Aries Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

Aries Compatibility

In this article, my intention is to provide you with a summary of the compatibility of Aries with each zodiac sign. I have split up compatibility into five important sections:

  • Aries Emotional Compatibility
  • Aries Sexual Compatibility
  • Aries Spiritual Compatibility
  • Aries Financial Compatibility
  • Aries Intellectual Compatibility

We have relationships with many different people, some relationships are intimate. We have friendships and business relationships as well as acquaintances. Each of these relationships has varying degrees of compatibility.

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To easily find the section you are looking for, use the Table of Contents below to read about each zodiac sign and how they are compatible with Aries. Have fun!

Table of Contents

Aries, The Ram

The Ram is seen as the beginning of all things, and therefore this individual will burst with energy due to their ruling planet Mars. They could be too fast or too brisk in some situations, but they will also have pure intentions, lots of ideas, and the innate need to improve life against the fear of staleness.

Aries / Aries Compatibility

Aries – Aries Emotional Compatibility

This sign is known for its naïve heart, pure feelings, and childish joy. Of course, those traits are always mixed with a strong sense of pride, honesty, and honor. Aries can be brisk or rude, but you can hardly find someone among the members of this sign who will be able to lie and to do that perfectly.

When it comes to emotions, two Aries people will either powerfully love each other, or despise that other person. Once they find their common ground they will be very true to each other and easily express their emotions.

However, their relationship will be far from peaceful or dull, because they will surely have some short episodes of intense “discussions”, but those episodes will suddenly appear and quickly disappear for sure.

Aries – Aries Sexual Compatibility

The same planet Mars, which rules the core personality of Aries, is also responsible for their sexual life and all sorts of deep physical and soul transformations.

Therefore the positive or negative aspect of one person’s Mars toward the other person’s Mars will determine their positive or negative sexual compatibility.

In general terms, the innate need of each Aries is to fight hard and this can be seen in their intimate moments as well.

Two Rams will surely feel the strong initial attraction, they could easily start all sorts of “domination” games, but after a while, they will slip into the routine which can sometimes be perceived as mechanical, although never put aside.

Aries – Aries Spiritual Compatibility

The spiritual tendencies of each Aries will depend upon the placement of their natal Jupiter. However, this planet is traditionally known as the great benefic or benefactor in the whole Zodiac, and therefore Aries will always relate deep spiritual needs with nature, expansion, distant places, sports, and humor.

Two Rams won’t spend hours discussing the nature of the Universe or God, they will most likely stick to their religion of origin, but the religion per se, won’t be the cause of any misunderstanding because their real spiritual uplifting will happen through traveling, doing sports together or any other action-oriented activity.  

Aries – Aries Financial Compatibility

The planet Venus governs the area of direct income for the sign of Aries, while Mars operates with all sorts of investment returns, retirement funds, taxes, or other legal issues.

And depending on how those two planets are placed in each natal chart and what sorts of aspects they create with the other significant points, the financial success will be directly related.

In the majority of cases, two Aries individuals won’t even be so focused on achieving significant financial success because they will be living in the “now” and their desires will be experience-oriented. On the other side, they will never truly lack money or various means and therefore they will be very content.

Aries – Aries Intellectual Compatibility

There is this generalization going on in astrology considering Rams as shallow and therefore not so intellectually involved, but this is far from the truth.

The planet Mercury rules over their area of operational thinking and daily duties, and they are known as excellent organizers and fast and overall practical solution givers.

In this sense, and depending on the position of each natal Mercury, two Aries individuals will never be bored, they will stimulate and challenge each other’s views, and their relationship could frequently seem stormy to other people, but not for two of them who will find a great joy of confronting their opinions.

Aries – Aries Compatibility Summary

The compatibility between two Aries individuals will be overall positive and the two of them can hope to build a better future together for sure. They will uplift each other, although this process could seem a bit harsh or too strict in some moments.

They will establish clear daily routines, delegate all important tasks, and generally agree on their plans.

They will also become excellent parents or company leaders, but on many occasions, their leadership might be too “military” oriented and they both can easily be perceived as too demanding. Surely, the battle between two strong egos will create something new and valuable, and never boring.

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Aries/Taurus Compatibility

Aries – Taurus Emotional compatibility

The combination of those two astrological signs can often be a match made in heaven due to their most important planets Mars and Venus.

However, when it comes to pure emotions they will always be mixed with personal ego tendencies and this relationship will be under the strong influence of Aries’s Sun and Taurus’s Mercury.

As long as the Aries person is the “leader” in this relationship and shows courage and honor, Taurus will adore him or her, and the emotional dynamic will revolve around Ram’s protection and Bull’s surrender. This will create a wonderful energetic polarity and their feelings will be fresh and strong for a long time.

Aries – Taurus Sexual Compatibility

The planets Mars and Jupiter will play major roles in this type of contact. Aries tends to come strong in the beginning and then this individual often falls in routine treating the intimate experiences as some sort of physical exercise, needed, but not so inspiring.

On the other side, Taurus is all about the carnal pleasures and this is why their combination can be so successful, having in mind the strength and the initial bust Aries will offer, and the prolonged and knowledgeable slow steps Taurus will perform.

