How To Get An Aquarius Man Obsessed With You?

In this article were going to talk about your Aquarius man and his obsessive tendencies! Alongside that, we are also going to show you the most powerful ways how to make your Aquarius man obsessed with you! 

Let’s get started!

In Western Astrology, Aquarius, or The Water-Bearer is the 11th sign of the zodiac wheel, governed by Saturn and Aquarius, two dominant and wide-scale planets with different aspects about it. Aquarius season starts from January 20 up to February 18.

Men born under this zodiac sign hold the power of Aquarius. 

Eccentric, Intelligent, Observant, and a true scientist. Often known for being able to think outside the box and rule their hearts and minds with rationality and stoicism. An Aquarius man rules by the coldness of his heart and he relishes being superior to his own inner emotions.

These incredibly powerful individual uses their intelligence to get what they want. Unknowingly unlike other zodiac signs who don’t know how to break off their intimidating side. An Aquarius man is adept at social situations and mimicking whatever seems fit. 

He can be pleasant or quirky but it can be just his way of adapting to other people. Deep inside he is a true introvert who thinks deeply about things and likes to be alone in peace daily. He is truly a unique and one-of-a-kind person you’ll ever meet.

In love and relationship, he can be rather affirmatory of his actions. He likes expressing love through his books and he likes to do it in a way that his partner will be surprised. He loves to cherish his partner uniquely and this in turn brings joy into his heart.

His love or obsessive tendencies tend to be rare but erratic. Sometimes out of the blue, he will be craving love and desire that he’ll look for it in the strangest ways possible, nevertheless, the cold and barrel sign makes an Aquarius man unfitting on traditional romantic escapades.

He loves to have an idea of a partner beside him but he does not truly live to express or pursue love in hindsight.

This independent and often time aloof sign can live for years without romance. The only thing that can make him obsessed is if the person he’s obsessed with truly gave him something to live life for – excitement.

Without these things, an Aquarius man will not be able to truly be obsessed with someone or be in love with someone. Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your Aquarius man let’s dig deeper into his psyche and let’s find out more about his obsessive tendencies…

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Aquarius Men and Obsession Tendencies

Your Aquarius man is one cold man…Aquarius is a dry, cold, barren sign, this man can be a personification of the ice king that people often mention in literary books. He is unfeeling and sometimes he tends to rationalize his emotional process making him alienated from himself and the rest of the world.

The seemingly robotic way how an Aquarius man processes things is the main reason for Aquarius man’s seemingly absent love life. Although the call of lust can come upon him making him more open to hookups and flings where there are no strings attached.

An Aquarius man rarely falls in love and this inability to fall easily can make obsessive tendencies rare and sometimes non-existent.

Because of this, it is sometimes hard to know what goes into the head of your Aquarius man, before he gets obsessed however there must be certain things or attributes that he would find deeply attractive in a woman.

For the most part, an Aquarius man will find a bright, artistic, creative yet socially weird kind of woman to be the most attractive.

An intelligent woman who knows what to do with her life and lives not to please the expectation of her family or friends.

A woman who does what she pleases and goes to seek the passion inside of her. A light-hearted, wild, and sometimes “rejected” by society type of woman. He does not go for looks but it can be a bonus point if a woman is conventionally attractive.

Your Aquarius man is also deeply attracted to someone who can hold conversations very well, a kind-hearted, sympathetic woman who knows the issues we face globally, this can be because your Aquarius man is looking for “warmth” in a relationship. 

He is looking for a fire that will counteract his ice. This is why so often an Aquarius man will be immensely attracted to fire sign women because they radiate positivity, a heat, a fire that so often burns or inspire people. Nevertheless, you can still embody these traits to get an Aquarius man to be with you.

When he gets obsessive, the emotion he seeks is to validate himself being worthy of that person he’s obsessed with, this becomes apparent as your Aquarius man will tend to overthink about the situation especially if he’s trying to pursue her.

He will be erratic, his way of doing things will be unpredictable and he’ll do it because his emotions are clashing with his rationality.

He will be in a clash with his identity in which he often takes pride in “not feeling” any emotions. He will think he is crazy in love with the person because of the infatuation he is deeply feeling. This infatuation grows steadily in his heart and the only way for him to properly handle it is by releasing it.

Be no fool! He might release it but not in a way where he’ll directly tell the person he is infatuated, instead he might release this energy into his work or passion.

Whether or not he will tell the person about it depends solely on how brave the Aquarius man is in being vulnerable and expressing his innermost desires.

