Is May 20 a Taurus or Gemini?

Is May 20th A Taurus or Gemini?

If your birthdate is May 20 or May 21 you must have seen different astrology signs regarding that particular day of the year.

This surely brought some confusion – are you a Taurus or a Gemini Sun sign, and how to interpret your main traits and see which astrological predictions are right for you? Let’s discuss this confusion these days between Taurus and Gemini…

There are two main astrological systems, Vedic (sidereal) and Western (tropical) astrology. For Vedic astrology May 20th represents Taurus. For Western astrology, your sign could be Gemini or Taurus depending on the time of your birth.

To determine your zodiac sign if you are born on May 20 or May 21, you must look at the year and time of your birth. Use the tool below to figure out your sun sign.  For these dates (namely May 20th or May 21st), it’s really important to know the exact time of your birth.  Check it out!

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Why are there two Astrology systems, Vedic and Western?

A little bit more than two thousand years ago, the world of astrology was united using just one type of astronomy calculations.

Of course, the Westerners relied on Greek mythology and so-called Arabic points the most for various interpretations, while Easterners used Hindu mythology and a different set of mathematical calculations. However, their sky observations were exactly the same.

At that moment in history, the great astronomer/astrologer Ptolemy decided to introduce “tropical” astronomy, and consequently, the whole Western astrology world started using this system.

Tropical astronomy or astrology calculates four cardinal points in the sky as the reference system, and the first point is called the “Aries ingress point” and it starts when the Sun crosses over the Celestial Equator and enters the Northern Hemisphere.

This basically means that tropical or western astrology looks at the projections of planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) onto the Earth’s plane.

In this sense, the Aries ingress point is also the Spring Equinox point, and on the other side, we have the Autumnal Equinox when the sign of Libra starts with the return of the Sun in the Southern Hemisphere of the sky. Those two points mark the equal lengths of days and nights on our planet.

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The other two points are summer and winter’s solstice, happening at the first degrees of Cancer and Capricorn, showing us the longest day and the longest night of the year. And as you can see, tropical astrology is very accurate from the standpoint of us here on Earth.

On the other side, and due to the Precession of Equinox, tropical astrology as we know it today is almost 24 degrees ahead of the Vedic system, and this is why if your birthday is May 20 or May 21, you are surely born on the sign of Taurus as far as the Vedic or sidereal astrology is concerned.

Vedic astrology uses “sidereal” positions of planets and luminaries, which means their projections onto the Celestial sphere, the same one “sidereal” or “star” astronomy uses as true astronomy positions.

In the case of, let’s say, Aries ingress point for Western astrology, Vedic astrology, or sidereal astronomy will say that the Sun is still in the constellation of Pisces and therefore in an astronomical sense, the spring hasn’t begun yet.

In any case, you shouldn’t worry about those differences because both systems can be exceptionally accurate when it comes to predictions for major or even minor life events.

If you want to learn more about What is the difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology, check here.

The issue with the Western Astrology Accuracy

Now, you might not be interested in Vedic astrology at all, thinking that it can be too complicated or far from the Western point of view, or you simply want to know what is the Zodiac sign for May 20 or May 21, so you can read your “correct” weekly or daily horoscope.

Having this request in mind, you also have to remember that Earth revolves around the Sun during the course of 365, 25 days each year.

At the same time, western astrology charts are created in the circular form, and knowing that each circle has 360 degrees, now we can see that we have a difference of 5 days and 6 hours to fit into each yearly chart. This difference produces some minor position changes of the Sun in the charts.

Therefore, the only precise way to know if your May 20 or May 21 birthday astrology sign is Taurus or Gemini is to simply put your birth information in a free online astrology program and find out exactly the Sun crossed over in the sign of Gemini or it remained in Taurus for your exact year of birth.

Stars say you are a Taurus

As far as Vedic astrology goes, you are a Taurus for sure. And the planet Venus is the ruler of your natal Sun. Depending on the position of this planet in your natal chart, your life will be colored more or less in the direction of achieving freedom and security through material stability and prosperity.

You will also be prone to beautiful things, ideas, and people, and you will love value in general.

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Taurus finds it the hardest to start something new in life and it will take some time for this person to actually stand up and take the action.