One will set the fire, while the other one will keep it burning for a long time.

Aries – Taurus Spiritual Compatibility

Some minor issues could appear between Aries and Taurus couples regarding their deep and very personal inner needs of a soul.

While Aries will tend to neglect the traditional religious rules or obligations and take them not so seriously, at the same time Taurus will consider the traditional family or national way as the only way spirituality should be practiced.

This is why, for peace between the two of them, Aries won’t parade with the ideas of nature and freedom, and this person will respect usual religious rituals.

At the same time, Taurus won’t try to rock the boat with the “complicated” or too frequent family’s religious practices, and they will both enjoy their company just avoiding those themes in general terms.

Aries – Taurus Financial Compatibility

Just having the Taurus person as a partner will improve the financial situation of each Aries individual. Taurus natal Sun will enlighten and pour a new type of energy into the Aries’s mind regarding all money matters. The Ram will feel strongly inclined to develop this area of life more.

However, Taurus could gain a lot from this union in the case Aries can bring contacts with foreign companies or people. The positive impact can be seen if a Taurus person earns through writing jobs or fine arts. In all other cases, Aries’s presence could cause some minor financial losses.

Aries – Taurus Intellectual Compatibility

Taurus loves peace and manners in their daily communication, while Aries bursts with energy and is ready to confront at any moment, especially when there is no need for discussions, according to the Bull.

Two of them will be able to communicate only if the Aries accept the innate need for class and calmness Taurus needs so much.

Regarding all other themes, like the exchange of intellectual ideas or business cooperation, Aries will be the one to give the bust and the breath of fresh air, while Taurus will beautify and upgrade those fresh, but still raw ideas and maneuvers.

Aries – Taurus Compatibility Summary

Aries and Taurus couple will complement each other nicely and although this couple could have some minor disagreements from time to time, they will manage to create an unbreakable bond if Aries holds the “official” title of a person in charge here, while Taurus keeps the real power in their hands.

They will be a socially acceptable couple, with some madly romantic story on the back of their initial stages of dating. And if they are involved in business or any other type of partnership, Aries will serve as a heroic role model, and Taurus will represent the style and lucrative material side of this union.

Aries/Gemini Compatibility

Aries – Gemini Emotional compatibility

Feelings between Ram and Twins can be sky-high, especially during the initial stages of their relationship. They will feel the powerful need to be close to each other while doing all sorts of interesting or even challenging activities.

Gemini will be the one to break the ice and talk for hours, and at the same time, Aries will recognize them as someone very like-minded and even familiar. The mutual admiration will be born quickly and they will base their emotional attraction on a base feeling of camaraderie.

However, this flame of love that appeared so fast could also disappear if they don’t find other areas of interest.

Aries – Gemini Sexual Compatibility

In spite of the fact that Aries and Gemini could appear shallow and not so interested in some deeper bonding, their sexual life can be anything but shallow and boring. The planets responsible for their intimate regions are Mars and Saturn and their intimacy can be seen as the clash of powerful energies.

This is why Aries and Gemini often serve as role models for all sorts of domination and submission games in sex.

Aries will be the initiator, but Gemini will continue the play introducing all sorts of incredible positions, phantasies, and unusual demands, which won’t scare Aries at all. On the contrary, Ram will feel tempted to gain some direct and valuable insights.

Aries – Gemini Spiritual Compatibility

Having in mind that the area of spirituality for Gemini is placed in Aquarius which complements wonderfully well with Aries and also Sagittarius, which is Ram’s place of soul-uplifting, now it’s obvious that those two individuals will have the perfect mutual understanding when it comes to the questions of faith and supernatural forces.

Aries and Gemini will experience their deepest spiritual needs through some creative actions, adventures, and desire to expand their views during this life, leaving aside all those uncertain myths about the afterlife or karmic birth chain. They will live here and now and won’t discuss this issue.

Aries – Gemini Financial Compatibility

As long as the money is free flowing there won’t be any problem whatsoever. Aries likes more traditional and stable ways of earning, while the Twin will feel the strong need to diversify incomes and to reach and gain from many various ideas, deals, or clients.

And as long as Ram’s natal Venus and Gemini’s natal Moon, are not negatively affected by the other planetary aspects, they will enjoy good luck.

Their biggest financial “ally” is their mutual feeling of uplifting joy which will surely create very supportive business and social circles for both, and therefore, produce many strong chances for financial and professional expansion. While enthusiasm follows, they will live comfortably and well.

Aries – Gemini Intellectual Compatibility

This could be the area where those two signs excel the most. Gemini is the area of communication for the sign of Aries and therefore, the presence of a Twin partner will provoke a strong desire to be heard and a strong stimulation to think about better options and higher goals.

For a Twin, this area falls in the sign of Leo, which is the area of the heart’s desires and talents for Ram. And this is why every idea a Twin has will be welcomed with true admiration.

Aries and Gemini will just love to talk together, but more than this, they will love to put their words into action and challenge those ideas through various adventures. They will both act highly stimulative, uplifting, and joyous. And they will never feel bored, confronted, or annoyed for sure.

