What is Selena Gomez Zodiac Sign? What this means for her…

What is Selena Gomez Zodiac Sign?

Astrology lets you know anything about anyone as long as you know when and where they were born. Knowing someone’s birth chart is like meeting your favorite celebrity! So what about Selena Gomez, what zodiac sign is she and does her chart predict her success?

Selena Gomez’s zodiac sign is Cancer, represented by the Crab. The Crab is kind, intuitive, emotional, and wants to help others. The cool thing about astrology is that a more in-depth look at her chart tells us more about her. Based on the rest of her natal chart, she was born to be a star!

For beginners, a natal chart is a snapshot of the entire solar system when you were born. Every single planet’s position when you were born affects you in some way. Why? Because every planet was in one of the 12 signs. So you have a Mars sign, a Venus sign, so on so forth.

Selena Gomez was born on July 22nd, in Grand Prairie, Texas. So let’s dive in and see what we can learn from her chart.

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Selena Gomez’ Relationships and Love Life

If there’s one thing that the fans know all about, it’s the wild and volatile love affair between Selena and Justin that began that fateful day in iHop, all the way back in 2010.

At first glance, their charts align well!

Selena is a Cancer with a moon in Aries, whereas Justin is a Pisces with a moon in Libra. On the surface level, this is a match made in heaven!

Compassionate, caring, but both sociable and energetic thanks to their moon signs. This pairing is very well balanced…both suns signs in the same element (water) and their moons in a dynamic and lively match.

But what happened to them? What could’ve caused Selena to say “I do feel I was a victim to certain abuse” back in January?

So, Why Was Their Relationship Such A Mess?

The angles between the planets are really important! When two planets are Trine, they are 150 degrees apart, or Sextile, at 60 degrees apart, there is wild and intense chemistry! Sparks fly and love flows.

But there are good synastries, and bad ones as well. The dreaded Square -a 90-degree angle- is toxic energy. Squares produce conflict, uncertainty, and mutual hatred. Unfortunately, Selena and Justin’s relationship was doomed by their Mars signs being squared.

Mars, named after the Greek God of War, rules over conflict, temper, confidence, and controls how you assert yourself. Mars also has an aura of desire. It tells you about what you lust for. So even though their Sun and Moon signs were perfect…

Their Mars signs were without any doubt what doomed their relationship from the start.

Selena’s Mars sign is in Taurus, and Justin’s is in Aquarius.

Mars in Taurus is a traditional, but oh-so-stubborn personality. They want a “real” man, someone who is reliable, straight forward, and strong. They don’t care much for rebellious or quirky thinkers. They have a desire for a lover who they can rely on for comfort and a repetitive, but loving routine.

This placement makes Selena headstrong: Once she sets her mind on a specific task or goal, she pursues it relentlessly. This probably explains why she kept getting back together with Justin over and over!

Mars in Aquarius is everything Taurus hates. They are that quirky and emotionally detached rebel who loves stirring up trouble. Usually, this wouldn’t be a fatal blow to a relationship with Taurus, but Aquarius is also ungodly stubborn, and has an inferiority complex to boot!

This explains a lot of Justin Beiber’s behavior, from getting in reckless car accidents, constantly fighting with Selena, and treating others so poorly over the years.

So even though they seem to get along at first glance, Selena and Justin’s dysfunctional relationship proves that even when the sun and moon signs are compatible, squares can make a seemingly decent relationship filled to the brim with resentment.

What Sticks Out About Selena’s Chart?

One of the big questions people ask about the placements of celebrities is “what kind of chart indicates fame”? 

To that question, I’d say to look no further than Selena’s chart!

Her natal chart is filled with Leo placements. She has Leo as her Mercury, Venus, Ascendant, and her Chiron.

Leo is outgoing, extroverted, and desires recognition for their hard work more than anything else.

They are bold, brave, confident, and unafraid of judgment and love to express themselves. This helps to explain why Selena was never camera-shy, even as a child when she started her career on Barney and Friends back in 2002. 

Of course, other astrological reasons hint Selena was destined for fame:

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Her chart has a “Moon that is Trine with the North Node”. This means her moon sign -Aries- is 120 degrees away from her North Node, Sagittarius.

This placement gives whoever has it a strong, almost supernatural ability to gain mass support, be calm in front of large crowds, and have great levels of creativity. These are perfect traits for a star to have!

Additionally, Selena Gomez has mystical Yod. Often called the Finger of God, or the Finger of Fate, it has mysterious and divine properties that predestine an individual to some kind of destiny.

What exactly the Yod does -or if it’s even a valid astrological signal- is a point of tension in the astrology community. But there’s one certain thing:

The Yod is rare and it often appears in the charts of the famous, powerful, and driven. Whoever has the Yod has been on some sort of mission for their past several lifetimes, and this life will be the one where they finish their mission once and for all.

The Yod is a pattern in a natal chart where three planets or points form a long triangle. This triangle’s bases are on one end of the chart, and the tip on the other side of it.

Selena’s rise to fame makes much more sense now that we know she was born with the Yod! It directs much of her energy towards creativity, arts, music, and pushes her to always create better and better artistic works. 

Astrology has more to say about destiny as well! The north node and the south node are two points on your chart that cover what is fulfilling for you, and what you must move toward, while the south node is what you’re moving away from.

Her north node is the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius. Sagittarius is an adventurer, philosopher, and traveler.

It is a sign that seeks adrenaline, new journeys, and are powered by a need to spread the truth. Those with Sagittarius in the north node stand up for what they believe in, whether it’s saving the environment or social justice efforts.

This explains why Selena has been working as an ambassador for UNICEF, and donating to numerous charities, such as A Day Made Better, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and many others!

Last, but certainly not least, another astrological pattern that helped Selena’s rise to fame as a star was Mercury being Conjunct with Venus. This sounds like lots of jargon, but it just means her Mercury and Venus are the same sign -Leo- and therefore have the same energy.

This is a big plus! This pattern means that Selena is diplomatic, kind, a great communicator, and a smooth talker.

But most importantly? It’s a pattern that enhances her creative abilities! According to astrologists, when Venus is the same sign as Mercury, that person is gifted with artistic gifts. They are described as having a mesmerizing voice, a gift in creating art, music, poetry, and literature.

All of these placements are perfect for an actor, which brings up the question, can astrology be used to predict your career and tell your future?

I think the answer must just be yes. After all, Selena Gomez’s chart seems like it predicted an actor! Of course, don’t let this deceive you, even the greatest and most perfect charts mean that you need lots of hard work, and a bit of luck to succeed.

Jupiter: The Lucky Charm

Speaking of luck, where does that come from? Astrology has an answer to that too! Enter Jupiter, the antithesis of Saturn. Saturn gives us a disadvantage, a minor curse. Jupiter helps us, with bits of good fortune, prosperity, and gives us a little extra push.

What Jupiter sign does Selena Gomez have?

She has the Jupiter in Virgo: Which gives a strong work ethic, moral code, and a streak of perfectionism in all of their works and projects.

Jupiter in Virgo is a practical, and detail-oriented worker. They are the ones who have a keen eye towards finding details, noticing the little things, and making sure that everything is just right.

Again, the chart confirms that Selena was born for stardom. With numerous placements that bless her with artistic talent, confidence, and the almighty yod pushing her towards Hollywood, her rise to fame was inevitable.

Her Jupiter in Virgo is the icing on the cake, that final planet that gives enough attentiveness to make quality music videos.

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