How To Get A Taurus Man Obsessed With You?

Are you in love with a Taurus man you want to get him obsessed with you? Or perhaps you are in a relationship with a Taurus man and you need to make him extra romantic over you? In this article, we’re going to talk all about the magic potions on how you can get your Taurus man to obsess over you!

We will talk about your Taurus man and his obsession tendencies! Alongside that, we’ll also tackle the psychology of how a Taurus man falls in love and get infatuated with a person! So sit back relax and read carefully as you scroll through these pages!

In Astrology, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac wheel and the vibrant yet slow-paced Taurean energy begins from April 20 up to May 20, this marks the spring-summer season and this constantly gives Taurus men a warm-hearted and kind approach. Being an earthy sign this man knows how to give pleasure.

He is sensual and delicate, a slow talker, and an innocent seducer, a Taurus man uses his charm and good looks to persuade people and it gets easy whenever he does as he often has a well-around pleasing personality.

In love and life, he is incredibly charming often a known hedonist. He loves the pleasures life can offer and as such he will have an affinity for beauty and art!

Let’s talk more about your Taurus man and his obsession tendencies…

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Taurus Men and Obsession Tendencies

A Taurus man gets infatuated with beauty! Real talk and straight to the point your Taurus man will be most definitely obsessed if you can offer the physical beauty or alluring energy that he craves in women. He is sensual and expects his partner to be one!

To him beauty is an idea that should be strived for, whether it is at his home, work, career, passion, or even in his love life, the idea of attaining beauty is simply a dream that a Taurus man desires, he deems himself to be beautiful and will not settle for anything less than it.

Because of this, you must exert natural beauty that goes beyond the physical one.

This beauty includes properly dressing up, the way it suits you, your tone and manner of voice, your social graces, how good you are at appreciating art and beauty as well as appearing well-liked and admired by others…

Your Taurus man is attracted to a woman who exudes beauty, charm, and social graces, there are different kinds of pretty but he mostly prefers the sensual one over the bold chic.

Because of this your Taurus man might seem snobby or picky at times and can be incredibly judgemental, this man knows how to read a room,

Physical beauty and glamor are a great giveaway that will either make a Taurus man go gaga over you, although considered to be a very shallow Taurean trait you have to remember that your Taurus man is ruled by Venus, the planet concerning immensely shallow pleasures such as infatuation, desire, and lust.

This man has incredibly high standards although he might not show it.

Venusian energy is often seen as a harmonic thing in Astrology but many Astrologers believe too many Venusin placements can be indicative of a hedonistic person who simply is selfish and wants to get the pleasure of everything. With that said you have to be careful when dealing with your Taurus man.

Do not fall over and change everything about yourself just so your Taurus man can notice you, instead work on your inner and outer beauty slowly and see the magic happens! Do not fret as we will tell you more about how to do this properly!

How to Get Your Taurus Man to Obsess Over You? (7 Ways to do it!)

1. Be soft-spoken and sensual

Taurus rules the throat which is responsible for our voice as such it has been a well-known fact in the astrology community that many Taurus men and women as well as people who have plenty of Taurus placements in their birth chart have good, attractive, and almost soothing voice as such it is a great way to attract your Taurus man!

The third step to getting your Taurus man obsessing over you is that you must have a well-refined voice and tone of speaking, it must be slow, well-pronounced, and graceful, and avoid the use of slang or other trashy words that can indicate low breeding.

By being soft-spoken and sensual in your tone of voice you are enabling yourself to appear more attractive to your Taurus man! Surely the more graceful and classy you appear to be the more you will be deemed as beautiful by him!

2. Spoil him with sweet treats!

The second step that you need to do is to learn the things he likes if he likes chocolates try to offer him or gift him with some if he likes reading give him a piece of the book that you love and think he will like.

Remember your Taurus man is sensitive and likes to be spoiled like a baby he will always get infatuated with someone who knows how to make him feel happy, pleasured, and secure!

By spoiling him with material gifts you are telling him how much you appreciate him and in return, he will reciprocate it by spoiling you too either with material gifts or his physical time and attention!

3. Smell nice!

You must have a specific body fragrance that only you can have! This distinctively makes your Taurus man go crazy over you as the sweet and delicate fragrance will remind him of you every time he smells it!

As such you must have a specific fragrance of your choosing that you wear all the time whenever you’re around him! The psychological conditioning will make him go crazy over you and you’ll see it in no time!

4. Romantic flirting is a must

The fourth step in making sure that your Taurus man holds on tightly to you is that you must keep the aura and energy of the relationship between the both of you full of excitement and passion, you can do this by incorporating romantic flirting!

Instead of going for cheesy pickup lines ask questions that start a deep conversation.

Things such as how would he as his eggs are cooked or where he plans to sit when he has a potential wife and kid in the future. The more substantial your flirting is the more he’ll be engaged with you and the more he’ll see how much nice you are!

5. Be a damsel in distress!

One fact that you should know! Your Taurus man likes being the man in the relationship and this includes making him feel like he is the white knight! With that said allow him to be a knight in shining armor in situations, you create solely just to interact with him!

When doing this try not to be obvious or so apparent about it as he will notice it.

Instead, try to act gracefully about it for example if you have your nails on and can’t open a water bottle ask him to do it for you and he’ll gladly do it after that you can strike up a conversation and playfully banter with him.

Try to comment on “how strong he is” or how you’ve been noticing how big his arms are. Anything that can make a conversion lighthearted is a must!

6. Show off your beauty and sensuality!

Show off your beauty and sensuality! You can do this by dressing elegantly instead of dressing provocatively, instead of opting for a bold red dress go with the earth tones. This denotes classiness and practicality at the same time.

Green tones are also incredibly attractive for your Taurus man although you need to check which shade of green you are opting for wearing.

Try wearing subtle makeup and go for a natural look instead of a bold one alongside that do not forget to bring confidence into the room! Whenever you’re interacting with him be sure to speak in a feminine voice while keeping the staredown intense. This makes him keener to know you!

7. Do some glamor magic on him!

Glamor magic is an effective way to boost your beauty and confidence!

This means the more in love you are with yourself the more others will follow! An easy law that you and everyone should abide by! Glamor magic is a simple tool to make yourself more beautiful and embody the Venusian energy your Taurus man craves…

To do this you can light up red candles in front of a mirror, the red mirror attracts energy of love, beauty, passion, and sex while staring at yourself in the mirror, visualize yourself and your Taurus man getting hot and steamy together while incorporating beauty affirmations such as “I am alluring”, “I am sexy”, “I always get what I want” and “I know he thinks about me every time”.

Any affirmations that make you feel sexy and admired are a great way as you attract the energy of love and admiration and this makes your Taurus man immensely attracted to you! Try this and see how it goes!

Taurus Man: The Sensual Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Taurus man is a sensual lover…loving, sexual, romantic, and slow-burning, he likes the idea of romance and beauty intertwined and he will treat your relationship as if like both of you are in a sexy romantic movie, with that said you must show to him that you genuinely exude beauty, allure, and charm in order to fully attract him into your life!

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