Aries – Gemini Compatibility Summary

The connection Aries and Gemini share will be filled with true friendship as the basis of their relationship. If love is also involved, as a couple, they will excel in social circles and can become very influential as the role-model couple. Their feelings will be genuine and almost childlike.

In the case they are connected through their work or careers, Gemini will give the touch of out-of-the-box thinking, while the Aries will be the powerful executing force. Nothing boring or stale will ever be possible between the two of them and they will truly appreciate each other.

Aries/Cancer Compatibility

Aries – Cancer Emotional compatibility

The emotional needs of Cancer and Aries are completely different and although the two of them can be powerfully attracted to each other during the initial stages of their romance, this fact will produce all sorts of misunderstandings, bitterness, and a huge disappointment in the end, for both sides.

Aries wants to feel loved through action and ego-validation, while Cancer needs to have a non-verbal connection, stable emotional support, and someone who will easily get used to all sorts of psychological drama.

In the beginning, the polarity between them might produce attraction, but later, this relationship will surely turn into a disaster.

Aries – Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Surprisingly, the intimacy between Ram and Crab will always be inspiring and uplifting. Aries will get the sense that Cancer loves variety and unusual things, and Cancer will “translate” Ram’s sexual desire into pure emotion. Therefore, they will enjoy it, no matter what reason brought them together.

The area of sexual pleasure for Cancer falls in the sign of Aquarius which is the place of social support for Aries. And the sign of Scorpio, which represents everything related to sex and transformation for a Ram, is the area of heart, love, and romance for a Crab.

This is why their intimate life will never fail, although they could be using each other for some other purposes.

Aries – Cancer Spiritual Compatibility

Aries and Cancer will surely be a somewhat odd combination when it comes to all things related to a higher power and other dimensions of existence. The Ram will keep everything in the realm of goodness, honor, and expansion, while the Crab will often get lost in the waste ocean of mystic ecstasy.

And this habit of “communicating” with the Higher powers through visions or altered states of consciousness could frequently seem very hostile, and at least, totally confusing for Aries individual.

The Crab could even despise Ram’s spiritual feelings looking at them like those are something down-to-Earth or “nothing special at all”.

Aries – Cancer Financial Compatibility

Those two Zodiac signs will share really good compatibility when it comes to all financial issues, although their motives will differ greatly. However, if they can both learn how to see the difference between the price and the real value of everything, their partnership will become very successful.

This could be an astounding fact, but Aries and Cancer can cooperate perfectly well in terms of finances or legal matters. Cancer’s area of income is placed in Leo, which is the heart point for Aries, and Ram’s valet is safe there in the sign of Taurus, where the Moon just loves to be.

They will keep each other’s resources, increase them, and enjoy enormously every lucrative business deal or investment they make.

Aries – Cancer Intellectual Compatibility

At first glance, the intellectual harmony between the Ram and the Crab is something unimaginable.

However, they will understand each other perfectly well, although they won’t have the identical stance or the same impulses. They will be emotionally different, but their minds will still work in sync.

The intellectual pursuits, practicality, or daily obligations for each Aries sign fall into the sign of Virgo, which is considered to be Cancer’s “best friend”. On the other side, Cancer’s mental traits lie there in Ram’s sign of spiritual desires and achievements – Sagittarius.

In this way, the two of them will nicely connect combining their friendship, honorable goals, and disciplined efforts to create something new or to discuss something useful for both of them.

Aries – Cancer Compatibility Summary

Aries and Cancer should not get romantically involved because this kind of union will bring many disputes and frustrations. However, for other types of partnerships, their union will bring positive effects due to the fact that each of them will become specialized for different types of challenges.

Crab and Ram will both seek full attention, but using different methods and expressing their feelings and needs in ways “unreadable” to the other side.

They are simply not compatible for a family or romantic couple, and they could have some short-time success in intimacy, and lasting success in any type of business partnership.

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Aries/Leo Compatibility

Aries – Leo Emotional compatibility

Astrologically, this is the perfect combination of fire itself. Leo will admire Aries and learn a lot from this person, and Aries will feel at home and with a full heart in the presence of Leo. They could fall in love instantly and last for a long time, if not for life because they will be in sync.

The Ram will appear like the invincible warrior in this combination, while the Lion will act like a royal figure or a true diva. Mutual admiration and even some sort of theatrical behavior will be frequent between the two of them.

However, they will feel uplifted, affluent, and even luxurious whenever they are together.

Aries – Leo Sexual Compatibility

Some issues may arise between Leo and Aries during their intimate contact. Aries could come too strong, but Leo will feel literary “at home” with this sort of behavior. On the other side, Leo’s confusing desires could be a bit frightening for Aries, and in some cases, this can create disturbances.

The area of sexuality for Leo falls in the sign of Pisces which is the place of secrets and fear for Aries. This is why the Ram could feel a little uncomfortable with Leo’s desires and changeable rhythms and foreplays.

At the same time, Leo will easily understand Aries and their sexual habits and inclination toward rougher types of sex.

Aries – Leo Spiritual Compatibility

An interesting situation can take place here, because in most cases, Leo will truly fall in love listening to Ram’s adventures and impressions regarding higher realms perceived through some uplifting action. At the same time, Aries will sense that everything Leo admires is already in Ram’s soul.

