How To Get An Aries Man To Chase You

How To Get An Aries Man To Chase You

Are these red signs, or is he just an Aries? This may be a question roaming around in your head because I get it; Aries can be a lot to deal with or even understand.  But, if you really want to pursue your Aries man, you’ve come to the right place!

For an Aries man to chase you, play hard to get.  Be confident and behave as an equal (because you are). Do not get overly emotional, that will push him away. Play it cool, don’t compliment him too much. Get adventurous and not too sappy. Aries loves the chase, and he’ll love to chase you if you play it right.  

If an Aries man feels like they have already conquered you, they will get bored and move on to the next chase. So, to avoid this, follow the tips on how to get an Aries man to chase you.

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But first, let’s get to know your Aries man.

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Understanding your Aries Man

If you are not used to being around people with an Aries placement, then your Aries man might come off as narcissistic or self-absorbed. However, you must know that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac cardinal, and it would be in his nature to be passionate and competitive.

Some people, including you, might read it as bragging, but this just boils down to an honest self-assurance of his own capability.

As a fire sign, he can light up very quickly but burn out just as fast, so you might want to keep him interested and keep the relationship at a normal pace. He is an extreme person, and you might want to develop some sort of stamina to keep up. He loves to be physically active.

They are blunt, and to most people, even you, he might come off as rude. He might be too direct, and words come out of him impulsively, causing them to hurt people, especially sensitive ones.

Aries men are hot in general. They are handsome and have this infuriating attractiveness. They carry themselves in complete confidence, making you want to stand closer to them. And in sex, expect that it’s going to be steamy and can be compared to an athletic affair.

Prepare yourself with pouring sweat, positions that might require a little bit of flexibility, and maybe even consensual BDSM.

What are your chances with your Aries man?

Before I we review a bunch of ways that you can get your Aries man back, you might want to check how compatible you are with him!

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Okay, now that we got that out of the way, onto the tips on how you can get your Aries man to chase you.

9 Ways To Get An Aries Man To Chase You

Let him in on a secret

How To Get An Aries Man To Chase You

We all have secret desires, and these can be sexual or non-sexual. Tell him something you want to try out in the bedroom, or maybe a thing from your bucket list. Aries people are known to be competitive, passionate, and goal-getters. Sit down and watch how he would help you fulfill that desire.

Gain his trust

Aries people, especially men, do have this masculine energy where they tend to be strong to look at on the outside. But as mentioned earlier, everybody has secrets. At some point, if you already have gained his trust, he may want to reveal something about himself. 

However, they will only do that if he realizes that he rarely meets someone that is more confident than him. Make him kind of in awe with you.

Nope, this does not apply only in the bedroom, if that’s what you were thinking. This means you literally want to play games with him – a game of cards, lawn tennis, or table tennis.

Play with him

You know, real games. Again, an Aries man is very competitive, so it only makes sense to play games with him.

Also, Aries men are attracted to someone who has real power, someone who can have one over them. However, when doing this, let them keep their power and ability, and when you can do this authentically, you’ll be able to let this man chase you.

Make him feel like you’re equal in greatness

Power couple. That’s what most Aries men want. So, in order for him to go crazy over you, it is only fitting to create an aura of mutual greatness. Talk about what you already have accomplished in your life and the goals you ought to achieve in this lifetime.

Do not hold back with this because Aries men can handle a little bragging. Of course, only if it is true. The thing about Aries people is they do not like to be around people who they can consider losers.

But of course, while doing this, you need to also feed his ego. Once in a while, mention how you see greatness in him and let him realize how you both are on the same mutual greatness. Let him see that you both are in the same vibrational plane.

Tell him that you see a lot of power in him and talk about how your combined greatness can create a powerful couple ready to build an empire.

Get ready to be an asset

How To Get An Aries Man To Chase You

As a fire sign, you can expect your Aries man to be loud. The kind that when he enters the room, everybody knows that it’s him because he knows he owns the room. To some, it can be obnoxious, but hopefully, your man isn’t.

Now, what you need to do is present yourself as an asset to his ego. We all know how huge his ego is, and he wants someone who also has a lot to offer but does not necessarily push him away from the spotlight.

He doesn’t want somebody to be just in their shadow, but he also doesn’t want someone that eclipses his greatness. What you can do is be supportive of his success and glory by helping him advance it. 

At the same time, you need to be working on your own greatness as well.

Be something to win

At this point, we all know that your Aries man loves the chase. He loves the process of hunting and winning over having won. If you are so deeply and madly in love with him, it’s not the time to show it. 

Pretend as if being with you is just a possibility, not an assurance. He doesn’t like his girl to be clingy, so again, you need to be ferociously independent.

It’s going to be said again but work on your own greatness. Be busy with your life, and do not let him think that you are going crazy to be with him even if you obviously do. Fake it until you make it.

Play it cool

It doesn’t matter if it is true, but let him feel that his greatness is your standard. It is great to give little compliments here and there, but again, do not let him feel like you’re overly fascinated by him. 

In other words, let him earn your compliments.

Be lighthearted

Let me remind you again that an Aries man is an extreme person, and so you can expect that he is very much into adventure. So, you cannot expect this man to watch a sappy romance Netflix show and be emotionally involved with it. So, if you’re into that, compromise a little and be fun and adventurous.

If you feel like this relationship could be something so serious, at some point, you will realize that behind the greatness an Aries man shows to the world, he will always find a happy escape. Be it. However, this will take some time because they would skedaddle if you’re too deep too soon.

Stand up for yourself

How To Get An Aries Man To Chase You

For most Aries people, love has never been easy. Love has always been a battlefield with them, and if they see that you can stand up to them, they will fall in love. 

Your Aries man would like to see you stand up to the world to the large. He likes to see that you can handle him.

Phew! Now there you have it! Follow these tips and watch your Aries man drool over you!

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Get Your Aries Man To Chase You, In a Nutshell…

If you want an Aries man to chase you then do these 9 things!

  • you need to have confidence in yourself
  • Be vulnerable enough to share secrets with him
  • Be physical active
  • Be his equal (because you are)
  • Support him in all his endeavors
  • Be something that he’ll work hard for
  • Let him earn your compliments
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Be strong and independent

Let the chase begin!



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