What is Adolf Hitler Zodiac Sign? Did Astrology Predict His Life?

What is Adolf Hitler's Zodiac Sign?

One of the most horrible men to ever exist was Adolf Hitler, the leader of the National Socialist Party and dictator of Nazi Germany.

Between his birth in 1899 and his humiliating death by suicide in the Spring of 1945, he had sent millions to their graves via war and genocide.  What is Adolf Hitler’s zodiac sign and what can his chart tell us about the man?

Adolf Hitler’s Zodiac sign is Taurus, though his Rising sign of Libra is also significant.

His natal chart is one of the most studied of all time and has been a topic of debate for years. A closer look helps us understand the forces stirring within him that would contribute to the rise and fall of the most evil regime in history.

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Hitler’s Rise To Power

Hitler’s rise to power can not only be attributed to Germany’s dire situation but also to his uncanny ability to hypnotize the German people into unquestioned obedience with his oratory skills.

Hitler’s natal chart indicates that he had a commanding presence, a dark gift that he used to create a nation with its state and culture centered around him

Hitler’s rising and midheaven signs are important factors to look at here. The rising sign is how you come off, it governs first impressions, looks, and communication. Hitler’s rising sign was Libra.

This can sound counter-intuitive since Libra is interpreted as a harmless flirt and a comedian, but the rising sign Libra can take on a more sinister form.

Libra Rising is charismatic and intuitively knows how to connect with people. They are lively and light on their feet, unafraid of dynamic movement, and excel at self-expression.

Astrologers often say this sign is an adept storyteller, and most eerie of all, that “Libra rising people are actively involved in either creating harmony or in upsetting the equilibrium.

There are quite a few contentious Libra rising people who bring a particular charge to the pursuit of either war or peace”. (source)

Hitler’s rise to power reflects this. His fundamental belief was that for Germany to become a world power it had to disrupt the world’s equilibrium by conquering as much territory as possible. He argued that history was a struggle between civilizations to secure living space, and Germany was losing big time.

He argued the colonists and financiers in the West had created an unholy alliance with communists in the East to keep Germany down, and they delighted in seeing Germany suffer.

In over 5,000 speeches, Hitler spread their hateful, vengeance-fueled rants throughout Germany, radicalizing more and more with each passing day.

The ascendant in Libra gave Hitler’s speaking ability an almost supernatural effect: George Steiner, a French-American novelist who grew up hearing Hitler’s speeches said “It’s a hard thing to describe, but the voice itself was mesmeric…

The amazing thing is that the body comes through on the radio. I can’t put it any other way. You feel you’re following the gestures,”(source)

Of course, there was far more at play in Hitler’s chart than just his rising in Libra. After all, if astrology was that simple then you could just say anyone with Libra rising is evil!

The midheaven sign is vital since it guides your career, ambitions, your legacy, and what you desire to get out of this lifetime on Earth. Think of the midheaven as an extension of the ascendant. It governs how the world as a whole sees, your reputation, and social standing.

The ascendant may come into play when you give a speech or meet someone for the first time, but the world will see you and how you interact with it.

The Midheaven in Leo prompted Hitler to have a never-ending desire for attention, praise, adoration, and recognition. It fueled his desire for being the center of the world and being dramatic.

Most of all: The lion is born to perform, and it made Hitler even more comfortable in front of large crowds.

By this time, Hitler exploited the nation’s desolate, almost post-apocalyptic state of affairs, with his devilish ability to persuade others to gain power, where he moved himself to the center of attention to feed his ego.

In 1933, the people voted the Nazi party into power and Hitler became chancellor. The German people were fully on board with Hitler and bought into his message that Germany’s downfall from a great power must be avenged with blood.

The doomed war effort

Hitler’s natal chart is packed to the brim with aspects that promote aggression, determination, passion, and pursuit of power. His chart reveals not only the chart of a warmonger but that of a man whose stubbornness is incomparable.

Last but not least, he had several placements that gave him an appreciation of art and aesthetics. What this boils down to is simple: The Führer wanted to conquer the world and do it in style, and he wasn’t going to let anybody tell him how to do it.

This doomed the German Reich’s war machine and is the main cause of their explosive defeat by 1945.

His chart is packed to the brim with aspects that promote malevolence. The most notable of these aspects is the golden yod that appears in his chart.

This aspect is when three planets form a very long triangle throughout the natal chart and are associated with superhuman willpower, an unshakeable feeling of having some sort of divine destiny you must achieve, and the use and abuse of power.

