Is Your Aries Man Done With You? (7 Clues!)

How Do You Know When An Aries Man Is Done With You?

The Aries man likes the chase in a relationship. He is competitive and appreciates challenges. When he is fixated on someone he likes, he will pour his energy entirely into the subject of his interest.

You may have been going on several dates with an Aries man and have noticed something changed, read on to find out if your Aries man has become bored of the situation.

The Aries man is done with you when he is no longer engulfed in passion. He has become cold as ice. There is no effort, no contact even initiated. You are left hanging and you are the one reaching out. He has become bored and this sign has no issues starting over again maybe with someone new.

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The Aries man in love

How Do You Know When An Aries Man Is Done With You?

When an Aries man loves, he is a tease. He likes to give playful insults when in reality he wants to say he loves you, he cherishes you, and all the things that he finds awkward to express. He is touchy, the Aries man wants to cuddle and basically wants to feel you physically.

The Aries man is experimental and adventurous. If you want to have a partner for new experiences you can rely on them to make unforgettable memories with you. They are more doers than planners, preferring to live in the moment than to be anxious about things.

He constantly looks for someone who understands his busy nature.

The Aries man has big dreams and can be a hard worker, especially with the right motivations. When his lover is able to show that she cares he will reciprocate it the Aries way, which is to show you off to his friends and be proud that he has someone like you.

Knowing how an Aries man acts in love will help you tell if your relationship with him is healthy. He is not entirely hopeless and can adapt to what the other is feeling. He is moody and his energy can depend on it, the Aries man can prove to be loyal but it doesn’t guarantee a lifetime with one.

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How to tell when Aries has moved on (is done with you)!

He will have no effort to check in or see you

How Do You Know When An Aries Man Is Done With You?

The Aries man has a habit of showing off, which includes the love of his life. He might begin to make you his new secret foregoing meeting you in public spaces. Have you embarrassed him with other people? You may need to ask if you have bruised his ego when he starts doing this.

It’s as if the Aries man makes excuses not to meet up, takes forever to reply to messages, or even lets you know he has seen it. Usually, when this becomes obvious, the Aries man is already thinking if this relationship is still worth it. He might think meeting new people is a good idea.

He will begin to act rude toward you

The Aries man is a masculine man, he might be considered the baby of the zodiac but he still likes to take charge and can make a good leader. When he loves his partner, the Aries man may tease playfully but you will feel it in a way that is done with good intentions.

When you have started to observe that he is rude because he doesn’t care enough about what you feel, your Aries man may have already started moving on even during the relationship. He disregards what you have to say, he does not want to fix anything. He is simply done.

His body language has changed and the Aries man just becomes obviously frustrated or upset that he can no longer pretend. He might say things just to push you away or you might hear hurtful things on his end on purpose.

He stops all communication

The Aries man does not like to waste his time. If he has decided things are already finished with you, he won’t even bother to prolong a conversation with you. If it is unnecessary, if there is no purpose, then no conversation will be established.

Let’s say you tried to plead with him to make it work, please do not do this. Aries men like to chase. This does not let them realize your worth.

It makes them think you are easy and that their ego is just fed. He will just feel like he’s always been right but this depends on your situation of course.

If you are the one who dumped him, expect that he will be childish about it, of course, he is hurt, but usually, this just results in him trying to play with you to get back at you. He’s going to try and make you feel the pain too.

Aries is the type to act first before processing what happened. It’s also possible that this could be temporary unless he has completely erased you from existing in his life.

He does not seem regretful

How Do You Know When An Aries Man Is Done With You?

Aries men tend to attack first before establishing a strategy. This also happens during their breakups. Many times, they realize he shouldn’t have broken up with you or vice versa but ultimately, he is the type to start over again anyway.

Aries men are initiators, whether or not it’s with you, he’s going to try again. If he seems like he’s not showing any signs of remorse after your separation, you might need to give him his space.

Yes, that means even letting him date other people during your no-connection phase. There’s always a saying that if he truly loves you, he’ll come back.

You’re dealing with an Aries man here; he has an ego too. He needs to feel admired and worshipped by a woman more than thinking it has to be you.

If the relationship with the Aries man ended up because one party has cheated, many Aries would agree that it is irreconcilable and that both of you need to start seeing other people. If there is anything an Aries man values a lot, it’s loyalty.

He will not show signs he wants to come back

Days, weeks, months, or dare we say even years, pass by and you still have not felt your Aries man coming back.

This is usually one of the major signs that he is never coming back. When an Aries man is brokenhearted, most of them agree on meeting a new person.

This is actually their insecurity at work. Aries want to be seen as fighters but many forget they are sensitive too. The Aries man is looking for something to fill in the void to distract him from the hurt.

When an Aries man wants you, he will make a grand entrance but if it’s been some time and there is no communication. Please do yourself a favor, and move on too.

He might not even want to be friends

When an Aries man is done with you, he does not even want to have anything to do with you. Though, if an Aries man says he wants to remain friends, you can take that as your assurance he still has feelings.

That really means he wants to keep you around, not to lose you in his life.

If there is no sign from him that he even wants to remain friends, that is a strong indicator that there are no remedies you can do to win the Aries man back.

He is a dead flame toward you

How Do You Know When An Aries Man Is Done With You?

When an Aries man can’t even be jealous when he sees you with another man, then that’s how you know an Aries man could be done with you.

If he has tried to remain friends and constantly checks on what you’re doing in life, he might be testing the waters but he hasn’t completely closed the door with you.

The moment he sees you dating another person, the Aries man might take it against you and simply give up. Maybe he won’t even be friends at that point. He will then move towards ghosting you in general and expectedly trashing you at least mentally.

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Is your Aries man done with you, in a nutshell…

The Aries man is straightforward and loyal in love but only if he is passionate and has feelings towards his lover. When an Aries man is done with you, you will no longer sense his presence in your life.

If you do have a situation where you might see him, he could be with you but you feel alone whenever you’re with him.

The Aries man does not like wasting his time and energy, which includes his feelings. If he knows you are not the right person for him, he could be rude to you. He could just plain say he doesn’t want you anymore. He will not care about your feelings.

Time might show he still cares but if he’s done, there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. An Aries man is a chaser, he has finished his time with you and it’s now time for him to have an adventure with someone new. Just live your own life now, and make it the best one.



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