Now that we’ve talked about your Aquarius man and his obsession tendencies, let’s talk about the most powerful ways in which you can seduce him and make him obsessed with you! Let’s jump right in!

How to Get Your Aquarius Man to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Impress him with your Creative side

An Aquarius man will be immensely attracted to a woman who is intelligent in a “weird” sort of way. He’s not looking for a book-smart kind of girl he is looking for someone who can think outside the box the same as him.

With this, it is important to show him that you are unique in solving different problems other people might have trouble finding a solution with. You can show your creative side in many different ways possible.

You can for example use your imagination and smarts when dealing with a problem. You can try to post your creative projects on your social media or even simple socializing with different types of people is a good way to show off your creativity.

An ability to mingle with different people from different backgrounds can be unique and fascinating for your awkward and shy Aquarius man.

2. Get acquainted with him first

Your Aquarius man will shy away from questions that will make center him in the spotlight, as such it is important to keep the conversation away from his identity or personal life. Instead, opt to have a more casual conversation where both of you can get acquainted as friends.

Your Aquarius man is known for having friends-to-lovers energy, as such, it is important to build a comfortable friendly relationship with him first. Try being funny, send him memes or funny videos you’d see on the internet.

The key here is to have fun while doing so, being genuine with what you do makes it all good for your Aquarius man.

3. Be friendly but mysterious…

 This is where the seduction part comes to play, always make sure that whenever you’re around him you are in your best self, wear your flattering dress or makeup but don’t try so hard that you’re making it seem like you’re flat-out trying to attract him. 

Play it cool, talk confidently, and do not show him that you are romantically interested in any way. Also give him little to no information about your personal life, in this way the more he’ll be fascinated with you the more chances he’ll get infatuated with you.

4. Challenge him!

When teasing or flirting with him try to challenge him into these games where you know he’ll be competitive enough to succeed. Keep him under wraps by showing your little competitive nature and intelligence.

Challenge him into games or debates! The more challenging you seem to be the more he’ll be attracted to you!

5. Show your strong independent nature

An Aquarius man loves to have a woman whose strong, and independent and doesn’t care about other people’s opinions of her. Show this by living life to the fullest and by following the path you’ve chosen dedicated!

Whether it is your career, education, passion, or just about anything in life! The more independent you seem in his eyes the more he’s gonna be attracted to you! 

6. You must stand out from the crowd

It is good to showcase your successes or your unique abilities every once in a while, whether it’s with your friends or in a social setting like a big party, the more you stand out the more chances you being an immense candidate for your Aquarius man’s heart.

Be unconventional, think outside the box, and do something wild or crazy at a party where people will surely notice you, you can even tell him your unusual hobby or career, the more quirky or “weird” it seems to other people the more attractive it’s gonna be to your Aquarius man!

7. Don’t become attached

Do not! I repeat! Do not become attached or emotional with him! The power relies on you if you are just as detached as him. This way you can play more games with your Aquarius man and the more chances of him falling in love with you! Take it slow and let the flow of attraction go between the both of you.

Do not ask him out on the usual dates. You need to show that you are one carefree person who doesn’t bother. The more you don’t seem to care the more your Aquarius man will be forced to know you more.

You can also try to seduce him by having good body language and by showing off your inner seductress, always remember to dedicate yourself to being the most carefree, light-hearted yet alluring woman in the room. This will help you win his heart in the long run! 

Aquarius: The Eccentric Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Aquarius man is advanced, intelligent, calm, clever, exceptional, powerful, confident, and truly gifted in terms of his God-given abilities. He is a one-of-a-kind person who relishes being unique and speaking his mind without filter.

Because he is ruled by Saturn and Uranus there can be some sort of inner conflict within him. Whether he should be a rebel or a law-abiding man.

Your Aquarian man is ruled by the element of air. Like the form of air, Aquarius lacks a distinct form and cannot be held down by any social norms or construct, they build their world through their imagination.

Nevertheless, your Aquarius man is still known to be calm and sensitive and pursues humanitarian aid to assist people, especially those who are helpless and voiceless.

If you truly want to seduce your Aquarius man you must know what he truly likes in a woman and embody it in you while still keeping your personality, you can seduce him with your uniqueness and quirkiness. 

Also, follow the steps carefully and you’ll be sure that your Aquarius man will be immensely obsessed with you! Be ready to see the magic happens once you start dealing with him carefully!

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