What Zodiac Sign is December 21?

What Zodiac Sign is December 21?

If you were born on December 21 or December 22, surely you had to think about the correct Zodiac sign you were born in, since many astrology sources state one of those two dates. Which one is the true one, you must have asked many times. And now you will finally find out the precise answer.

When it comes to Vedic astrology, December 21 is definitely a Sagittarius, and the same applies to December 22. On the other side, the western or tropical astrology will put the traveling Sun in Sagittarius or Capricorn Zodiac sign depending on the particular year.

What does this mean, we’ll find out right now.

Before we delve into December 21st and 22nd and what sign, I want to point out the Related Articles section at the end of this page.  I’ve assembled a number of articles that I know you will love!  Make sure you check them out.

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Vedic and Western Astrology

People often wonder what are the “9 Differences Between Western and Vedic Astrology” and why those two schools of astrology use different astronomy data. You can read the in-depth study about that matter in the article linked above, but in general terms, once upon a time, both schools used just one astronomy perspective.

It was sidereal astronomy that uses the heavenly projections of planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) onto the Celestial plane. And this system is still used in Vedic astrology.

On the other side, when Ptolemy introduced the tropical astronomy system a little bit more than two thousand years ago, the so-called tropical, or as we know it today, western astrology was born.

This system in astronomy uses the tropical positions of planets and luminaries. Or, it’s better to say – the projections of planets and luminaries onto the Earth’s plane.

The moment he introduced this system, objects positions in the sky were identical. However, due to the Precession of the Equinox, tropical signs are now 24 degrees ahead of the sidereal. And this is the exact point where the first confusing situation happens if your December 21 birthday Zodiac sign is in question.

The precise position of the Sun in tropical Astrology / Astronomy

The second confusing moment takes place when we notice that the Sun doesn’t occupy the same spot in the sky, and therefore, in the astronomical/astrological chart each year. This happens because the chart is circular and this means that it has 360 degrees in total.

On the other hand, the Earth needs 365, 25 days to revolve around the Sun. The difference of 5 days and 6 hours creates confusion because the exact position of the Sun can wobble one degree behind or one degree ahead of its “usual” place for that time of the year when it comes to its projection in the charts.

So, this is why your birthday is December 21 Zodiac sign can belong to Sagittarius or Capricorn, depending on the exact position of the Sun during the year you were born in.

The only way to know precisely has the Sun entered the first degree of Capricorn, or it’s still on the last degree of Sagittarius is to enter your birth information in an online tool. Try this one!

The Wideness of Sagittarius

Generally speaking, if you were born on December 21 Zodiac signs you belong to in Vedic astrology is Sagittarius. And if you like to use the term “it’s written in the stars”, yes, it’s written that you are the Sagittarius because this is the sidereal or the heavenly projection of your natal Sun in that particular sign.

And as such, you belong to the mutable or volatile fire element and your spirit is high and wide.

You surely had to go through some trials at an early age, but those experiences have thought you how to be better and not bitter, and how to rise above all heartache and obstacles, and see what stands higher and deeper than the rest of the people could ever imagine doing.

The best quality Sagittarius individuals possess is their sense of humor. Yes, they can often be sarcastic especially if they are involved in the politics or entertainment industry, but on the other hand, this is not such a bad thing because they are able to show us rough reality through the lenses of comedy.

Those individuals possess an innate sense of lightness no matter how hard the outer circumstances can be. And although they can be very unstable or even shallow in love in their youth, the mature phase will bless them with the proper judgment, discipline, and determination.

They are great for any type of job which involves instructing other people or children because their style is easy to understand, and yet very deep and knowledgeable.

If you think of any sort of missionary man or monk with a pure heart and crystal-clear consciousness, the Archer is the first sign that comes to your mind.

The Precision of Capricorn

However, your natal Sun could be crossing over the first degree of Capricorn if your birthday is December 21. This date carries a special meaning, especially for northern cultures and tribes on this planet, which will be discussed a little bit later.

For now, you should know that the Capricorn is the highest point on the astrological chart and this sign represents your reputation, karma, your overall success in life, your career achievements, and of course, your authority and fatherly figure.

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Its ruler is the planet Saturn, known as the greatest teacher and the greatest torturer. This is the “ring pass not” because if you don’t learn, understand the pattern, and incorporate the knowledge through discipline and meaningful and focused efforts, you won’t be able to accomplish your mission.

This is the sign of someone who comes from an established family or national tradition, usually of humble origin, someone who had to be hungry and to adjust to the “poor people’s food”, someone who had to go through tremendous and painful training or working tasks to be able to become the best.

