Does An Aries Man Cheat?

In this article, we’re going to show and tell you the ways and reasons why an Aries man would be unfaithful or cheat on you in your relationship. If you’re doubtful, we’re also going to show you signs that he may be unfaithful to you without you even knowing…

Yes, The Aries man can cheat if he’s given the opportunity to do so and he’ll have fun and have no remorse while doing it, he’s more likely to cheat than other zodiac signs because he can be easily bored in relationships, he lives to see the thrill, it can make him act out of his impulse.

The Aries man is an extremely fierce and masculine sign of the zodiac, being ruled by Mars planet of War, Aggression, Raw Force, Energy, and Destruction, and his element of Fire which can make him an incredibly outward extroverted person.

You can tell that this man has a lot of fire going on inside of him and a lot of it needs releasing, in terms of love and relationships, he can be an extremely spontaneous lover, looking for fun and excitement, whether outside or inside the bedroom!

There can be a number of ways why your Aries man would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why an Aries man would be most likely to cheat in a relationship than any other zodiac sign.

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Let’s jump right in!

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Are Aries Men More Likely to Cheat?

The Aries man is more likely to cheat than any other zodiac sign if he’s given the opportunity to taste and have a great experience with the person they’re about to cheat with, his shadow side is his impulsivity alongside his need to be on adventure 24/7 which can make him cheat and lie.

This can be a tough question to tell as the astrological profile of a person does not dictate the cheating habits of that said person, however, some astrological placements are indicative of making oneself more susceptible to temptation.

Being an infant sign, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac wheel, this can make this sign incredibly childish, this sign doesn’t live in logic or wise decision making, he doesn’t plan or doesn’t have enough energy to be strategic and think about the consequences.

He lives by following his innermost raw emotions and he expresses them clearly and loudly, so if he meets someone who can tap into his inner fire and make him feel alive, he will act upon it in an instant even if he’s in a serious relationship.

The energy this sign outwardly express is of seeking the thrill and adventure, alongside that, his impulsivity that is brought out by the Fire element can make him incredibly tempted to try out new things.

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Why Do Aries Men Cheat?

The Aries man cheats due to a myriad of ways, first, you’ve got to understand that an Aries man craves to live life with thrill, no matter what it is, the adrenaline rushing and the enabling of one’s primal and raw emotions to be released, whether its anger or happiness is one of the things that an Aries man must do to deem his life wonderful.

Aries men mostly cheat if they let their underdeveloped shadow side get the best of them – that is succumbing to their lustful desires and impulses.

Aries men are the men in the zodiac wheel who are most likely to cheat on their partners without fully thinking about the consequences, instead, they do whatever feels is right to do at the moment.

And that moment could be acting on their lustful impulses, proving to themselves or the friends enabling them to cheat that they are competitive and they can get any girl they want, other reasons why Aries men cheat on their relationship is due to boredom and sexual frustration.

Because Aries men want spontaneity and adventure in their relationship, they can get bored if their partner thrives on schedule and lacks the passion they’re looking for, they can also be incompatible with someone who is domineering and lacks the thing to have fun.

Incompatibility in terms of personality can also make an Aries man cheat on you, if both of you are always clashing your ideas, always out at each other’s throats, looking for someone to blame, the fight can cause burnout in sexual passion between you two, as such he might look out for it in other people.

How to find out if Aries Man is Cheating on you?

Aries is the stereotypical ‘bad’ boy, you’ll know he’s cheating on you if he’s becoming more extremely domineering and controlling towards you to gaslight you into thinking that you’re the problem. Changes in temperament can signify he’s cheating on you, he’ll be moodier and might throw temper tantrums.

Check his body language, he can be great at lying it on your face but his actions will tell, his body language will be closed off as if he’s hiding something.

He might do gestures to make you not suspect a thing, he will be more protective of his space and belongings, he can be distant, and he will most certainly be detached from you.

You will feel his sexual energy is already poured out on another person that’s not you, this can make the relationship incredibly off-putting and bizarre, the fighting and arguing can get worse and violent, and you might find that he’s out pretty often without you knowing, he can be either with his friends or new lover.

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep an Aries Man’s cheating heart? 

Though a cheating Aries man is really not a worthy candidate for a long-term partner or any cheating man for that matter, if you think he’s worth it, there can be a number of ways to bring him back to you.

First, you gotta accept that he has cheated on you because you two do not understand each other completely and both of you have different dynamics, Win his heart by taking initiative and matching the energy he has – no matter how passionate, wild, or crazy it might be.

Talk it out with him, be as blunt as you are while being calm and holding your ground, be the ice to his fire, and be level-headed when talking to him and confronting him about the cheating.

In the end, it’s up to you and him whether you can still both work the relationship out or if it’s best that you both go your separate ways…

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