When An Aries Man Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

No one is as scary as an Aries man when he gets mad, and when he starts to ignore you, best believe that you have done something to make him very upset. He does not take offense to most things, but if he does, this is what happens. Here are five things you can do when an Aries man is ignoring you.

When an Aries man is ignoring you, simply say sorry. Apologize even if you don’t know what you’ve done.

Pour all your attention on him because the silent treatment can indicate that you don’t give him enough attention. Ask him directly, and do not pick any more fights. If these still don’t work, make a grand gesture.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Aries man.

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Of course, just like anybody else, your Aries man has a dark side too. To really understand what’s going on when he’s ignoring you, let’s first look at his dark side and some reasons for this behavior!

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The Dark Side Of The Aries Man

An Aries man is known to be very intelligent, and because he is a cardinal fire sign, he is known to be one of the leaders in his field. Despite being very confident and having innate leadership skills, there is still a dark side to him.

An Aries man mainly focuses on the ego and expressing whatever is in his own vision. He can be very egocentric. He is always focused on his own advancement, and the only way that he knows is forward.

He is focused on himself, his own gain, and his own pleasure. He does not care whether he is going to hurt somebody else, as long as he is gaining.

Dealing with an angry Aries man is not for the faint of heart. He has quite the attitude of not caring about anybody around him when he’s angry because he is prone to rage whenever and wherever.

I’m pretty sure there’s a voice inside him questioning whether he is still doing the right thing or not. However, he does not care. It’s as if his rational thinking does not exist anymore. His rage will suddenly overflow, and he can become quite scary.

He is also very hotheaded almost all of the time.

Reasons Why An Aries Man Is Ignoring You

If you have been in a relationship for quite some time now, and he suddenly gives you the silent treatment, you may have had a pretty huge fight recently, and he does not want things to escalate even more.

He simply ignores you because he does not want to engage in any more fights, which Is quite surprising for an Aries man. However, we also need to remember that an Aries man is a very passionate lover, and he will do everything for the one he loves, even when it means surrendering to her.

Another possible reason why an Aries man is ignoring you is that he is going through a very rough time in his life. He may not be ready to share things with you but know that sometimes, an Aries man prefers to spend time alone because he is greatly impacted by whatever happened in his life recently.

Because of his egotistical nature, he will not ask for help from other people. When he goes silent, he is suppressing his feelings. However, he can also be just simply busy with work, and we know how hard an Aries man goes when it comes to working.

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5 Things To Do When An Aries Man Is Ignoring You

Simply say sorry

An Aries man does not take offense when you say something bad to him because he does the same things. He lets go of words that he does not mean, so it makes sense if he thinks that you do the same.

However, you need to realize that he is still a human being – able to feel emotions, and when it gets to the point that he ignores you, there are possibilities that you truly hurt him badly.

He could be incredibly angry at you that he ran out of words to say. However, if he stays and just gives you the silent treatment, know that he is still giving you the opportunity to apologize.

So, say sorry for whatever it is that you did to him. We all know how impulsive an Aries man could get, and if he is not in love with you, he’ll just let you go – right then and there.

Pour out all your attention on him

One of the reasons that an Aries man is ignoring you is that you may not be giving him the attention that he needs and craves.

Again, as I said earlier, an Aries man is a very passionate lover, and he loves spending time with the one he loves, and if you are not complying with that, he may feel disappointed and unloved.

When he gives you the silent treatment, it could only mean that he is giving you the taste of your own medicine. So, to make it up to him, plan a day or a week with him.

Plan activities that you both enjoy and have the best time of your life. Make him feel loved and wanted by giving him your full attention. Let him know that you value his time and his love.

Directly ask him

Asking your Aries man directly about his problem is probably the best solution that you can do. We all know how busy an Aries man can get when it comes to his work, and the last thing he wants to do is play your little games as well.

So, if he is the one giving you the silent treatment, then it’s most likely your fault.

Giving him the piece of his own medicine will not work with an Aries man, especially when you are just starting out.

Do not give him the headache of trying to figure out what’s on your mind. Instead, save him the hassle and just ask. Talk it out. Plan a dinner date to just talk.

Do not pick any more fights

It is very common for girls to flip the table and make their partners the ones at fault. Whether they like to hear it or not, sometimes, they can be quite manipulative. So, there are tendencies where they will pick more fights. And if you are like that, stop it.

Avoid coming across as aggressive because first of all, you don’t want to get an Aries man very mad.

There are also possibilities that he loves you enough that he just wants to be quiet. Instead of forcing him to see things from your perspective, try to let him know that you are trying to patch things up with him.

Make a grand gesture

An Aries man loves it when the attention goes to him because he loves being the center of attention. And if he keeps ignoring you after all the things you did, make a move that will make an Aries man notice you.

Maybe you can visit him in his office and give a peace offering or go out in the rain and wait at his door. He loves this attention that you are giving him, and this shows that you are really willing to make amends to fix your relationship.

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When You Ignore An Aries Man

When you ignore an Aries, he will not make a big fuss out of it at first. He will play it cool because he wants to show you that he knows what you’re trying to do. So, he will ignore you back. He will see it as a mind game that you are trying to play.

However, if you are lucky enough to be loved by an Aries man, once he gets tired of all the games, he will be on his knees to beg you to talk to him again.

This is not always the case, though, because if he does not love you that much, then he might break up with you and call it quits.

You can read more about what happens when you ignore an Aries man, click here!

5 things to do when an Aries man is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When an Aries man is ignoring you:

  • Simply say sorry
  • Pour out all your attention to him
  • Directly ask him
  • Do not pick any more fights
  • Make a grand gesture



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