This relationship will be filled with surprisingly soft and kind conversations, where the nature of Higher power won’t be explicitly mentioned, but it will be sensed through every sentence they exchange. The “Force” will emanate from both hearts no matter what they actually do.

They will in the majority of those situations spend their time doing sports or making travel plans.

Aries – Leo Financial Compatibility

Some problems can be foreseen when it comes to financial compatibility between Aries and Leo because Leo’s cautious financial planning could appear stingy to Aries, and at the same time, Ram’s desires will seem too risky or too big. They will both love luxury, but they will handle it differently.

In this case, Aries will be the one to be interested in long-term investments, especially possessing properties, while Leo could become fearful of the volume of Ram’s plans.

Leo loves and excels in a luxurious environment, but this sign is not capable to create great wealth itself, and therefore, uses their social connections to secure what is already there. Aries will find that type of thinking pretty exhausting.

Aries – Leo Intellectual Compatibility

Leo will discover the new dimension of Aries through their intellectual exchange because Aries will show how easily and practically some distant things can become attainable and used in everyday life. But, Leo’s mental abilities won’t suit Aries so much due to somewhat Leo’s rigid approach.

Looking from the practical side of their relationship, Aries and Leo will communicate easily and regarding all daily duties and themes, they will find a common language very fast.

At the same time, when some abstract subjects appear and some truly intellectual discussions commence between the two of them, Aries will find that Leo can often be very traditional and even too strict. And that could cause some minor disagreements.

Aries – Leo Compatibility Summary

Somewhat childish emotions, in the best sense of this word, will be easily born between Aries and Leo. They will have sincere respect for each other accompanied by clear and honest communication and uplifting and inspiring romantic and intimate experiences. Their love will succeed.

If they are dealing with other types of relationships, let’s say, friendship or one of them is the parent, while the other is the child, their connection will be filled with educational “adventures” or sharing the passion for a common talent, mostly in performing arts.

In a business, Leo will take the position of the official leader, and Aries will be the first counselor or the “prime minister”.

Aries/Virgo Compatibility

Aries – Virgo Emotional Compatibility

Aries will find Virgo to be emotionally draining and demanding too much effort, as well as talking too much, or talking too wide, so this sign won’t simply be able to maintain focus, and Virgo will perceive this as shallowness or emotional coldness. Virgo will also see Ram as a bit dangerous.

Two of them will grow their emotions in different dimensions, so misunderstanding, different needs, and desires will create all sorts of turmoil, leaving the Ram highly frustrated, while the Virgin will sense this relationship is truly the fight of egos and the harmony of hearts.

Aries – Virgo Sexual Compatibility

This is the area that will become very successful for both of them, despite the lack of true emotions. If this relationship is solely sex-based, and this can work better when Virgo is a man, or with masculine energy, and Aries is a woman or feminine energy, they will enjoy the experiences fully.

The area of sexual experiences for Virgo falls in the sign of Aries and this is why Virgins love harsh, fast, and durable intimacy. And this same area for Aries falls in the sign of Scorpio, which is the sign of friendship and intellectuality for Virgo.

This is why Virgo will accept Aries in their expressive fullness, while Aries will feel open and relaxed by Virgo.

Aries – Virgo Spiritual Compatibility

The spiritual aspirations of those two people will be completely different, and this trait can cause many unpleasant discussions which will simply lead nowhere, but which will continue endlessly. And this is why Aries will see Virgo as someone hostile, and Virgo will see Aries as someone shallow.

Spirituality is under the rulership of the sign of Pisces, and the interesting thing happening here is that the planet Jupiter rules the area of spirituality for both, Aries and Virgo.

And although this is so, Jupiter behaves completely differently in its domicile signs, Sagittarius, the area of spirituality for Aries, and Pisces – the area of spirituality.

Virgo will frequently get lost in religious mysticism or at least abstract parts, while Aries will just love freedom.

Aries – Virgo Financial Compatibility

When it comes to handling finances, Aries and Virgo will simply excel and they will show a great deal of respect for each other. Aries will feel the strong need to let Virgo execute all sorts of business deals, and monetary transactions or investments, and Virgo will trust Ram’s judgment. 

The interesting fact will happen when it comes to finances for those two signs because the planet Venus will rule their areas of direct income, and since this area falls in Libra for Aries, this partner will sense that the other person knows all financial “finessing”.

Virgo will admire Aries for the almost magical ability to make something out of nothing and on a grand scale.

Aries – Virgo Intellectual Compatibility

Great friendship, and wide and mutually challenging, but uplifting intellectual understanding can become their strongest link. Aries will often time surprise and delight Virgo with many original ideas derived from courage, and Virgo will almost tempt Aries to widen the usual views about everything.

Virgo’s manner of thinking is placed in the sign of Scorpio, and the same goes for Aries in the sign of Gemini. Therefore, the planets Mars and Mercury play major roles in their personalities and their style of communication, and how they perceive things wonderfully complements each other.

