What is Beyoncé’s Zodiac Sign? With insights into her life…

What Zodiac Sign is Beyonce?

Are you a fan of Beyoncé?  I really enjoy her music and I always wonder if astrology can help to predict a star’s success and other events in their lives.  So, What zodiac sign is Beyoncé?

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born in Houston, Texas on September 4th, 1981 at 10 am, the sun was shining high in the constellation of Virgo. This means her zodiac sign is Virgo according to Western Astrology.

When we take a look at sweet and glamorous Beyoncé we can see how her life unfolded as it did by looking at her chart. Because we know the exact time of her birth.

There are different aspects of her chart that can give us some deeper insights into who she is. For example, the location of the moon, when she was born, will determine certain things.  She is Ascendant Libra, and I’ll talk about that later

We can look at the positions of the planets and the aspects they make to understand her personality better and perhaps unravel why she is as famous as she is. We can also see in the natal chart that she most likely was born with the moon in Scorpio. Gosh, what does that mean?

Take a look at her chart with me. You can find do this yourself click here or the Astro Databank.

Let us start by taking a look at the position of the sun. This is the most known part of astrology for most of us. Also called sun sign astrology. It is your zodiac sign.

She has her natal sun at 11 degrees Virgo as you can see in the chart. To understand her success we can look at what the Virgo energy means. Then we will look at what other astrologers say about this placement. The sun at the time of our birth reflects our most conscious self.

The essence of our being. That part of ourselves that we are conscious of and that part of our personality that others experience with us. Not so much the appearance, but the personality itself. The sun is our vitality, our life force.

How bright we shine our light in the world can be seen by the position of the sun in the chart and the aspects it makes with other planets and angles.

So, you might think…

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What on earth is Virgo type energy? A Virgo Archetype?

There are 12 Zodiac signs. The 6th sign of the zodiac is all about improvement and selfless service in the community. In astrology, it is called; mutable earth energy. A very grounded energy focused on improvement and discernment.

It is an energy that in fact isn’t focused at all in its essence on getting attention or being seen. It is often directed at being of service to others. A Virgo has the need to be of service and has a strong routine-based work ethic. A diligent worker.

Another thing people with the sun or other planets in Virgo can have is low self-confidence and therefore a high self-critic within. How does this relate to Beyoncé?

Since she is all shiny and in public attention it doesn’t sound much like a typical Virgo, does it?

This is where the ascendant comes in. We can therefore imply that she might have a Libra ascendant with Venus conjunct Pluto on the AC.

The ascendant shows someone’s appearance in the world. How you show yourself.  Your fashion style. That reflects your personality. Venus in Libra can be charming and especially sensitive to style and fashion trends.

Pluto will show that transformation of appearance. A constant evolving change in how you see and value yourself. Her mother is a hairdresser and might have influenced and helped her with her appearance as well.

But we need to be closer to her personality and not so much her image. We can see she has a long career of trial and error with the business. She constantly kept improving herself.

I personally find these people born under the Virgo sun very down-to-earth, modest, sharp-minded, and witty.  Lovely folks to have around you when you need some clarity about a subject or excitement about something that needs to become more realistic in its nature.

Yes, Virgo can effortlessly bring realism into others’ lives. They can criticize themselves (and therefore others) for depression as well though. Those folks are manifesters, practical doers.

Perfectionism is key. They often don’t think highly of themselves and therefore keep aiming for improvement. Qualities can be very useful for an artist like Beyoncé.

Beyoncé became famous through the girl group Destiny’s Child before. After that, she started a solo career. What is noticeable in her chart about that is Mars conjunct with the north node of the moon. She used to sing about independent women.

Her themes of songs are quite feminist. For when she sings, I am a survivor. These all sound like very Marshan qualities. What are the moons nodes you might think?

The nodes are our karmic past and destiny points. Our soul’s path you could say. What we need to let go in this lifetime and integrate and learn new here on the earth school.

When you look at her chart you see the 0 degrees Lunar Nodes. There is something special about the 0 degrees. It is like a portal. A destiny portal.

The first album she produced with a female group was called Destiny’s Child. The last tour she did with the group was called Destiny fulfilled. How amazing this can be seen reflected in her birth chart.

She has a zero degrees lunar node in the sign Aquarius.

When she first brought out a single with the female singer group Destiny’s Child, Neptune was conjunct to the natal south node in the sign Aquarius. It was apparent that she would go solo at one point with a natal zero degrees north node in Leo conjunct Mars.

