How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Woman

If you have a Capricorn woman in your life and you want to spice things up in your relationship, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to your Capricorn woman to make her cum and be aroused at you.

When talking dirty to a Capricorn woman be meticulous and specific about what makes her so sexually attractive, be honest and genuine when complimenting her, and don’t overdo it. Tell her how you lust for her. Be dominant and a little aggressive, she is a traditional sign and likes her man to take the lead.

Capricorn women are driven, goal-oriented, and persistent, highly successful in every aspect of their life especially in their career and work profession!

in terms of love, your Capricorn woman will be traditional and secretly romantic at heart, because they prefer long-term and committed relationships, she can be secretly freaky in the man she falls in love with.

With that said, there are certain ways to fully arouse her, in this article, were going to show you how to talk dirty to your Capricorn woman when you’re with her and if you’re talking dirty to her through text messages.

Let’s dig in!

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How to turn on a Capricorn woman through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Woman

When you’re talking dirty to your Capricorn woman you must be dominant and take the lead, you must initiate the conversation first, during that stage you must keep the tension in to be able to make her aroused.

When you’re talking dirty to your Capricorn lady, you must be detail-oriented in what specifically attracts you to her and what makes her so attractive or irresistible, compliment her body or her moves in the bedroom.

Be direct and fun, tell her directly what you want to do to her in the bedroom, keep your cool and masculine tone in the conversation, tell her how much you’re aroused by just seeing her, and tell her the kind of sex positions you’d do to her.

Your Capricorn woman will have a hard time saying her feelings when she’s turned on and would like to reciprocate or keep the dirty talking going by showing her motives, she might touch you or kiss you or be seductive about it.

When you feel that she is positively responding to your dirty talking, to keep the tension in making a move, be dominant and aggressive, tell her things like “Lie on your stomach and arch your back.” or Don’t make any noise until I tell you that you can.” 

Anything that denotes that you’re in charge which makes her lose her control for once eases stress and gives in pleasure to her, being aggressive when you talk dirty to her and how you want things to play out keeps her in a sense of comfort and pleasure.

Do these and you’ll be sure to have your Capricorn lady fawning over you!

How to talk dirty to a Capricorn man through text?

Build Anticipation

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Woman

You need to build anticipation by creating tension when you’re talking dirty to her through message, you must pull a Fifty Shades kind of excitement, no matter what it is, tease her up, and tell her a sneak peek of what’s gonna happen.

You can also show him your workout, shirtless and all sweaty, showing her what you worked for, or you can even send her pics of toys you might use for later, whatever it may be, building anticipation is a must to get her engaged and excited!

Intellectual dirty talk

Incorporate real sex facts or common sense when you dirty talk to him, this is incredibly humorous and arousing for your Capricorn man, send him messages like “Did you know you can make a man hard down thereby showing her woman parts?” 

Incorporate these every time you talk dirty to him through text and he’ll surely be engaged and will reciprocate with a more intellectual or humorous dirty message.

Clever pick-up lines are great startups

The freakier the better, clever pic-up lines are a great way to mentally stimulate her and make her wet at the same time, this keeps the fun at bay for the both of you, send her messages like “Do you want to commit a sin for your next confessional?” 

You can also say things like “Is it hot in here? Or is it just you?” or “Your body is 70 percent water… and I’m thirsty.” Anything intellectual or clever with a subtle sexual innuendo is a great startup to talk dirty to her.

Be dominant in pursuing her

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Woman

Be dominant in pursuing her, send her messages like “When I get home, take your clothes off and get into bed.” or “Are you ready for me to do everything I want to you? I promise it’s worth your time”.

Anything that matches the energy of “I’m the man of this house I get to tell you what I say” is a big turn on for her, this makes her feel like a woman and will be more inclined to be submissive to you.

Ask her to try out freaky sex positions with you

Be dominant and aggressive in telling her what freaky sex positions you’d like to do to her! Be assertive, tell her the kinks and scenarios you want to play out the next time you see each other, this keeps the fun in and the stress out!

Know her sexual fantasies and exploit it

Ask her about her sexual fantasies, when you know what it is and what type it is use it to your advantage and play it out with her, tell her you’d love to do that with her, and in no time she’ll be deeply in her imagination as to what will happen next time you meet!

Don’t be afraid to love your shadows

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Woman

Last but not least, do not be afraid to love and accept your shadows, in a way you should be able to show whatever darker aspects of sexuality you have, whether you’re turned on by more freaky or different kinds of sex.

You must be truthful and tell her what turns you on and what your deepest and most sought-after sexual fantasies are, for the most part, she craves a deep connection to her partner and is ingenuine about your own desires just keeps her away.

Tell her what turns you on no matter how freaky it might be, she’ll accept it for what it is and she might even be more inclined to help you reach that fantasy!

Talking dirty to Capricorn women Final thoughts:

When you’re talking dirty to a Capricorn woman you must make take charge, this makes her comfortable enough to let go of any control or restriction she has on her sexuality, be the man, act tough, and be aggressive.

Don’t be afraid to take charge, this traditional sign likes to feel like a woman and she’ll only feel like it if the partner she’s with shows signs of traditional masculinity – being assertive and dominant.

Love it or hate it, this Capricorn lady is a tough one to impress but she is a great woman to keep in life! Cherish her and love her! Make her feel like she’s in a stable and fixed relationship! That’s the secret to a long-lasting relationship with her!

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