This Zodiac sign will take thorough thinking, planning, doubting, and thinking again… until the “project is completed” in their mind. Then, it will take some time to prepare, mentally and physically, and then…

However, once this person begins working on something or working for someone, he or she becomes extremely dynamic, and energetic, and now other people will have a hard time making him or her stop. And this is the essential Bull’s nature.

Taurus individuals are frequently extremely stubborn, and this characteristic can become a real obstacle on their way to career success or marital happiness.

Often those individuals lack diplomacy, but despite those traits, they can achieve lasting success and respectable professional positions due to their discipline and extraordinary persistence.

What if your May 20 Birthday is actually Gemini?

You will know this for sure by looking at the mirror because your body should be thin and childlike, no matter how old you are. You should also have at least one sibling, and in many cases, you will have a twin, or in general terms, people will think that your sibling and you are twins.

Gemini individuals are fast, talkative, and energetic. They could also be a bit shallow, or too determined to reach their goals, so they don’t have enough time to dive deeper into any matter.

They are great for sales, marketing, communication, logistics, journalism, content writing, or any type of job which involves running and having variety at the same time.

Money is not so important like this is the case with Taurus, it has to be present, but flowing all the time.

Gemini person realizes in their childhood year that there are hard and there are way easier ways of earning substantial income by manipulating other people through the power of persuasion and verbal juggling.

The fast types of energies one Gemini uses, also have caused some lung issues during their childhood and often neurological problems with hands, shoulders, or even occasional heavy migraines.

On the other side, this person will be always amazed in the presence of gentle and diplomatic people, but he or she will find a harmonious and long-lasting relationship with someone open-minded, educated, and even prone to spiritual themes because this quality is something Gemini often lacks are searchers in other people.

And although the Gemini person appears shallow or emerged in some down-to-Earth subjects, this sign is also known for its exceptional working ethics, discipline, and powerful urge for competing and of course, winning in any professional battle.

Krittika – the invincible warrior in your heart

But perhaps you are still confused because those descriptions for both signs can suit you, but there are some major traits of your character missing here, too.

You are absolutely right because your natal Sun, if you are born on May 20 or May 21 can be in the Zodiac sign of Taurus or Gemini depending on the astrology system you prefer to use, but it is also placed in Krittika nakshatra, showing your powerful potentials.

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Nakshatras are Moon’s stations in Vedic astrology and they can play very important roles in describing the person’s life in general or in some greater detail and the person’s success and purpose in life.

If you want to learn more about this part of astrology please check What is the difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology, check here.

So, in general, if your birthday is May 20 or May 21, your natal Sun is placed in Krittika nakshatra and under the exceptionally strong influence of the constellation of Pleiades.

In Hindu mythology, this group of stars was seen as the Karttikeya’s nurses. His other name is Muruga, the son of Shiva – destroyer, and creator of the Universe, known for his magical spear and extraordinary military achievements.

This area of the sky is always related to incredible courage and strength, and frequently, the person born in this nakshatra was adopted, taken care of by some other person than their biological mother or this person had to adopt, take care or simply just feed and school someone else’s child.

And due to those efforts, the person will be blessed with lasting wealth and numerous victories in other areas of their life.

The Lord of Krittika nakshatra is Sun, the ruling God in Hindu mythology is Agni – the god of fire, and the symbol is the knife or a spear, naturally. And this is why this nakshatra is also called the “Star of fire”.

Individuals born in this area of the sky often have a reddish complexion, they are seen as assertive, penetrating, or sharp, and can often be the worst critics, as their name says, extremely sarcastic when in a negative mood, or extremely witty when in a positive mood.

The great traits of Krittika individuals are that they are capable to reach fame in the area of their career interest with disciplined determination and self-motivation.

They are mostly very handsome, good leaders, uplifting for other people, confident, strong, and ambitious but peaceful in nature. And frequently, they can be bigger than life.

The negative characteristics can be seen in their overindulgence in food and therefore, some food-related health issues.

If other planetary aspects in their charts are tense, they can appear changeable, stubborn, dissatisfied with accomplishments and impatient, aggressive or passive-aggressive when dealing with other people, childish, or simply, burning their energy too fast.

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