5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Aries Man

Talking dirty is a sure way to capture your Aries man’s attention, but only if you push the right buttons. If you want to know the flirty and dirty things to say to your Aries man crush, you have come to the right place.

Your Aries man crush will definitely be attracted to you when you project confidence and directly ask him to hang out or come over. He will also like it when you give him compliments and tell him that you have been thinking about him.

An Aries man will also appreciate it even more if you straight up prove your words.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Aries man.

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That said, let’s first take a look at what he’s like in bed.

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What An Aries Man Is Like In Bed

An Aries man has a decent grasp when it comes to communication regarding physical intimacy. This sign can be quite blunt and direct because he can be fiery and action-oriented. An Aries man usually expresses his needs and wants more clearly through body language than through words.

However, when pushed, he can verbally express all of his desires in bed with complete ease.

An Aries man tends to be physically fit and maintain an active lifestyle. Hence, his ideal lover is someone who can keep up with him both in and out of bed. An Aries man will normally respond to his partner’s wants and be responsive if she is uncomfortable with something.

His ability to give his partner a stunning and satisfying sexual experience is crucial to him and his reputation.

How To Flirt With An Aries Man

Compliment him

Giving him a compliment is a flirtatious method to get his attention because an Aries man enjoys it. A big compliment is a fantastic method to let this sign know you’re interested because subtlety is not his strong suit.

An Aries man will certainly value your words of encouragement, whether you commend him on his appearance or his achievements.

You should know by now that an Aries man is self-assured and confident by nature. Therefore, it’s crucial to express your gratitude to him when you flirt with him. Consistently showering your Aries man with compliments is a great way to keep him hooked on you.

But only compliment this sign if you genuinely mean it, as he is able to see when someone is being insincere.

Use body language

Given that an Aries man is an innate leader, it’s critical to project confidence when flirting with him. Make sure that he can tell that you are confident, whether it be by your body language or the way you hold yourself.

When flirting with an Aries man, it’s crucial to show him through your body language that you’re genuinely interested in him.

The sensuality of an Aries man is well recognized, and he enjoys flirtatious body language. Maintain your focus on him and when he starts talking to you, lean in closer or smile warmly to show that you are interested.

When an Aries man speaks, don’t be afraid to nod along with him because he enjoys having her points of view validated.

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5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Aries Man Crush

“Let’s hang out”

A confident Aries man is very attracted to people who are also confident. Show him that you are not frightened to express your interest and that you are aware of what you want. He’ll have a lot of admiration for someone who takes the initiative and makes a memorable first move.

And that is because an Aries man is a go-getter who is drawn to others who share his drive for success.

An Aries man will like it when you gently increase the sexual tension while flirting by being bold.

To do this, seduce him by asking him to hang out and then see what happens from then on. Moreover, an Aries man will become totally enamored with you if you share all of your innovative, intriguing ideas for what to do when you hang out.

“Come over”

If you ignore an Aries man, you run the danger of losing his interest since he becomes bored easily.

He will be yours in no time if you exhibit the same amount of enthusiasm that he will undoubtedly possess. Keep the lengthy, wordy messages to yourself. Instead, make sure each message you give to your Aries man has a purpose.

This not only keeps him interested in what comes next, but it also exudes confidence, which he will find extremely attractive. Send subtle signals, reduce your attention to him occasionally, and wait for him to do the next move.

The objective is to make an Aries man know that you’re interested, exude confidence, and convey your desire to engage in physical contact.

“You look hot”

Just be sure that what you’re doing is lifting his emotions rather than bringing him down. With an Aries man, flattery will help you get far.

Telling him that you appreciate his good looks, his enthusiasm, or his sense of humor will make you more appealing to him. Share whatever positive ideas that come to mind with your Aries man. Explain to him why you find him hot in order to entice him since this will make him go absolutely crazy.

An Aries man has a large ego, so compliments make him feel terrific. Constantly showering him with compliments will give him frequent confidence boosts. How you compliment an Aries man is not important—just that you do.

Always be sincere and specific when you compliment this sign so he will believe what you say.

“I’ve been thinking about you”

Even when it comes to intimacy and romance, an Aries man is competitive. He will consider himself the winner each and every moment that he is aware that you are thinking about him. This will be immensely alluring to him, so make sure to let him know whenever he comes to mind.

Don’t be scared to reveal any explicit thoughts in addition to adding details that could make what you say even sexier.

An Aries man will want to jump right in and say what he’s thinking when it comes to flirting, unlike some signs like to be more overt or reserved.

Don’t be afraid to flirt and be a little adventurous with what you say to him. Talk about your unfiltered thoughts in the conversation, and he’ll become fixated on your bold, open-minded attitude.

“I like you. Let me prove it”

An Aries man values direct and straightforward communication.

Change your approach after you’ve let him pursue you and after you’ve both shown interest in one another. Be truthful and let him know what you’re saying, whether you’re just trying to prove something to him or attempting to convey your feelings for him.

An Aries man is crazy about spontaneity and adventure, so ask him to hang out with you when he least expects it.

If you tell him everything about your fantasies, he’ll be eager to meet you sooner. An Aries man will also become totally enamored with you if you share all of your innovative, intriguing ideas for what to do in bed.

How To Keep An Aries Man Interested

Although the majority of Aries men are impatient and independent, you must help him develop emotionally if you want the relationship to last. The greatest method to do this is through observable displays of affection and words of affirmation.

An Aries man fears rejection deep inside, therefore regular assurances of your acceptance would help a lot.

You must be sincere with your Aries man if you hope to keep his interest for long. It’s good to occasionally challenge him, but he won’t enjoy guessing games, so you must be decisive and confident when necessary and open about your intentions when questioned. In the same way, telling him you’ve been thinking about him all day will be a huge compliment and usually go down very well.

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5 flirty (& dirty) things to say to your Aries Man crush:

  • “Let’s hang out”
  • “Come over”
  • “You look hot”
  • “I’ve been thinking about you”
  • “I like you. Let me prove it”