How To Get An Aries Man Obsessed With You?

Are you swooning over your Aries man and you want him to get obsessed over you in a quick and easy time? Worry no more because in this article we are teaching you exactly how to make your Aries man obsessed and fawning over you!

Let’s get started!

To start it won’t be easy to get an Aries man obsessed with you! One must have patience and perseverance as well as good seduction techniques to make sure that he becomes hugely in love with you and that you own him no matter what happens!

In astrology, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel beginning the period from March 21-April 19, strong-headed, powerful, physically active, impulsive, fiery, and extremely energetic! Because of these traits, they’re known as the firestarters of the zodiac.

The Aries man follows his heart with gusto and it is his way or the highway…

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Aries man.

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Aries Men and Obsession Tendencies

Aries men love the thrill and they want to get that adrenaline rush like children that craves sweets! Because of this Aries men and their obsession tendencies, are rooted in their being able to feel an exhilarating excitement. It keeps them going and it keeps them through the roof!

His obsession will only be genuine if you keep him off the hook and you give him something that he will enjoy because he is impulsive this “hook” can be easily diminished and can be felt with ease. You must be able to be a real challenge to him by being competitive and by matching the fiery energy inside him!

Like the power of fire, he is strong when he actively expresses his desire and it can be through self-expression, sports, travels, adventures, or sex. He will actively participate in being obsessed and lusting over you if you are sultry and a challenge enough for him!

Because of this, you must be a tease to get him to be obsessed with you! Do not fret as we’ll tackle more on how to get him obsessing over you!

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How to Get your Aries man to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Be A Challenge!

The first step to getting an Aries man obsessing over you is to try being a little more challenging to him! When pursuing you try to give a neutral approach and don’t show that you are genuinely attracted to him. Instead, let him do the work!

Don’t fret as your Aries man naturally and instinctively makes the first move…All you have to do is look pretty and unbothered by his presence surely he will like the chase!

2. Dress provocatively

The second step that you need to do is to learn how to properly dress…to tease! Red and black are extremely daring colors that you should wear which indicates that you are powerful, sexy, and passionate! Red lipstick will also do! Reds will get his attention and make sure that his attention is towards you!

3. Be a Tease…

The third step is to get your Aries man obsessing over you that you must be a tease! When things are heating up between the both of you apply a seductive gaze, stop and pause the kissing then smile sneakily. After that drag, your lips down to his neck, and make sure to keep lip-to-skin contact!

When being a tease you must be able to know how to control yourself and not give too much as you will lose the battle too easily with him. Instead, play the game in the long run, the more you play hard to get the more he gets obsessed with winning you over!

4. Be as competitive when he challenges you!

The fourth step in making sure your Aries man loves you and wants to be with you is you becoming an enemy to him! Essentially making sure you can do as much or if not better at him in things that he challenges you on!

For example, if he tries to play you by challenging you on a chess game make sure you win every time.

Yes, this will annoy him but he will be deeply interested and intrigued by the kind of energy you are bringing to him will certainly make him keener to try out more things for you, and eventually, he will obsess over your attention approval!

5. Make him a little jealous…

Make him a little jealous….that is the fifth key step in making sure your Aries man gets obsessed over you! When he is in the vicinity be sure to make yourself approachable to other guys!

Talk and have playful banter but still give him bits and pieces of attention this way the more he craves for it the more he’ll go out in his way to make you happy and pleasured.

6. Show him you do not need him to be happy

The sixth step to make your Aries man obsess and fawn over you is that you should show him that you are a strong, independent, successful woman. Show him you have a life by enjoying it well! Spend your time doing the things you love and be sure you are taking good care of yourself!

Whether it is your career or passion you must show him that you are doing well in life and that you do not need a man to make yourself happy or complete! The more he sees how much you truly are those attributes the more he will want to be with you!

7. Try some glamor magic!

Last but not least! Unleash your power by using some glamor magic! Glamor magic shifts you into becoming your best most beautiful self, this is a great and effective way to make sure he thinks you are sexy and beautiful all the time!

Practice glamor magic by using whatever suits you, light up some candles preferably red, and set the intention of bringing out the most beautiful you, if not you can also try some nice bubble bath with love herbs and flowers, glamor magic that you do must be practical and suit your essence and comfort zone…

By practicing this you are letting go of worry and anxiety and you are bringing more of what’s good and best for you….in this case, the love and affection of your fiery Aries man!

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Aries Man: The Spicy Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Aries Man is a Spicy lover, fiery, temperamental, action-oriented, hot-blooded, risk-taker, initiative, bold, direct, straightforward, confident, and deeply dynamic, although masochistic at times his great urge to initiate can make him easier to attract and seduce!

By doing the things and by following the steps correctly you are making sure that your Aries man gets obsessed over you!

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