What is Katy Perry’s Zodiac Sign? And, What It Tells About Her?

What is Katy Perry's Zodiac Sign?

Katy Perry has been known for years for her wild costumes. It’s like she’s celebrating Halloween all year round. It’s enough to make one wonder, what is Katy Perry’s Zodiac sign?

Katy Perry’s Zodiac sign is Scorpio. Her October 25 birthday is not far from Halloween. In fact, she is a triple Scorpio, which means that her Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are all Scorpio.

Knowing where the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs come from is fundamental to understanding astrology. With all three in Scorpio, Katy is definitely charged with the sign’s call to transformation.

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What does it mean to be a triple Scorpio?

Katy herself is aware of her triple Scorpio status and told Paper Magazine it makes her “Very, very sensitive, but strong with everything.” Sure, but how did she get to be a triple Scorpio? Everyone gets only one Sun sign, right?

One of the three items referred to is her Sun sign. As her birthday is October 25, 1984, she does indeed have the Sun early in the sign of Scorpio. That is the part anyone can find out from reading a newspaper horoscope and looking at the date ranges given there, as the Sun reliably moves through those twelve signs over the course of a year.

The other two items are harder to find. The next one is her Moon sign. The Moon moves through the same twelve signs as the Sun but on a much faster timetable of a little less than a month. This is visible to the naked eye.

At a New Moon, when the Moon is dark in the sky, the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. At a Full Moon, when the Moon in the sky is bright, the Moon is in the sign opposite the Sun’s sign.

Because the Moon’s cycle is not quite a month-long, it does not line up to the same calendar days every year. The best way to find out exactly what sign the Moon was in on a given day is to look at the astrological chart for that day.

It is necessary to cast the chart for a particular time of day, as the Moon does not always change sign at the same time of day. Charts can be calculated for free at Astro.com, which is also affiliated with the database of pre-calculated celebrity charts at Astro-Databank.

As shown in her Astro-Databank chart, Katy has the Moon solidly in Scorpio. The Moon is later in the sign of Scorpio than her Sun, so she was born just a little bit after the New Moon.

Finally, the Ascendant is a point calculated based on the time of day the person was born in relation to that day’s sunrise. The Rising sign is the sign in which the Ascendant falls.

It is necessary to look at a chart made with an accurate time of birth to know this, and it is also necessary to know the city in which the person was born because the Sun rises at different times in different cities.

Fortunately, Astro-Databank’s collector got Katy’s birth time and city from her birth certificate: 7:58 a.m., Santa Barbara, California.

If a person was born exactly at sunrise, the Sun would be conjunct the Ascendant, and the Rising sign would be the same sign as the Sun sign. Someone born exactly at sunset would have the Sun exactly opposite the Rising sign, or conjunct the Descendant.

Someone born at noon would have the Sun at the top of the chart, conjunct the Midheaven, and someone born at midnight would have the Sun at the bottom of the chart.

Katy must have been born a little bit after sunrise, as her Sun is already above the Ascendant, but she was born close enough to sunrise that her Rising sign is still Scorpio.

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The number of possible Sun/Moon/Rising combinations is 12 Sun signs x 12 Moon signs x 12 Rising signs = 1728. Whatever combination you have, you had a 1 in 1728 chance of getting that particular combination. Twelve of these 1728 possible combinations have Sun, Moon, and Rising all in the same sign.

How do the differences between Sun, Moon, and Rising signs appear in life?

The Rising sign is a person’s public face, how one appears to new acquaintances. Furthermore, from the Rising sign, the chart’s division into twelve “houses,” which associate the different signs with different parts of a person’s life such as relationships and health, is calculated.

The Rising sign is therefore involved with both the most public and the most private parts of life.

The Sun sign is a person’s life purpose. It tends to incorporate things that are fairly obvious about the person – things that co-workers and schoolmates who see the person regularly would notice. Of course the office is passing around a birthday card in June for the Gemini who never shuts up, and so on.

The Moon sign is a person’s deeper emotional nature. This may be visible only to the person’s closest friends and family.

When there are big differences between a person’s Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, surprises can result. For instance, someone with Libra Rising and a Scorpio Moon may appear amiable on the surface but turn out to be more complex.

Because Katy has the same sign for Sun, Moon, and Rising, there should not be that kind of surprise coming from her.

How does Katy Perry embody Scorpio qualities?

Scorpio is associated with a time of year in October and November when things change. In the Northern Hemisphere, leaves turn bright colors on their way to falling off the trees. In the Southern Hemisphere, spring happens then.

In the United States, Election Day takes place in early November, so the holders of political offices sometimes change.

Celebrations like Halloween and Day of the Dead that take place during Scorpio season hint at the ultimate change: what happens after we die? This question can definitely provoke fear.

People think that Scorpio is all about sex, but really it’s about transformation. In practice, it often winds up being about fear of transformation, particularly fear of death.

Sometimes sexual activity is used to combat this fear, in the sense that it can produce children who will go on living and reproducing after one dies and therefore provide a version of immortality.

Religion too can be used to combat fear of death. The issue is not whether a given Scorpio happens to fixate on sex or religion or anything else in particular, but rather what they hope to accomplish with that intense focus.

The scariest Scorpios are often the Scorpios who are the most scared – case in point Fred Phelps, born November 13, 1929, who was notorious for picketing various events with “God Hates Fags” signs.

Scorpios are faced with the choice between pushing away whatever they feel is a threat to their security and walking right into it to see what the fuss is all about.

Katy’s breakout hit in 2008 was “I Kissed a Girl.” As she explained at the Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner in 2017, reported by Vanity Fair, her religious upbringing considered that taboo. “For instance, I kissed a girl and I liked it. Truth be told, I did more than that,” she said.

Katy went and did the big scary thing, and life actually went on.

Though Katy’s approach to spirituality has changed since her beginning as a Christian gospel singer in her teens, she remains drawn to that side of life. Astro-Databank noted that her 2010 wedding to Russell Brand (they have since divorced) was a traditional Hindu ceremony.

Paper Magazine reported in 2019 that Katy is a longtime practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. In that interview, she expressed enjoyment of the personal growth she had gone through by age 34, noting,

“…whereas I used to think things were too scary or not for me, now I’ve pushed my limits in all of that. I’m really more tolerant and accepting.”

Katy noted in the interview that she has been medically diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, which she attributed to trying to control her environment in her unstable childhood when money was tight.

However, since becoming successful in her career, she has attended group therapy with her parents and has also helped them financially, of which she said, “I feel so grateful to be able to do it because that’s all you ever want.

You want the kids to be able to sing the words that you wrote back to you, and then also to just buy your mom a house. Or have them not fight over money anymore. If you can remove that feeling, it feels like you… maybe somehow you’ve healed some part of your childhood.”

This is Scorpio transformation in action.

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