Why is your Aries Man Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to tackle the reasons why your Aries Man is jealous in a relationship, also in this article, we’ll deal with how they become possessive and what are some of the ways you can deal with their jealousy positively.

The Aries Man (The RAM) is the first sign of the zodiac, a cardinal fire sign, in romantic relationships, he exerts complete dominance by being passionate and thrill-seeking with his partner, he loves romanticizing his partner to the fullest, being a severe lover, he also can be domineering to the point of being possessive and jealous.

When you’re in a relationship with your Aries Man it is pretty obvious to look out and ask for help on how to properly deal with his personality and psychology, with all of that in mind, we’ll give you obvious flat-out signs that will surely tell your Aries Man is jealous.

We will also tell you some good ways to handle his jealousy and possessiveness…

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How Jealous Can Your Aries Man Be?

Jealousy level: 9/10

Extremely possessive and jealous, when your Aries Man is jealous of someone he will start being controlling in the relationship, he might start being domineering and will show signs of aggression toward the one he is jealous with. This extremely fiery sign knows how to fight!

Being ruled by Mars, the planet of war and aggression, this man will not take any insult, real or imagined, as such he can be extremely showy of his jealousy toward the person, he can be physically intimidating, and will show off his power the minute he feels insecure of the situation.

Always look out for physical aggression, it will manifest in ways such as him being more unusually competitive in his sports or physical exercise, forceful and intimidating body language, him being more rough and aggressive when dealing with the person he is jealous of, will also be temperamental and impatient with you.

Signs Your Aries Man Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

He is more temperamental than usual 

The first and foremost significant sign that your Aries Man is jealous in the confinement of the relationship is him showing up his usual negative traits. One being temperamental, you’ll usually see him more hot-headed and confrontational than usual.

Your Aries Man will feel more heat! He’ll show his frustration through his words, his energy will be infiltrated with angry thoughts and feelings. He might even show tantrums, the confrontations can be fiery and argumentative to the point of being explosive!

He is paying more attention to where you are or who you hang out with

He becomes suspicious but he will not show it directly to you, he will try to hide it and keep his cool, but as usual, this cardinal fire sign will not be able to control or bottle up his emotions that easily, making the situation worse.

If you notice that he is more paying attention to your whereabouts and asks who you hang out with and he is dismayed with that someone you’re hanging out with, whether it is your officemate, your long-time friend, or whatever it might be, it is a pretty obvious sign that he is jealous of that someone!

He’s becoming competitive 

Your Aries man will be more competitive than usual when he realizes that there is someone with who he is threatened, jealousy is a pretty good sign that he is into you!

With that said, if he is more cutthroat on showing you a good time and shows dismay over someone he is jealous of, it will show up pretty easily and messily.

If he’s trying to show you how “better” or “stronger” he is than the guy or someone he is jealous of, and he is creating competition out of that someone, it is a sign that he is jealous and you should give more attention as well as reaffirming that he’s the only one you love.

He tries to make you jealous

This deeply masculine sign doesn’t like the fact that he is head over heels for you and it shows in his desperation to have your attention, with that said, if he’s telling you this girl that is flat-out interested and making advances to him.

It is usually a sign that he is trying to make you jealous and is covering his deeply seated insecurities.

If you are directly feeling that he’s doing this, it is best to try to knock him out of the situation by directly telling him that you know what he’s up to instead of making him even more jealous! Do not worry as we will tell you how to do this effectively in the next section!

He wants more of your time and attention

He may want or not want to admit it but if he’s begging for more of your time or attention, it is a deep sign that he is interested in you and he wants to be with you!

If you have been noticing how deeply expressive he is of his affection for you it may be a sign that he wants to stay closer to you and feels threatened by someone!

He tells his close friends about his problems/issues with you…

Your Aries Man is deeply upfront and confrontational, he doesn’t hide any secrets from his loved ones especially his close friends or family members, as such you can ask those people who your Aries Man is jealous!

He tells you directly he is jealous

Being the most “in-your-face” sign, your Aries man is unafraid to let out his emotions or thoughts about a certain situation and almost certainly he will be extremely blunt and honest to the point of being confrontational. 

If he’s jealous of someone, he will tell you directly and will say the reasons why you might not see it but he might certainly see things that the person is doing that indicate a romantic interest in you! When he does this listen carefully and do not make him seem like he’s acting childish!

We’ll talk more about this in the next section…

How to stop your Aries Man from being Jealous!

Now that you’ve known the signs, it is best to truly reconcile his feelings by appeasing him through words of affirmation and acts of love! Remember that your Aries Man is a deeply passionate and fiery fire sign who likes to experience love in the most passionate of ways…

He doesn’t like distance or coldness, he prefers his partner to be as emotionally and romantically expressive just as him! This is the best remedy for making sure that your Aries man feels secure and can resolve his issues of jealousy and possessiveness! 

Do Acts of love by doing extra efforts in the relationship, taking him out on a nice date, surprising him with something, prioritizing your partner’s pleasure, and making sure that you are being romantic and seductive throughout the interaction.

You should also be more in tune with your Words of Affirmation to your Aries Man.

Try giving him love notes now and then, reassure him that you’re loyal and faithful to him because you truly like him and that you are immensely attracted to him, tell him how good he is with things, and positive reinforcement is a good way that assures that he is not gonna entertain any jealous thoughts from his mind.

Overall, the key takeaway in this situation is that both of you must reconcile your conflicting thoughts and emotions before it ruins the relationship, have an open flow of communication and you can only encourage this by doing acts of love and uttering as many words of affirmation to your Aries Man.

Only then he will realize that his jealousy was an imaginary thought and that he’s just in his thoughts…

Aries Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

Your Aries Man no matter how macho man he might look to be is a little child that needs utmost attention and care, you must understand that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is an infant sign, he will be of utmost expressive of his emotions and he will have not any filter of it.

Respect his emotions, prioritize your relationship with him to make sure that he feels you are committed to him, and show him that you are in it for him 24/7 no matter what! By pouring love on him you are curing the jealousy that wreaks his heart and soul!

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