How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Man?

How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Man?

If you’re swooning over a hot and passionate Aries guy, look for no more! We’re here to give you the most efficient way to turn on and arouse an Aries man while dirty talking to him! Whether you’re in a relationship with him, trying to get his attention or you’re trying to get with him!

To properly initiate dirty talking to an Aries man, you must be able to keep up with his wild side, always be playful and dynamic, sexually challenge him by flirting and teasing with him, must be light-hearted and spontaneous in doing so as it keeps him highly aroused and interested, at the same time show your submissive side to him so he can act more dominant around you.

Aries men are the first fire cardinal sign of the zodiac, extremely energetic, passionate, hot-headed, and always excited for whatever life brings, these men bring in the heat, being ruled by Mars, the planet of masculine energy, raw force, and strength, these men are hyper-masculine and will be incredibly competitive in everything they do.

Dirty talking to your Aries partner or potential Aries partner is an important aspect in keeping both the sexual tension in, it is an essential tool that helps you both grow sexually, it helps better sex, orgasm and most importantly it keeps the fun in the bedroom.

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With that said, here are some of the ways to effectively communicate your sexy side to your Aries man! Let’s dig in!

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How to turn on an Aries man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Man?

Your Aries man is dominant and exudes power, he is ruled by Mars and is a fire sign, he will naturally exhibit his strength and power even in terms of your relationship dynamic, he wants to be in control and he wants to be dominant, this is a key aspect you should always remember when you’re trying to seduce him.

Play on his emotional appeal and try to act the submissive partner throughout the foreplay and dirty talking, whether you’re talking dirty through text messages or in the actual bedroom.

It is best to assume the submissive role and lean on that energy, ask him what he wants to do to you, and act a little naive and innocent, if he’s acting dominant and pushy try to validate him by following his orders.

The best way to turn an Aries man on while dirty talking to him is to make him realize that he has the full control and power to dominate over you because he likes it that way,  he is the man of this relationship and he wants to exert its full force.

It is also important to be fun and flirtatious while subtly challenging him, he likes a good challenge and will do everything to win, in that case, let him win, this will incredibly arouse him and will speed up his orgasm.

To summarize, while dirty talking to him, assume the submissive role while subtly giving him good challenges to keep him up and excited such as playing a little hard to get, intense eye contact, steamy words, and asking him questions about what he’s gonna do to you when he’s on the bed.

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How to talk dirty to an Aries man through text

Assuming that you’re texting him on a social media platform or SMS, these are some good ways to talk dirty to your Aries man without him getting bored.

Playfully tease him

How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Man?

Make him want you by showing that you are fun to be with, be wildly sexy in conversing with him through text, and incorporate the femme fatale energy of knowing what you want and when you want him – and in this case, you want HIM.

Incorporate flirtatious messages like “It would be so good right now if there was someone who can unzip me on this new red dress that I bought…”

Or send him stuff like “I can’t stop thinking of how hot it would be to just have a strong man throw me up in bed right now….”

This playful and wildly sexual innuendos subtly suggests him and in no time he will be there for you, never forget that your Ram is action-oriented and initiative!

Affirm him

Compliment him, positive words do matter in terms of talking to an Aries man, be specific and sincere about your compliments…

Tell him what you like about him physically, if he’s getting bigger from the gym, compliment his big arms if he’s playing hockey or doing some creative or business pursuit compliment that.

This entices him and makes him feel wanted, he loves that.

Entice him with spontaneous and unexpected sex

Text him to meet you up at a random place, whether it’s in a dirty alley, your car, some park, or an unused building, texting him the possibility that both of you will have spontaneous and random sex in some new place will surely turn him on!

He loves adventures and jam-packed action as such when it comes to his sex life, he will want spontaneity in it, always be ready and have fun in the process!

Try to play the role of the “submissive wife”

How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Man?

Text him with sexy and dirty messages that incorporate the fantasy of you being the good and pleasing wife ready to serve her husband, this instantly arouses him and makes him more dominant than he ever is.

Send him messages like “Can you tie me up later after you go home?” or “Dinner’s served…you’ll have dessert later..*wink emoji”

Being the opposites in the relationship and assuming the submissive role will bring you great success in sex and love life with your Ram guy.

Randomly send a sultry photo

Once in a blue moon, try to send him sexy photos, if you trust him well enough and you know him deeply and personally, but there’s a catch – do not show all of it, always leave something for him to wonder about and fantasize about.

Do not overdo it though as it may end up feeling a little bit set up, remember he likes the thrill of spontaneity, so giving him every once in a while an image he can look up and fantasize about can be a great way to effectively imprint your sexual thoughts on him.

Because he loves the chase and challenge, he will want you even more and will try to do his best to reciprocate, always wearing seductive dresses with cuts or see-through design, the one that screams “I want to show off but you don’t get to see all of it” energy.

When choosing the color of the dress, choose red or black to entice him.

Always be ‘feelin’ yourself

Always trust yourself in the seduction process, and believe in your capabilities, it is good to tap into your Venusian and Martian energy to be able to exude magnanimous sexual confidence.

Do not feel down, or have self-doubting thoughts while talking dirty to him through text, he can sense it and will be turned off instantly…

Send messages like, “I’m feeling a little sexier today, should I try this new set of lingerie? Or better yet why don’t you come here and let me pick…”

Always remember that while dirty talking to him assuming a submissive role does not inherently mean that you will lower your self-esteem or confidence, instead be self-assured, this enables you to successfully dirty talk to him.

Be aggressive in flirting, even more so in the bedroom

How To Talk Dirty To An Aries Man?

Do not just talk, do it, prove to him, and bring on the fiery and spiteful attitude you got from flirting with him, the great wild and animalistic sex you give him will be imprinted on his mind which means that every time you talk to him whether it’s talking dirty or not – he will be reminded by it instantly!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, check out Anna Kovach’s book, Aries Man Secrets, for more in-depth training about turning your man on with dirty talk and she covers so many different situations you will experience with your Aries man.

You’ll have him thinking about you and desiring you every moment of the day.

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Dirty Talking Aries Men Final Thoughts

Aries men are simple to please. They want to rule their partners. They want to dominate. Be the submissive partner he wants you to be, when it comes to talking dirty to make him orgasm, always have the courage to bring it on!



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