7 Effective Ways To Get An Aries Man Hooked

When you think of an Aries man, most people think of the word “dominant”. This is partly true because an Aries man is very masculine, despite his gender. Now, if you think that getting him hooked to you can be hard, think again. Here are the effective ways to get an Aries man hooked.

To get an Aries man hooked, you need to take him out on a variety of dates. Plan dates that will allow him to showcase his masculinity. Engage in intellectual conversations with him. Give him the freedom to do things he wants to do, and give him quality time. Be mysterious and feminine. Lastly, show confidence.

Want to know more about these tips? I have provided details below! But before that, let’s find out how an Aries act when he has a crush and how to seduce him.

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OK, that said, let’s dig into the details!

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When An Aries Man Has A Crush

When an Aries man likes you, it is not going to be hard to tell at all. You will know. When he likes someone, he is going to be very direct with what he feels towards you. He is going to be the type to jump into a relationship right away. It does not matter whether he knows this person deeply or not.

However, he is also the type to leave the relationship in a very short period of time. You need to remember that the Aries man is the first Zodiac sign. He is the child. So, you know how kids are when they are suddenly finished playing with their toy.

Another thing that an Aries man does when he likes somebody is he invites that person on dates. He is going to want to experience a lot of things with you – including different types of dates. It can be a food date or a museum date.

If he does not have the budget to invite you to dates, then he is going to constantly invite you over to his house. He is going to want to spend time with you.

If an Aries man likes you, he is going to do everything to get to know every little detail about you. He will not miss anything because an Aries man is genuinely curious about the person he likes.

And when you do tell details about yourself to him, then he is going to remember it like forever. You will be surprised how after months of telling him these details, he will still remember. He will look at you as one of the most precious things.

To Seduce An Aries Man…

To seduce an Aries man, you need to let him chase you. You do not want to pursue an Aries man right away because it will not be attractive to him. He is more attracted when the woman does not chase him.

He loves chasing the ideal woman – that strong, independent, and sexy woman. He does not like to have someone who is a damsel in distress. So, you need to be a little more mysterious because he does not like the whole book open.

Being a total complete opposite of two worlds is also a way to seduce him. By this, I mean being a rockstar in bed one day and a girl next door the next day. You need to have a few things from here and there.

You need to show 2 polar opposite sides of you. However, you do not need to pretend. He loves a woman that is independent but submissive at the same time.

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7 Effective Ways To Get An Aries Man Hooked

Take him out on a variety of dates

An Aries man’s personality is very strong, and he does not like it when someone cannot keep up with his energy. He is known to be very adventurous and extroverted.

Again, he oozes a large amount of masculinity, and so, he likes to do things that make him feel manly. So, in order to take advantage of this, plan dates that will be sufficient to make him feel manly.

If you are into sports, you have the upper hand. So, you can ask him what his favorite sports are, and plan a date around that type of sport. You can also plan a night in the arcade and play games there.

A date at the beach is also a great idea. Just make sure that these activities are things that he will appreciate. When you do this, he is going to look forward to going out and hanging out with you even more.

Engage in intellectual conversations

Another thing to know about an Aries man is that he is an intellectual being. He likes it when he is mentally stimulated by the person he is talking to. If you are already well-spoken and have a lot of interests to talk about, then you are definitely going to need the skills.

If you do not consider yourself well-spoken, that’s alright too! As long as you have things to talk about that could potentially interest him, then you are also good to go!

He finds challenges when he talks to an intelligent woman. It is as if he always wants to have an intellectual match with a partner.

So, in order to get him hooked, you need to be knowledgeable about current events and the like. Just make sure that you will not run out of things to talk about.

Give him his freedom

As I have said earlier, an Aries man is known to be very out there. In other words, he is an extrovert. The last thing he wants is someone taking away his freedom to explore and experience different things.

To successfully make an Aries man hooked, you need to learn how to distance yourself from him from time to time.

You need to realize that you both need space in order for him to desire your presence even more. He will be obsessing over you when he gets to do whatever it is that he wants to because he knows that you’re not stopping him from doing so.

Give him quality time

Although he like freedom, when he wants to be with his lover or partner, he wants to have some quality time alone together. He sometimes wants his partner around him to share the space that he has.

It does not mean that you have to think of ways to do things together. Sometimes, it can just be laying around the couch, watching movies, cooking together, and just being there around each other.

Be mysterious

As mentioned earlier, an Aries man likes the chase. He likes going after the person that he likes. And so, in order to do just that, you need to be mysterious. Do not flip through the pages of your book easily. Allow him to study every page – every little version of you.

When you do this, you are going to make an Aries man hooked and definitely wrapped around your finger. You need to learn how to unravel and reveal yourself slowly. Again, he loves a woman the challenges him, and when you reveal everything right away, there’s no challenge in that at all.

Be feminine

An Aries man is an example of a typical man that gets attracted to what he sees. He likes beautiful things, and he definitely likes beautiful women. Even though he likes his girl strong and independent, he also likes his woman in a dress with a pretty smile – all bubbly and feminine.

Despite the strong character that a girl has, he wants to see how she can be tender and vulnerable. He is a masculine sign, and so, he wants to show the person that she is protected. So, talk softly and more feminine because if you get too loud, vulgar, and forceful, it’s going to turn him off.

Be confident

To keep an Aries man hooked, you need to show him that you are confident enough with how you look and who you are on the inside. He is a dominant sign, and again, he also likes to see his person the same way as him. 

Definitely, he appreciates it when you take the time to look confident. When going out, keep your head high and always speak with assurance. To do this, you need to remember all of your strengths, charisma, and intelligence.

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7 effective ways to get an Aries man hooked, final thoughts…

To make an Aries man hooked:

  • Take him out on a variety of dates
  • Engage in intellectual conversations
  • Give him his freedom
  • Give him quality time
  • Be mysterious
  • Be feminine
  • Be confident



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