How To Attract A Capricorn Woman

How to attract a Capricorn woman?

Capricorn is the highest achievement part of the Zodiac wheel where the earth element has a fixed nature, which now shows that a person is established, grounded firmly into the physical life itself.

The spark of spirit imagined in Aries, materialized in Taurus, spread in Gemini, rooted in Cancer, exploded with joy in Leo, accomplished through realistic actions in Virgo, united with others in Libra, died and transformed in Scorpio, reborn in Sagittarius, is now stabilized and show results of existence.

A Capricorn woman is serious, disciplined, and a bit too realistic, but present and capable of accomplishing any goal.

And to be able to attract this woman, you have to be as almost as successful as she is, but also to show you are emotional, attached to your roots, and with a high sense of kindness which will melt her heart.

With this, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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Is Capricorn woman too hard for relationships?

The Capricorn woman surely has a realistic, as she calls it, or a bit serious approach to life. However, she is not so hard in relationships, if you accept her habits and establish clear rules once as a couple. And from that point, she will become a very reliable partner and great support.     

As a general rule, Capricorn women had to go through some issues, and from an early age, she had to learn how to overcome many obstacles. Frequently, she will come from a humble origin, and her maturing and rise in life will mostly revolve around gaining material safety and self-esteem at the same time.

Or, on the other hand, she will come from a respectable family, and then she will basically have to learn the same things, but due to the high discipline and practicality required from her.

In both cases, she will go through this process, gain inner strength, but also a certain type of firmness, or she will appear to be a bit cold due to her early “programming”.

However, this will surely color her character, and now she will demand the same or even better level of discipline, devotion, and dedication from her partner. And this can seem a bit harsh, except in the case their natal aspects are complementing each other, and they can easily adjust. 

And also, the ruler of her partnership zone is the Moon. Because Moon can be placed anywhere in her chart, she will expect her partner to resemble that particular position.

But if you don’t know where her Moon is positioned, then you should ask about her mother or motherly figure because this information will give you some useful insights.

If her natal Moon is placed in water signs, like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, she will fall for someone who is deeply sensitive and emotional and can be moody at times, but this person surely must be devoted, and trustworthy to win her heart.

If a Capricorn woman’s natal Moon is in the fire signs like Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, she might have some sort of hostile relationship with those who love her, or she could fall in love with those people she is confronting at one point of her life.

She will then feel the powerful attraction toward strong and brisk individuals.

If her natal Moon is in the air signs, she will be more prone to those who are fast with their words, convicted in their truth, and ready to talk out any problem in life. However, those persons have to be intelligent and also, educated.

And if a Capricorn woman’s natal Moon is in the earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, she will fall for those who appear a bit cold, think before they leap or talk, and have some substantial achievements in their past.

What are the main traits of a Capricorn woman?

Capricorn woman is by nature a bit shy, serious, and closed, and above all, she loves independence and simplicity. She is known for not only hiding her flaws but often hiding her qualities as well. But she is always confidential and noble. And she is precise and respectable wherever she appears.

She also likes to be an expert in her profession or to dominate the facts, and that is why she never gives up on her principles, and in some situations, she shows pronounced stubbornness. And that’s why she’s not too gentle or shows her sex appeal.

She usually dresses traditionally and sometimes has masculine features, but she is very capable and reliable. In a committed relationship, if the partner shows quality and is ambitious, she will be loyal and very useful as support.

That’s exactly why she sometimes pays the price of getting depressed because she almost always controls her emotions.

How to pursue a Capricorn woman?

A Capricorn woman will fall for someone who is not in the spotlight but appears calm, collected, and a bit sad. Also if you possess some artistic talents like singing or playing a musical instrument, this can get her instant attention the moment you start to sing or play some old and sad song.  

A thing with a Capricorn woman is that she is highly attracted to people who have some secret. However, this secret isn’t sexy or makes those people dark or gloomy.

This should be the experience in life that brought someone to their knees, but despite those difficulties, the person continued through life hoping for the best.

In a way, this person should resemble her but show vulnerability a bit more openly, but with dignity.

If you plan to pursue a Capricorn woman and succeed in it, then you should install yourself into her environment, behave like a noble and successful person, and yet, occasionally show a dose of sadness, which will melt her heart.

How to attract the younger Capricorn woman

If you want to attract a younger Capricorn girl, playing the noble, but a lost poet will yield the best results for sure. You should appear to be confused by the outer world, and at the same time, you must treat her like a lady, and she will fall for this irresistible game straight away.

In a Capricorn girl’s natal chart, the ideal partner for her is seen through her partnership area which is placed in the sign of Cancer.

This sign is ruled by a sensitive and nourishing Moon. And this is why she will inevitably become attracted to someone who will remind her of her challenges and doubts, at the same time, recall something in her mind related to her motherly figure.

This is why you should appear disinterested in the beginning, but polite and mannered when with her. And slowly, but steadily, you must become her close friend.

From that point, you will be able to jump to the “next” level, by calling out for her help in a certain situation and then opening your heart.

How to attract a mature Capricorn woman

To attract a mature Capricorn woman, you must stand firmly on the ground, be practical above all, but also be business-minded, honorable, and respected in your social circles. She will fall for someone who can be her equal partner or even better, and this is how you will reach her heart first.

The mature Capricorn woman will think completely differently than her younger version. All those romantic and lost types she fell for before will now simply annoy her because she will be tired of endlessly helping or even carrying her partner on her back.

She will stray from any form of showing passionate and uncertain emotions and will seek something more stable now.

In those moments of her life, the areas of talents and romance are seen through the sign of Taurus, and also, of higher education, but second marriage or long-lasting partnership in Virgo will become the cornerstones for her love choices.

She will look for someone who has a muscly body, can be stubborn, but this person will also be quiet and hard-working. On the other hand, she will love to listen to someone who knows their field of expertise perfectly well and is not afraid to confront the whole world to get the truth in the light of the day.

And this is why, you can play on both of these two cards or use just one, but in all cases, you must have substantial wealth behind your back, reputable history, and your words, as well as your actions, must be certain, stable and strong as steel.

This is the only way to win her heart. And once she discovers everything about your life and starts to respect you, and this will take some substantial time, then you can start inviting her on elegant dates and add a bit-by-bit romantic gesture.

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