Its color is black and it represents all the miners, undertakes, and genitors, but also the old royal families, and extremely rich established bankers and industrials.

When you think about the coal, rocks, metal, precious metal mines, steel industry, high mountains, basements, dungeons (yes, with dragons in them), graves, old bones, and ancestors… every single thing belongs to the Capricorn.

The planet Mars exalts in this sign because this is the image of a poor and lonely man whose spirit cannot be broken and whose strength is derived from hard physical work, and not from the hours spent in some fancy gym. This is the image of a real man, strong inside and outside at the same time and for all times to come.

Christmas Background

In our Western and mainly Christian parts of the world, the celebration of Christmas is something people usually never question. However, you should know a little bit more about its origin, because it corresponds with December 21 Zodiac cardinal points very closely.

This particular date represents the winter’s solstice, the moment of the shortest day and the longest night on the northern part of the planet. And this is why tropical astronomy comes in very handy when you need to determine the proper time points and references. But, let’s get back to history for a moment.

In ancient times, Christianity missionaries had the hard task to transform the “pagan” tribes into “one true religion”. Let’s not discuss their intentions right now because all missionaries in all religions tend to do the same.

However, missionaries sent to northern parts of Europe and Asia had a major problem with “those stubborn Slavic and Nordic tribes” as they called them.

Those tribes refused to accept Christ and emphasized the role of the Sun. Their gods all died on that particular day when the Sun “died”, and therefore people lit the fires and prayed for the Sun to be born again.

Since their homes were covered in snow up to the roof, the local shaman traveled around and poured the food and one sort of psychedelic mushroom through their chimneys.

Mushrooms (commonly from the Amanita family) are significant here, not because those tribes wanted to reach the higher realms, heal childhood traumas, or show off in front of the intellectual elite or any social group, but because those psychedelic effects helped them to overcome the hunger and the cold.

It was a matter of life and death because if the days don’t become warmer if the snow doesn’t melt, and if men are not able to go out and hunt, the whole tribe will die from hunger.

Sun was the ultimate God, “Helios Pantocrator” or “Sol Invictus” as Christian missionaries reported to their authorities in Rome and Constantinople.

And according to the original Slavic religion, those days are full of dark forces, until the first week in January when little Koledo is born again. This little god or a newborn god has the task to start the wheel of time again, and this wheel is called Kolovrat (known as the “calendar” later on in history).

And a few days after the normal time is established, the family of gods will be born again. The heaven or Nav will be stable, the earth plane or Yav will be stable and the universal law or Prav will be fully functional.

The dark forces will return to the underworld and Sun will become stronger and stronger until the spring arrives blessing the tribes with a multitude of foods.

Yes, this was the greatest obstacle for Christian missionaries and finally, the church gave up and incorporated this celebration as its own, replacing the Sun and a little god Koledo with the newborn God Christ.

Although some people know Christ was born around the beginning of the Hebrew New Year, which falls around the end of September, the church simply “overlooked” that fact to be able to gain a greater number of followers.

However, try not to forget this story each time when you see a decorated green Christmas tree, and remember that people had a habit to put apples on those trees as the original decoration hoping that all fruit trees will remember to blossom and nurture us again.

The Root of All Things – Moola nakshatra

If your date of birth is December 21 or December 22 then you were born with your natal Sun placed in a Moola or Mula nakshatra, which is one of the Moon’s station points in Vedic astrology.

If you want to know more about nakshatras and their nature please check the 9 Differences Between Western and Vedic Astrology.

Mula is the root of all things, and its name means “root”. According to the Vedic tradition, its ruler is the South Node of the Moon, Ketu, or the headless heavenly being. This is a pure source of the knowledge and the skills we carry in our genes.

It could be something unexplainable at first glance but do have in mind that the center of our Galaxy is right there in the middle of Mula nakshatra showing us that we came from the One, one Universal force or one God, call it whatever you like, but everything we need and we’ll need, we can find right there in that one spot.

This nakshatra is the symbol for all shamans, witches (or skilled women), all-natural healers, and especially those who use plant medicines. People who are knowledgeable about their national history, archeology, and especially folklore belong to this category also.

Deep and rather dark, but the tremendously healing approach is what they all use, continuing the tradition and carrying the ancient songs of their ancestors.

Think about all the traits of this point in the sky, when the night is the longest when the northern tribes ignite the bonfires and pray to the one and only light that gives them life. And then turn toward the spark inside of your soul and find the true meaning of everything. This is the blessing of the Mula nakshatra.

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