Aries – Virgo Compatibility Summary

Aries and Virgo can be the perfect combination for work, any form of cooperation, and professional consulting, except romance or a committed love relationship. They simply won’t be aligned in this area of their lives and they shouldn’t even bother trying to improve what can’t be improved at all.

On the other side, high sexual tension can be present and if they are both able, which can be a hard thing to achieve, to keep their encounters strictly sexual, they can enjoy and learn something new.

Also, if they are involved in any form of business, Aries will be the leader, while Virgo will punctually finish all “boring” procedures.

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Aries/Libra Compatibility

Aries – Libra Emotional Compatibility

Aries and Libra match wonderfully well. In this case, Aries will be the leader, someone who is brave and calls for action, while Libra will be happy to know that someone will take care of all the demanding or complicated issues of life. Their love is romantic, filled with many dreams, and it will last.

Those two signs are opposite, but in astrology, this fact primarily means that they complement each other and are ready to protect a mutual relationship in all aspects.

This is why the Aries and Libra combination is the most common image of a perfect marriage or a union between two people, masculine and feminine.

Aries – Libra Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility between Ram and Libra will always be filled with a wonderful polarity, having in mind that the area of sexuality for Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and the same area for Libra is ruled by Venus. The romance and the actual sexual act don’t differ in this union for sure.

The interesting fact happening here is that the ruling planets of their own personalities, Mars and Venus, rule their areas of sexuality. And therefore, a strong sexual charge can be felt between the two of them, and at the same time, emotional states deeply immerse every action they take together.

Aries – Libra Spiritual Compatibility

Very good spiritual compatibility happens between Aries and Libra, and although they won’t be known for some complicated or abstract religious concepts or deep mystical states, they will understand each other and admire the light intellectual approach toward the issues of the Higher power or myths.

The signs Sagittarius and Gemini will mark the areas of spiritual uplifting for Aries and Libra respectively.

This is why their conversations about supernatural powers or deeper dimensions of love might seem rather shallow to other people, but for two of them, those issues will be related to joy and interesting facts found in all sorts of popular books.

Aries – Libra Financial Compatibility

The financial areas of Aries and Libra are identical to their sexual or intimate areas, and this brings powerful feelings of territorial belonging between the two of them. Their romantic love and their money, especially investments will be the best aphrodisiac for passionate intimacy and joy.

In this case, Aries will be the one who will feel intimate encounters with some sort of dark passion or mysticism, and Libra will love this kind of excitement.

At the same time, Libra will bring in beauty, and sensuality and prolong the act itself with fine finessing, style, and even some relaxing exotic techniques.

Aries – Libra Intellectual Compatibility

In this case, also, Aries will be the leading force because the planet Mercury, witty, fast, and organized will color their thoughts, and Libra will admire Ram’s ability to see the structure of everything. On the other side, Libra will frequently amaze Aries with some deep insights and originality.

Libra might seem slow in this kind of connection, but this doesn’t mean that this sign will have a minor role in their intellectual exchange. Libra’s mind will operate with some innovative ideas backed up with useful and kind thoughts.

This quality will seem exquisite for Aries who will frequently deal with down-to-earth types of thoughts.

Aries – Libra Compatibility Summary

Aries and Libra couple is the archetype of a union between a man and a woman, or a male and female principle. Therefore, this relationship should succeed and the dominant one will lead and protect them, while the other partner will “secure” the harmonious home, or in general, a pleasurable environment.

Two of them will truly love and admire each other for the seemingly opposite qualities, and this love will be tightly related to their mutual financial enterprises, physical passion, and above all, their perfect public appearance as a successful, and always harmonious couple.

Libra will shine here, while Aries will act as a knight in shining armor.

Aries/Scorpio Compatibility

Aries – Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

Initially, a great attraction will be born between Aries and Scorpio, and Ram will be the one who will tend to strongly attach, but in time Scorpio will perceive this relationship as some sort of hard work and this might be the decisive point regarding their future. In general, they can succeed.

The main issue here is that the planet Mars rules both of their personalities, however, Aries is the place of daily work and obligations for Scorpio, and after the “honeymoon”, which will be filled with enormous passion, is over, Scorpio could feel tired, while Aries will rely more on this relationship.

Aries – Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

There is no doubt that during the initial stages of their relationship, the passion will be sky-high. But, in time, both of them could come too harsh and Aries might feel like someone who is not able to lead, while Scorpio will need more freedom to exercise variety and novelty in this area of life.

For Aries, Scorpio is the area of sexuality, and everything Scorpio is or does will suit perfectly this sign. Also, the area of intimacy for Scorpio is placed in Gemini, which is a friendly sign for Aries.

But this quality could affect their experiences because both of them will feel the strong need to be the dominant sex partner all the time.

Aries – Scorpio Spiritual Compatibility

An interesting situation can take place when it comes to spirituality between Aries and Scorpio because whatever Scorpio does and especially, the way this sign deals with financial issues will become some sort of uplifting, almost religious type of admiration for Aries. And Scorpio won’t get that.

The area of spirituality for Aries is basically the area of direct income for Scorpio, and therefore, everything Scorpio does will bring the best feelings to Aries. On the other side, Scorpio’s spirituality lies in Cancer, and the religious or higher issues are always related to the family’s heritage and mother’s love.

