as a rock. You are a fixed earth sign, dependable and unchanging. You rarely do wrong, and shy from the spotlight. While you may not be one for center stage you are an amazing support.

Everyone should have a Taurus for a best friend. They have your back with no muss and no fuss. Knowing this, do not overlook the fact that you my Taurus friends can be as stubborn as your namesake.

In fact, bullheaded may not entirely cover it. If you get an idea in your head, there is no swaying you. At that point, everyone should clear the way as you are head down and horns out.

You will use such tenacity that you will literally mow down everything in your way to get what you want. The scary bit is you do this with no ill intent and see no wrong from it.

In fact, Taurus you very rarely admit to an error even if you realize you are wrong. You even manage to apologize in a fashion that tries to prove you did no wrong.

Read about some famous people with the zodiac sign of Taurus, Lizzo, Adolf Hitler.

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3. Aquarius

Aquarius you can be temperamental to a fault. You can also be cuttingly direct.  Overall, you can be wholesome and strong-willed.

This, with a mix of kindness, is what makes you unforgettable.

You are powerfully expressive tending to channel this into the art of some kind. You are as emotion fueled as any water sign, but you are usually all positive emotions.

You can also be passionate, not just about your work but in all your relationships.

You are inclined towards being kind and benevolent to most. 

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2. Libra

Libra is the balanced one of the air signs. You try to see the best in every situation.

You like to avoid confrontation, preferring to use patience to solve things. You always seek to be your authentic selves. People pleasers to the core, you still seek out justice if you feel things are out of balance.

You may have a hard time making decisions as you strive to make the best out of yourself. Just try to remember not to take life too seriously.

Libra my friends, do not think that since you have come in at a second place I do not see your Dark side.

Yes, you can be calm, friendly, and patient. Yet, when you feel you need to, up can become cold and distant in a heartbeat, if pushed further you will unleash that above-mentioned dark side. 

Read more about a celebrity Libra, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Kim Kardashian.

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1. Leo

Drum roll, please. Here we have finally made it to the number one spot. Is it any wonder you made the top Leo?

Your charm and charisma make you a very likable person. Your confidence attracts others like moths to a flame. You have a perfect blend of personality, charm, creativity, and humor.

You can come off as conceited unless you can dial it back a bit to showcase your better qualities. You even manage to come off as humble with all the talents you have been blessed with.

Be careful of your tendency to rule all around you in a rather dictator-like manner.

You dislike people that think contrary to your viewpoint. Instead, you should use some of that charm to bring them over to your side.

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How did you rank?

After wading through that list, where did you end up? Do you have the best zodiac sign?

Just remember there is redemption for us all if we keep striving. Self-awareness is self-improvement. 

If you find yourself slipping into the darker aspects of your sign, you may want to step back and take stock of why and how.

Tap some people close to you and see how they view you. In the end, we all just want to be the good guy.

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