Any planet conjunct a node will be emphasized in one’s life. Strong Marshan people lead by example. Mars emphasizes the need for independence. At the time of this new album release, the transiting north node was conjunct with her natal sun.

In her natal chart, we can see some other planets strongly coming forth. Personal planet Venus in its home sign Libra. Planet Saturn is exalted in expression in Libra. Saturn brings a strong determination and a sense of justice and responsibility. She didn’t hesitate to perform for charity in hospitals and schools.

At this moment she has a charity fund for black small enterprises that stimulate African art & Fashion. Strong Saturn energy will also give her the determination to push through hard times.

For example, the song: I am a Survivor came out in 2001 when Saturn conjunct her natal Chiron in Taurus. A time when she would focus on mastering her pains and wounds.

Uranus the planet of individuality and uniqueness is exalted in Scorpio in trine with her soul path. Which can channel a lot of creativity and could be the part of her that helps her show un-fearlessly her feminine sexuality.

Having her south node in Aquarius can bring a personal understanding to achieve your goals, you need other people’s qualities and talents as well. Togetherness and cooperation are what make a show.

This is what astrologer Dane Rudyard says about 11 degrees Virgo in his book The astrological mandala. They are called the Sabian symbols. The Sabian symbols describe each individual degree of the Zodiac through the use of a metaphor and archetypal imagery.


The Spirit’s answer to the vital needs of whatever became individualized out of its infinite ocean of potentialities. You can say the creation of what may come out of her creative expression which started with dancing and singing and later with solo shows. 

Dane Rudyard speaks more of this degree.

All cycles of manifestation end in an essential duality of “success” and “failure,” as every release of new potentiality at the start of a cycle is inevitably polarized in two opposite directions, becoming sharply differentiated at the mystical “separation of the sheep and the goat.”

But out of duality a new unity eventually is produced: the child, the new God of a new universe. Subconsciously or consciously, during pregnancy, the mother dreams of the son-to-be, and the imprint of the dream in time is revealed in the boy’s structural being.

The true disciple must become the Mother of the living God and should eventually fulfill the great need of humanity and of all his people. MAN is constantly renewed through the great dreams and sacramental pregnancies of all disciples of the One Master.

For me, reading these words carefully would imply that she was destined to be of service to the greater public. The 11 degrees in numerology are known as the degree of being of service.

Furthermore, Dane Rudyar wrote;

This is the first stage of the thirty-third five-fold sequence of phases of the cycle. At this stage, the power to bring one’s dreams and ideals to a clear and sharp focus of mental activity or imagination needs to be developed.

It is the power of creative visualization (Kriyashakti) for which a significant word was coined during World War II: IMAGINEERING — a combination of “imagination” and “engineering.”

(Source: http://www.mindfire.ca/An%20Astrological%20Mandala/An%20Astrological%20Mandala%20-%20Virgo%201-15.htm)

This is nice in reflection of seeing the 0 degrees north node in the sign of self-actualization, the zodiac signs Leo. The childlike heartfelt energy expression inside of us all. 

Her north node of destiny conjunct the masculine planet Mars we can see reflected in her song ‘If I was a Boy’.  Eventually, she receives a baby boy herself.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWpsOqh8q0M (if I were a Boy)

But it takes more to become this famous and successful at what you do. We can take a look at how she was raised. We know that her father, Mathew Knowles, managed the group Destiny’s Child. He already knew the business very well.

Her mother also stimulated her throughout her career as we can see in the media. She is a hairdresser. And then finally marrying Jay Z on April 4th 2008 adds up to having the right network and environment to succeed.

How did her Zodiac sign add up to her success? And will she stay this successful?

She is a clear Virgo sun with a lot of Libra traits. We can say that with the combination of her personality and her father’s knowledge of the industry, she could climb the ladder more easily. Once famous her Libra traits came out strongly. Libra is all about justice and equality. Her new 2020 statement is Black is King.

She now shows herself as an icon for promoting black culture and feminism in black cultures. Especially black businesses. On her website, you can see that she showcases several female clothing brands from all over Africa. You can see this reflected in her videos.

Here is her humanitarian award speech of 2020 about the advocacy of change and justice that she is.

This a true example of encouraging women to step into their personal power. 

For me she eventually she is an amazing dancer with a clear vision that used her talents to express her humanitarian side. An extreme, sexy, unique leader in the dance scene and an inspiring feminist.

She will be working diligently by improving her skills which brought her fame. That is in essence her Virgo sun energy. A stable manifest no matter what.

More fun facts about Beyonce.

Did you know she even has her own perfume line? Find that at BeyonceParfums.com

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