Those themes won’t go well with Aries, and this is why they will tend to avoid this type of communication.

Aries – Scorpio Financial Compatibility

Scorpio is one of the financial areas for Aries, and in this particular case, this might not be the best choice because the heightened Scorpio area could lead to many losses for Aries due to too much risk related to investments and legal issues. They could succeed, but the risk will be high.

On the other side, Scorpio’s financial areas fall in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini and this primarily means diversification of earning and investing. In this sense, Scorpio is able to teach Aries some new and certainly innovative ways of making money.

But in some cases, this could come too hard, too fast, or too harsh for Aries who loves clear and simple solutions.

Aries – Scorpio Intellectual Compatibility

Some problems might appear between Aries and Scorpio when it comes to intellectual exchange. Two of them are capable of perfectly working or executing tasks together. However, when it comes to abstract ideas or plans, the battle of their egos and views will surely appear and ruin this companionship.

The powerful duality is present in this area of their lives because the area of usual duties for Aries is placed in Virgo, which is the area of social support for Scorpio. And for Scorpio is in Aries itself. So, this is why they are able to understand each other.

But when it comes to actual intellectual connection, Scorpio will try to overpower Aries and this will cause all sorts of unpleasant situations.

Aries – Scorpio Summary

Aries and Scorpio couples are great as a form of camaraderie, team players or two warriors, especially during the “dramatic” situations when quick action and aggression in some form are required. When it comes to child-parent or love relationships, the battles of their egos will always be present.

Romance is possible between Aries and Scorpio. Again, the initial passion will be sky-high but soon after this passion will turn into an endless competition between the two of them – who will be stronger, smarter, or rougher.

As long as love is not involved here, they will function perfectly well, and what is more important, they will protect their bond or their plans.

Aries / Sagittarius Compatibility

Aries – Sagittarius Emotional compatibility

Aries and Sagittarius will simply love each other and this love will be something plain, simple, or pure, and therefore not possible to break, especially if two of them have reached the years for committed relationships. The Ram will fill Archer’s heart, and Aries will see Sag as a true teacher.

The natural area of heart and romance for Sagittarius is placed in Aries. And this is why it will be so easy for Archer to fall in love with the innate fire and zest of life Aries possesses.

For Aries, Sagittarius is a spiritual leader, a teacher, or an instructor, and having such a partner by their side will fill them with admiration and a lasting kind of love.

Aries – Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

For Aries and Sagittarius, platonic love will surely be filled with pure feelings, but when it comes to sexuality, some issues are foreseen here. Aries could try too much or too hard and this could be frightening for Archer, and Sag might seem too emotional or too vulnerable for Ram’s taste.

The area of sexuality for Sagittarius is placed in Cancer, and the positions of the natal Moon of both partners will play a major role here.

However, Sagittarius will “demand” full emotional openness and this will annoy Aries, while Aries could appear a bit hostile when it comes to intimacy between the two of them.

Aries – Sagittarius Spiritual Compatibility

This is the perfect combination between a warrior and a priest, two people who are basically different, but who share the same moral and social standards. Sagittarius will take the position of a guru here, transforming mystical teachings through stories about action and adventure, and Ram will love it.

When it comes to spirituality, Aries and Sagittarius form the full circle of admiration in astrology. The natural area of higher education for Sagittarius is in Leo, which is the heart of Aries, while Sagittarius is the place of spirituality for Aries.

They will serve the Higher power through action and kindness, and this will be enough to uplift them both.

Aries – Sagittarius Financial Compatibility

The Archer and Ram are known for their traditional and rather conservative ways of earning and investing money. They are not material, and generally, finances serve the two of them just as a means to acquire the truly modest, but free and traveling lifestyle they both dream about all the time.

On the other side, they can easily become annoyed in terms of how their partner deals with money. Aries will be horrified by the heart-driven Archer’s investment ideas, while Sagittarius will become exhausted with Ram’s slow and steady income streams.

Generally, they will manage to find common ground, although they won’t be so thrilled about it.

Aries – Sagittarius Intellectual Compatibility

The intellectual exchange between Aries and Sagittarius is good, going to be great in most cases. The Archer will have some innovative or in some situations, radical ideas, while Ram will welcome those ideas with childish joy and readiness. But sometimes, Aries could become nitpicky or boring.

The main issue here is the fact that the area of usual activities and practicality for Aries falls in the sign of Virgo, which could be annoying for Sagittarius, the Zodiac sign which doesn’t like to feel restrained with down-to-earth types of issues and this is the only little misunderstanding that might cause some minor disturbances.

Aries – Sagittarius Summary

The Archer and Ram will be a great team, a married couple, or just friends. They won’t mirror each other, but they will complement and add their unique qualities to their couple. They could be fast or too adventurous oriented according to others, but they won’t care about others at all.

The ideal situation would be that the Sagittarius is a parent and Aries is a child and this goes for the masculine type of energy where a wise and well-trained father teaches his son how to use all of his mental, spiritual, and physical potentials to achieve success.

For other types of relationships between these two, the dynamics will be very similar.

