5 Signs A Capricorn Woman Is Playing You

If you have a feeling that your Capricorn woman is not taking you seriously because of her behavior, you are probably right. If you want to know the signs when a Capricorn woman is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When a Capricorn woman is playing you, she will be critical and becomes suspicious about everything you do. She will be closed off and won’t have any problems showing how inconsiderate she can be towards your feelings. She will not care.

Moreover, she will try to dominate you and make you feel inferior.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we talk about the signs this woman is playing, let’s see what she is like in love.

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Characteristics Of A Capricorn Woman In Love

She is compassionate

Having a Capricorn woman in your life signifies that you’ll have unending loyalty and support.

She appears insensitive to most men because she is afraid of being taken advantage of in the process. This Capricorn woman values respect, therefore she may naturally hesitate to show it to someone if doing so might cause her to lose it.

A Capricorn woman has finally met her match, and her sympathetic side of her is now so obvious that even other people can see it. She has compassion and empathy for those who are close to her heart because that’s just the way she is.

She always has a plan for every situation, so you can trust her to get things done.

She is loyal

A Capricorn woman stays completely true to her partner when she commits to something, especially a romantic relationship. When she has discovered comfort and love with one man, she has no business testing out other guys.

So long as there is true love between them, the partner of a Capricorn woman can be confident that he has no rival.

A Capricorn woman never feels the need to look elsewhere after she has given you her heart. In fact, just the idea of somebody betraying her trust in a relationship makes her heart race. However, it should be highlighted that a Capricorn woman’s continuing loyalty would be reliant on her partner’s capacity.

She is supportive

If a Capricorn woman discovers her true love and is completely in love with him, she is willing to give up her profession in order to support her partner if doing so will demonstrate her love for him. She is the one to support you if you need help with a confusing situation or someone to listen to you while you open up.

A Capricorn woman is committed to her career and work, but she is also aware of what is most important in life; which is love, devotion, and dedication. When she feels true and deep love, she starts to think less about herself and more about her partner’s happiness and wants to offer herself completely to him.

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Characteristics A Capricorn Woman Dislikes In A Man


You must realize that you cannot control a Capricorn woman in any way. If you try to control her in any way, you will undoubtedly lose her for good. You might have or have not noticed this, but she despises it when someone stands in her way.

She needs a man with high standards, and in this case, the high standards refer to sincere affection and support.

A Capricorn woman won’t accept you trying to change her behavior as your relationship develops; only if you are there for her will she be there for you. Although a Capricorn woman is incredibly forgiving, if you push her too far, she will end the relationship.


Every woman wants her boyfriend to be faithful, including a Capricorn woman. She can’t understand why his partner is flirting with people when he is in a relationship with her. Though she makes acquaintances, a Capricorn woman never flirts with others, and she expects the same of her partner.

If a man doesn’t fulfill her expectations, a Capricorn woman will leave him immediately. She will make sure to break up with him if she discovers that he is dating someone else and in this instance, she will be straightforward. A Capricorn woman is very clear about what she doesn’t want in a man in a relationship.


A Capricorn woman is ambitious and seeks to expand her relationships. She will be offended if you start to feel insecure during this entire procedure. There is no reason for you to worry too much because a Capricorn woman is loyal in her relationships.

But if you continuously reject her moving ahead due to the people and your insecurities, you will undoubtedly lose her. Moreover, she won’t like you if you keep bringing up insecurities every time she makes a joke. You should learn to loosen up a bit if you want a Capricorn woman to stay in your life.

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5 Signs A Capricorn Woman Is Playing You

She is suspicious

The more a Capricorn woman has reasons to be skeptical of you, the more unstable the relationship will be and the more probable it will end. She hopes that the relationship will end rather than worrying that her suspicions will cause it to do so.

A Capricorn woman will constantly jump to conclusions without even letting you explain your side.

A Capricorn woman will act more suspicious and possessive than ever before when she is not interested in you and is only playing with your feelings. She’ll look for reasons not to trust you and make sure to let you know about it.

She will make excuses for her suspicion of you by analyzing too much into even the simplest mistakes or things you say or do.

She is closed off

A Capricorn woman won’t talk to you about her personal life when she only wants to play with you or use you. She has no incentive to pour out a lot of her personal information to someone with whom she doesn’t want to be indefinite.

You can also try your hardest to spend time with her, but she will always be busy.

A Capricorn woman will frequently ignore your texts and calls, avoid talking about your thoughts and spend less and less time with you. You’ll simply make her withdraw even more if you try to push her buttons because she detests being pressured.

Unless she really is interested in you, a Capricorn woman finds it difficult to open out comfortably because of her insecurities.

She is inconsiderate

On the other hand, the Capricorn woman who is playing you is an extremely unkind person. She won’t even be considerate about how her words and actions affect you. She doesn’t care if she offends you or leaves you in a difficult situation.

She will be inconsiderate; instead, she’ll repeatedly let you down and you’ll catch her doing things that endanger your relationship time and time again.

Additionally, if a Capricorn woman consistently makes decisions without consulting you and those actions have an unfavorable effect on you, it is obvious that she is not really interested in you. She will just become defensive if you try to challenge or ask her about the choices she makes.

She is critical

A Capricorn woman will frequently be critical of everything you do if she isn’t genuinely interested in you. She won’t stop pointing out your weaknesses or finding new ones just so she can say something. She will become irritated by everything else you do, even if she wasn’t previously bothered by it.

A Capricorn woman will not hesitate to hurt you with her remarks since she doesn’t see you as an important person in her life. She’s probably just trying to avoid the argument and wants to drive you away with her constant pestering.

She could not be happy with you if you find her criticizing you or acting superior to you

She is domineering

Additionally, a Capricorn woman will ensure that you can sense that she is playing you and perceive yourself as inferior. She is trying to push you away by using this strategy to let you know that she doesn’t think highly of you. When a Capricorn woman is not interested, she will be domineering toward you.

A Capricorn woman will be bossy and insensitive toward you. If you speak, she will ignore your feelings and spend her time any way she pleases. Despite your best efforts, she will continue to dominate you around and prevent you from speaking.

A Capricorn woman believes she is superior to you and does not need you in her life.

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5 signs a Capricorn woman is playing you, final thoughts…

If a Capricorn woman is playing you:

  • She is suspicious
  • She is closed off
  • She is inconsiderate
  • She is critical
  • She is domineering



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