Astrologists often point out that the Yod is Making the Golden Yod more frightening was its composition: Arrogant and quarrelsome Leo, Reckless Gemini, and heartless Capricorn.

In Hitler’s case, it’s obvious what that goal is: The conquest of the East and the acquisition of “living space” for the German people.

This is only one part of a broader pattern in his chart: The sun square with midheaven indicates someone who is assertive and wants to be regarded highly by others, Uranus Square with the North Node gave him extremist views of society and intense desires to revamp the world, and the list goes on.

Stepping away from esoteric aspects and looking at the basics, we can tell he’s an enormously stubborn person. Surprisingly, most of his chart is composed of Earth signs.

His sun, Venus, and Mars are all in Taurus and his moon is in Capricorn. These signs are ones who want to issue orders, follow through with the plans they create, and stay on the course they are on.

Additionally, Hitler’s chart is almost entirely devoid of signs that are known to value others’ opinions, such as Virgo, Sagittarius, or Gemini.

So where do we see Hitler’s excess desire for offense and unstoppable stubbornness backfire? Easy, look no further than the Invasion of the Soviet Union, particularly at the Battle of Stalingrad.

Hitler wanted the city to invade not so much because it had great strategic value but rather it had the name Stalin in it. He wanted to show he was willing to humiliate Stalin in front of the whole world by burning a city named after him to the ground.

The problem -aside from the fact the city wasn’t even necessary- was that he refused to ever issue a retreat or regroup order.

The Wehrmacht was so deep into Russian territory they couldn’t possibly be brought enough supplies via airdrop from the Luftwaffe, and when the situation began to deteriorate due to the Red Army’s ferocious counterattack and poor weather, Hitler told them to fight to the last man.

The results were catastrophic: A huge portion of the German army was killed, and 100,000 soldiers were captured. It was such a heavy loss that it changed the momentum of the war in the East: Germany was on the defense for the rest of the war until their explosive defeat in 1945.

Hitler’s suicidal offenses in the Soviet Union in the dead of winter were bad enough, but his willingness to fight the entire world at once was a death sentence.

In 1939, the war was between France, Poland, and the U.K. By 1941, even when it was clear that British air superiority would prevent an invasion of London, Hitler declared war on the Soviets and the U.S. Collectively, almost ¾ of the world’s resources were mobilized in the effort to defeat Nazism.

By then, the odds were totally against Him: He bit off more than he could chew and was soon overwhelmed with the largest armies that the world had ever seen.

Last and not least, is how Hitler’s desire for flashy visuals, awe-inspiring aesthetics, and graceful weapons of war was little more than self-sabotage. The interesting part about Hitler’s chart, as mentioned earlier, is that it’s heavily influenced by Venus, the planet of arts, aesthetics, materialism, and good taste.

Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, so it isn’t a surprise that he placed so much emphasis on how something looked rather than how well it functioned.

He commanded the army to make increasingly impractical tanks with the biggest guns and heaviest armor and insisted that bigger was always better.

It ended in wasteful projects: the 100-ton behemoth which never saw combat, the Maus. Tanks like the Tiger II which guzzled fuel so quickly they couldn’t possibly stay on the field, and the Panther, a massive tank that broke down constantly when it was first introduced.

The list goes on and on Massive superguns that took weeks to assemble, lumbering Battleships that barely saw combat, and even jet fighters that were so ahead of their time they could not possibly be mass-produced.

Without going too far into technical details and the dense history of German armaments, it’s safe to say that Hitler’s taste for doing things in style rather than function put such a burden on the war effort that it could not possibly keep up with the Allies industry.

So, was the rise and fall of Hitler all foreseeable with astrology?

No, simply because, astrology is not an exact science. It is probabilistic, subjective, and open to interpretation. In that sense, it’s more like economics or psychology, open to a diverse range of viewpoints and opinions.

If astrology was an exact, objective science, monsters such as Hitler wouldn’t be a mystery: Everyone with signs like his would be evil and put to jail instantly, simple as that.

But the real world has more moving parts because there are just some things in the material world that astrology does not interact with: It guides our energy but doesn’t predetermine our entire lives.

That’s why I say astrology helps us understand Hitler’s path of insanity. The physical world is cruel; it leaves wounds so deep that it transforms us as a person and makes us full of self-doubt, uncertainty, angst, and wrath.

The constant struggle for survival in the early 20th century, the endless poverty and abuse, the horrors of the Great War, the seemingly unstoppable Spanish Flu, and the near-collapse of European civilization were the conditions that produced an unforgivably evil monster like Hitler:

It’s astrology that gives us a glimpse inside his mind.

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