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Aries / Capricorn Compatibility

Aries – Capricorn Emotional Compatibility

Both of those two signs have very strong personality, but the way they perceive things is different. This can produce a strong initial attraction in some rare cases, but for a majority of Aries and Capricorns, their egos will create repulsion, and eventually, they will try to avoid each other.

The ruling planets for Aries and Capricorn are Mars and Saturn, and those two planets are seen as very harsh and masculine in their nature.

Also, the positions of their natal Sun create tension and constant battle, and this is why the common emotions between the two of them are competition and overpowering, not romantic.

Aries – Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

Things become a bit more interesting when the sexual types of energies are activated between Aries and Capricorn. They will become great “team players”, practicing durable, harsh, and even aggressive sex, as long as love is not involved. Aries could slip into this trap, but Capricorn won’t.

The area of sexuality for Aries falls in the sign of Scorpio, which is the sign of social support for Capricorn. And this is why a Goat will enjoy practicing intimacy with the Ram.

However, the area of sexuality for Capricorn is placed in Leo, and Goat’s skills could be misinterpreted as love in Aries’s mind, but this simply won’t be true.

Aries – Capricorn Spiritual Compatibility

Aries and Capricorns should keep away from discussing religious or spiritual matters altogether. Their worlds are not touching at any point, and the way they interpret things will just only highly annoy the other person. Ram will seem hostile, while Goat will be mentally and traditionally, tiring.

The area of spirituality for Capricorn is placed in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of hard work for Aries. This is why everything Goat perceives about higher truths will seem like a technical and boring process for Ram. On the other side, the need for unlimited freedom Aries has, will scarce Capricorn.

Aries – Capricorn Financial Compatibility

Things between Aries and Capricorn’s financial compatibility look very good since the ways they create their income support each other greatly. Surprisingly, Aries loves steady and conservative financial flows which suits Capricorn, and Goat can create a supportive network for Ram through business.

If Aries and Capricorn are able to put their ego battles aside, their economic cooperation will look truly amazing, having in mind that Capricorn will be in a position to learn a lot from Ram’s traditional and safe ways of creating income, while Aries will surely benefit from the various Goat’s business contacts.

Creating a business together, with clearly determined roles for each of them, will serve them both very much.

Aries – Capricorn Intellectual Compatibility

A certain aspect of duality is present between Aries and Capricorn’s intellectual compatibility. They will exchange their business ideas in an orderly way, and despite the present competition, they will be able to cooperate. But when it comes to abstract ideas, those two people won’t function.

The areas of practicality for Aries and Capricorn fall in Gemini and Virgo signs and therefore form the friendly aspects, which means that usual or daily tasks will be supported and executed without discussions.

However, when it comes to higher mental aims, their styles will differ greatly, and they will look at each other with open animosity, and frequently aggressiveness. In most of the cases, Aries will see Capricorn as someone dangerous for being quiet, but with out-of-the-box ideas.

Aries – Capricorn Summary

Generally speaking, Aries and Capricorn could function well in terms of business cooperation, and even then, both of them will frequently try to overpower each other. This can be a good thing only if they work in a competitive industry and this trait will be used for constructive purposes.

In terms of the romance of marriage, the union between Aries and Capricorn can be in the majority of cases, simply disastrous. They will have different ideas and perceptions of life, and their emotions will dry out soon.

In all other cases, if Aries is ready to let Capricorn be the teacher or the person of authority, and if Capricorn agrees to let Aries break some old rules, at least from time to time, they could function well.

Aries / Aquarius Compatibility

Aries – Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

Emotional compatibility between Aries and Aquarius might seem extraordinary to others because the two of them will initially feel the true friendship, and soon after they will simply uplift each other with various ideas and similarities. This will create genuine attraction and emotional closeness.

The only danger happening between Aries and Aquarius is the possibility that their emotions could go cold as fast as they became hot initially.

However, in the majority of cases, they will find many common interests and their innate need for action and adventure, and this need could keep them glued for a long time.

Aries – Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Some problems are possible between Aries and Aquarius when it comes to their sexual compatibility because Aquarius would appear too technical or even too boring to Ram. And on the other side, Aries could be too harsh or dark for Aquarius’s taste when it comes to intimacy and deeper communication.

The main issue happening here is the fact the area of intimacy for Aquarius falls in the sign of Virgo, which is the sign of work and duties for Aries and this could be repulsive to this partner.

And at the same time, the house of sexuality for Aries is in Scorpio which is the area of authority and responsibility for Aquarius.

This is why they will be drawn to each other genuinely, but soon after they could get tired of each other.

Aries – Aquarius Spiritual Compatibility

The wonderful feeling of sharing the same or similar ideas will bond strongly with Aries and Aquarius in the realm of spirituality. They will feel very intimate, exchanging ideas that will revolve around freedom and the joys of getting rid of the pressure organized religions have set for humankind.

Aries and Aquarius will get along phenomenally well because both of them will perceive true spirituality as the total inner freedom and the ability to move in whatever direction the human soul needs to go.

They will despise tradition and limitations coming from the various religious teachings and look for true inspiration directly from the Source.

