7 Things An Aries Man Does When He Likes You

Men born under the fiery sign of Aries are passionate and spontaneous, and they are very transparent about their feelings for the people they like. You may be confused if he really likes you, as in wanting a relationship with you, or if he just likes you as a friend.

To help you out, here are the ways how to know if an Aries man likes you.

If an Aries man likes you, he will stay close to you as much as he can and take you out on dates. Moreover, an Aries man will instantly become a gentleman and he will compliment you often. An Aries man will protect you at every chance he gets and will also respect your opinions.

Before we get into the ways of how to know if an Aries man likes you, it is important to take note of when your Aries man respects you. And, we’ll also review what to do when an Aries man actually likes you.

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When An Aries Man Respects You…

The Aries man admires and respects women, and he is drawn to those who value themselves. Do whatever you want, however, you want to dress, dance, talk, or interact with others, with confidence, and the Aries man will respect you.

Know that when a man in Aries is romantically linked to a woman, he enjoys chasing her down.

If you move too fast, an Aries man will interpret it as a sign that you don’t want to be in a relationship with him, and he will respect your wishes and take a step back. If you like an Aries man, show him by responding to his flirtations, and don’t be afraid to chase him down as well.

7 Things An Aries Man Does When He Likes You

He stays close

Aries men like to be in command of their surroundings. As a result, they prefer to consider and internalize concepts before putting them into practice.

An Aries man also wants some control and supervision over the relationship. He’ll want to be with you as much as possible, whether that means moving closer to you or moving in with you. It gives him comfort and makes him feel like he can protect, care for, and nurture you better.

The truth is that Aries men love being the focus of attention while also needing to be busy and active most of the time. If your Aries man wants to be by his side all of the time, he not only wants to be involved with you, but he also wants to brag about you as his other half.

An Aries man who only considers you a friend will not always want you by his side. However, if he knows you enjoy doing the same things, he will gladly join you in your activities just to keep you company.

He’s a gentleman

An Aries man who likes you prefers to express himself through chivalry. To you, your family, and your friends, an Aries man will be the consummate gentleman. He’ll go out of his way to be an old-fashioned gentleman, whether it’s opening your car door or pulling a chair out for you.

If he knows you don’t like it or it bothers you, he will even control his actions around you, such as preventing curses or smoking.

Aries men are passionate lovers. They care so much about someone they care about that they will drop everything to help them, no matter how inconvenient it is for them. Don’t be afraid to tell him if you want to do things on your own or if you don’t agree with something he’s doing.

It may infuriate his pride at the time, but it may also prompt him to express his feelings for you verbally. If an Aries man likes you, keep in mind that he will drop everything to be with you when you need him.

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He compliments you

Because honesty is a trait of the Aries man, he will not hold back, even if it can be hurtful at times because the Aries individual can be incredibly blunt at times. If an Aries man is truly mesmerized by your beauty and grace, he will not hesitate to tell you what he thinks.

He won’t say anything about your appearance if he only likes you as a friend because he doesn’t need to. However, if he is constantly complimenting you on how attractive you are, you can be sure he has feelings for you.

While an Aries man may be shy when it comes to making gestures, he will more than makeup for it by expressing his love through words. Expect sincere declarations of love and heartfelt texts detailing how an Aries man feels about you and how you make him feel if he loves you.

You can expect a steady stream of humor, compliments, and phrases of love throughout the day, which will brighten your day. If an Aries man lavishes you with attention and compliments, he most likely likes you.

He takes you out

If an Aries man repeatedly asks you out on dates that include sporting events, hiking, biking, or working out, he is interested in becoming a part of your life. He wants to do these things with you not just as a friend, but because he genuinely likes you and sees himself spending the rest of his life with you.

While Aries are not as outgoing or vocal about their feelings as other signs, they are no less affectionate or spirited.

If he only likes you as a friend, he’ll invite you to join him for these fun activities on occasion, just like he does with his guy friends.

But it won’t be constant, and he won’t want you to be a part of his active life. An Aries man that genuinely likes you will let you know how much you mean to him and that you’ll never be alone while he’s around.

He gets protective

In an argument or confrontation, you’ll find your Aries man defending you or your viewpoints. He’ll also make sure you’re feeling better if you get sick, and he’ll keep an eye on you to make sure you get home safely.

More than anything, an Aries man is protective of you if he suspects others aren’t treating you well. He may start meaningless arguments with people he perceives as threats, but he only sees himself as being protective.

Aries men are driven people who know exactly what they want and will not let anything stand in their way. Your Aries man may become competitive with people who threaten his relationship with you, particularly other men, as a result of this.

This is due to his complete and total commitment to you because he aspires to be the most significant figure in your life.

Respects your opinion

An Aries man will value your point of view and actively seek your advice and input on a variety of topics. He will pay attention to and act on your suggestions, such as what you think of him, what kind of clothes you prefer, what he should do with his career or family, and so on.

If he truly likes you, you’ll notice how attentive he is when you share your thoughts and feelings with him.

People-pleasers are well-known among Aries men, but this trait is never more evident than when he tries to woo a woman.

While he will make an effort to have his points and opinions heard, he will never press you on a topic that you are passionate about, and he will almost always agree with you at the end of the discussion.

There will be times, however, when an Aries man does not agree with everything you say. You’re unlikely to notice this side of him because if he loves you, he’ll keep his opinions to himself.

He is open

An Aries man isn’t a secretive person when it comes to his feelings and thoughts. It’s not always because your Aries man is self-centered that he talks to you about himself a lot. Oversharing is one way an Aries man demonstrates his trust for you and his desire to be emotionally open with you.

An Aries man may spend a lot of time talking to you about his beliefs, upbringing, and life goals.

This isn’t him bragging; it’s him wanting to tell you about his life and giving you the chance to get to know him better.

If an Aries guy also openly tells you he likes you, you can be sure he is telling the truth. This may seem self-evident, but you should know that when an Aries man says something, he means it because Aries men aren’t fond of mind games.

If he isn’t being honest about his feelings, confront him and ask him how he feels about you because Aries men enjoy being challenged by someone they care about.

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What To Do When An Aries Man Likes You

Aries man falls under a fiery sign with a hot temper who is passionate in bed, daring, and loving. The best way to show your love for an Aries man is to encourage him to travel and pursue his passions so he doesn’t feel trapped.

To keep your relationship exciting, surprise him with fun trips and you should also engage in friendly debates with him about topics that you know he enjoys.

Aries men prefer to converse with people who can keep up mentally with them throughout the conversation. When an Aries man explains something, pay attention so you don’t have to ask multiple clarifying questions.

You want to give your Aries man the impression that you’re on the same page.

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The things that an Aries man does when he likes you, final thoughts…

When an Aries man likes you:

  • He stays close
  • He’s a gentleman
  • He compliments you
  • He takes you out
  • He gets protective
  • Respects your opinion
  • He is open



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