Aries Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

Aries Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

Aries is the masculine man. He is courageous, adventurous and demands authority towards his lover. He has an insatiable lust and those who would settle for an Aries man as a husband should be warned. In marriage, he is proud, likes to boast about his wife, and shows his romantic side.

Aries man in marriage is faithful, loyal, and full of fun dates. He looks towards marrying a woman that is independent so that he can dedicate his energy to his own goals. He is aggressive and makes a fearsome protector to his beloved.

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That said, let’s take a look at what your Aries man is like when he courts you…

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The Aries man in courtship

Aries Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

The Aries man in pursuit acts like a yes-man. He would never disagree with what you have to say. He takes note of things that make you smile. He will do everything he could to make you happy. Maybe you will start as friends and then he would realize he wants something more than that.

There are some sides to Aries that can manifest. You see, this type of man can either be the playboy that can date multiple women at a time or the endlessly devoted to one woman.

When he has truly fallen for you, he may try to see a different girl for the thrill of it but may be haunted by the thought of you. He will not think too much of his pride if his end goal is to be with you.

Aries men may not always have a reputation to be polite but he becomes a gentleman when he cares for you.

He likes to show off so expect that he might do grand gestures to try and impress you. He might declare that he loves you, but if you think of when he confessed to you, it was probably awkward and funny at the same time.

He has this childish aura to him but since he is the warrior of the zodiac signs, he will be protective of you. The Aries man would offer to take you home to make sure you are safe. He will feel like your personal hero and bodyguard.

The Aries man is independent and it takes a special woman to make him put her as the center of his universe. An Aries man that truly loves his woman will do everything and anything to support the woman he loves.

If he has plenty of excuses and could not make time for you, you may want to give him some tests if he’s worth marrying.

The Aries man in pursuit is aggressively direct. He’s not going to let his woman feel worthless. He can also be impulsive so it is best to really take time if you are really what he wants because it is not uncommon for the Aries man to feel regretful over time despite him being the chaser.

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Marriage with an Aries man

The Aries husband is prideful and ambitious

Aries Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

The Aries man is ambitious and most of the time this translates him to being focused on his career. This sign likes to brag about his achievements or at least if he remains quiet, it will still be a big contributor to his self-worth.

He prides himself on having girls chase him. It’s not surprising if your Aries man keeps reminding you that he’s a trophy husband.

He wants his wife to give him respect. He would appreciate a wife that can manage not having to rely on him all the time so that he can focus on getting promoted or pouring his energy into his career and business.

The Aries man is competitive. This will even reflect in your relationship. If he sees that you are making more than him, he might feel threatened unless he sees it as a way to be proud.  Aries men have a huge ego and would want to be number 1 in all categories of his life and of course, the only one for his wife.

The Aries husband makes a faithful and loyal partner

The Aries husband can be faithful and extremely devoted to the woman he loves. He has the pride of being the only man in his wife’s heart.

He will not tolerate being someone else’s option. He can have quite a temper when he gets jealous but only because he does not want to lose to anyone when it comes to your attention.

Sometimes it can seem to contradict because of their independent nature. He is also the polar opposite of Libra which deals with partnerships. It’s true that Aries can handle being single and be okay with it but if he dedicates himself to marriage, he takes pride in being your knight in shining armor.

Though he may also act as your personal dictator, he would need to have some form of control or authority over you.

The Aries husband desires to have a wife that is independent like him

The Pisces man is caring towards the person he loves. He is a natural romantic and can be sensitive. He can absorb the feelings in a room and can put himself in the other person’s shoes. They are usually the ones taken for granted because of his kindness.

He is indecisive and can be flaky because sometimes he is unable to express what’s on his mind. He may say things as he feels it without thinking of how it sounds. When a Pisces man is truly finished with the connection, there are two outcomes, one where he will be mature about it and end it like an adult.

The second one is to make excuses, set them aside, act busy, and he might even be meeting someone new without your knowledge. A Pisces man that still loves you will move mountains to make time for you. Don’t convince yourself that he still loves you when he starts flaking out.

The Aries husband can be childishly impatient and impulsive

Aries Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

This makes the Aries husband restless. It will be the common scenario that he does things out of impulse. He might become unpredictable because of this. You may just have to accept that life with your Aries husband is full of surprises. As his wife, you need to endure a lot of patience.

It is like being a parent to an eternal child.

He also prefers not to deal with chores when he can make money instead of when he can go out and have fun instead. Anything about domestic matters, he will act like a supervisor and you’re all of the team members.

The Aries husband likes his action and adrenaline. You may not appreciate that he could leave a bit of a mess every now and then, and no, he would probably make you or hire someone to clean it up.

The Aries husband needs lots of physical activity

If you want to have peace with your Aries husband, he needs his space to do his own things. He is childishly impatient which feels like despite being loyal to you, he can act like he’s single and can have habits where he seems flirtatious.

You could just send him a text and he will already reply with suggestive messages or emojis. Aries men are forever children in the sense that you always have to be available to him when he needs you. He might have an issue containing his lust.

This might be an issue if you are a conservative person. He’s going to treat you like an exercise machine. If you don’t want kids, better make sure to practice safety because nothing is going to stop him.

The Aries husband needs to be the head of the home

It is a good idea that you allow your Aries husband to be the head of the household. Let him be connected to his masculine side.

He needs to feel and be in charge. Although you may have some differences, you can do it in ways that would subtly change his mind. Let him think that he made the decision when you simply influenced him.

In that way, you are avoiding any conflicts. Remember, Aries husbands can have an Ego issues. They don’t like when he is shamed by others. It is definitely a no-no to talk back about him and he finds out. He cares for how he appears just like a teenager trying to be like the cool kids.

Although he is given the title and appearance of the head of the home, it will also not guarantee he will be excited about sharing parenthood with you. Some Aries men have commented that they prefer not to have children to preserve their youth and freedom.

As a masculine man, he also prefers the wife to do those duties and he’ll do his part as the breadwinner.

The Aries husband will take you out of your comfort zone

Aries Man In Marriage, What Is It Like?

Even though the Aries husband has stated he will protect you and provide for you, he will still do things that are beyond your comfort level. Sometimes you may have to accept, for example, financially there could be ups and downs because of his impulsive nature. He is a risk-taker.

He needs a wife that can be down for the good times and the bad times. Sometimes he can even be moody and you are left wondering what’s wrong with him. That’s actually his pride pushing you away so he doesn’t appear weak.

Sometimes he may trust you enough to tell you what’s wrong and all you can do is to give him a listening ear and maybe some cuddles to make him feel better.

Speaking of comfort zones, a secret in keeping the Aries husband in the marriage is that Aries is still like the baby of the zodiac signs.

If you are able to balance being the attractive wife and have the moves of a nurturing and everlasting forgiving mother, then he will keep coming home to you. You will become his home, the center of his universe.

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Married to an Aries man in a nutshell

The Aries man in marriage is like being tied down to a rebellious teenager, ambitious CEO, and a brave risk-taker all in one. He is a masculine man and likes to be the head of the home. Despite this, he may not be excited about sharing parenting duties. He would rather have his wife take care of the children.

Some Aries men have issues in bearing a child if it threatens their freedom or resources for their dreams. He dislikes looking weak and maintains his pride as the brave one. He can also be emotional but he uses that to motivate himself to provide for his loved ones.

He is also quite lustful and those who are conservative don’t know what they signed up for. Many times, they stray not because they don’t love the woman, it is because he has issues with his libido.

If everything is in check, they make loyal and faithful lovers. Fearlessly protective and there’s nothing that will stop him from being the best for his family.



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