Aries – Aquarius Financial Compatibility

Aries will act like someone traditional and stable when it comes to financial compatibility with Aquarius, while the other sign will act simply unexplainable and sloppy with everything related to money or income in general. The positive exception will take place if Aquarius earns through foreign deals.

The main issue happening here is the fact that the Aquarius area of direct income falls in the sign of Pisces, which is the area of hidden enemies or distant lands for Aries. Aquarius will seem totally incapable to deal with finances in any logical sense and this will highly annoy Aries.

At the same time, Aries will seem too conservative or slow with money for Aquarius.

Aries – Aquarius Intellectual Compatibility

The area of intellect and exchange of ideas is the place where the union of Aries and Aquarius truly excels. They will feel joyous and ready to change the whole world, and while discussing any subject they will feel like very close friends who finally have met after long separation and longing.

The area of close friendships for Aquarius is placed in the sign of Aries. And at the same time, this area for Aries is located in the sign of Gemini which is the area of love, romance, and talents for Aquarius.

This is why it’s easy to predict that the two of them will not just have similar ideas, but the feeling of camaraderie and “two of us against the whole world” will strongly penetrate this area of their relationship.

Aries – Aquarius Summary

Aries and Aquarius union will be crowned with uplifting feelings, joy, and many actions. They could be best friends, great co-workers, or developing successfully any business project. The emotions or any communication between the two of them will be high and positive in most cases.

Things tend to complicate a bit if the two of them are in a romantic relationship because none of them will be willing enough to play the game of sexual polarity and therefore their intimate passion could become inharmonious and their usual duties will surely lead to many misunderstandings.

Each of them will want to be a leader all the time, and this could ruin their love.

Aries / Pisces Compatibility

Aries – Pisces Emotional Compatibility

Aries and Pisces have a 50/50 chance to achieve a harmonious relationship filled with true love or to face total disaster. The precise outcome will depend on the particular positions of their natal planets, but in general terms, Pisces could act too confusing, while Aries will be too fast.

The real issue happening regarding this union is the fact that the sign of Pisces is behind Aries’s “back”, placed as the area of hidden enemies or things, dreams, and faraway lands. At the same time, the Pisces partner will add to this confusion by acting unpredictably.

This is why they could feel a strong initial attraction, but the outcome will be uncertain during the several next months of their romance.

Aries – Pisces Sexual Compatibility

This might come as a surprise, but the sexual encounters between Aries and Pisces will look incredibly good. Pisces will create an environment of understanding and psychological safety for Aries, and Ram could even teach Pisces some interesting techniques and spice up each act with lots of action.

The area of intimacy for Pisces falls in the sign of Libra which is the area of natural partnerships for Aries and therefore Aries will feel obliged to lead, while Pisces will enjoy being submissive or surprised.

At the same time, the area of sexuality for Aries is in the sign of Scorpio which is the place of spiritual inspiration for Pisces.

Aries – Pisces Spiritual Compatibility

An interesting combination can be seen when it comes to spiritual compatibility between Pisces and Aries. Pisces will truly admire Aries for their simple purity, looking at their way of perceiving unexplainable forces as superior, while Aries will be magnetically attracted toward Piscean views.

The thing going on here is the fact that the area of spirituality for Aries falls in the sign of Sagittarius which is the highest achievement for Pisces and is also ruled by the same planet – Jupiter, which governs Piscean personality.

On the other side, the Piscean area of religious uplifting falls in the sign of Scorpio which is the area of transformation for Aries. This is why the two of them could inspire and admire each other.

Aries – Pisces Financial Compatibility

Aries and Pisces will profit just by being together for sure. The mere presence of Aries in life will increase income or emphasize direct earning for Pisce’s partner. The Ram will help their partner to focus more and Pisces will surprisingly give some interesting new ideas to the Aries partner.

Aries is the area of direct financial flow for Pisces and by having such a person in life, Pisces will suddenly start to think and act toward more lucrative jobs or business deals.

At the same time, Ram’s area of money will be in a friendly relation with Pisces, so their ideas or social network will help Aries immensely to reach bigger profits.

Aries – Pisces Intellectual Compatibility

The intellectual compatibility between Aries and Pisces could be full of surprises because Aries loves to be precise, even nit-picky, and Pisces acts like a genuine theatrical diva on any occasion. If Aries acts like the organizer, and Pisces tries to control excess behavior, they will function well.

The area of usual activities, duties, and operative way of reasoning for the sign of Pisces falls in Leo, and for Aries, this is placed in Virgo.

Having in mind that Aries loves whatever Leo represents, the two of them shouldn’t have any issues, if Pisces keeps away from down-to-earth tasks and lets Aries take care of planning and strategizing.

Aries – Pisces Summary

The union between Aries and Pisces could become very successful or incredibly disastrous, especially for Aries, if Pisces is not able to control their inner urge for confusion or illusion. Pisces will benefit because Ram will take care of all “boring” things, but the reverse won’t look the same.

Pisces partner will be the key player here no matter whether their bond is related to love, friendship, or some sort of business.

Pisces will hold the power to make or break their union in any way, and if Aries is capable enough to control Piscean emotional duality, they can achieve harmony and even create huge success in marriage or careers related to arts, chemistry, or Entertainment Industry.

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