Why is your Aquarius Man Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to talk about your Aquarius man and his jealousy issues! His reasons why he is jealous and the most obvious signs that he is jealous! So sit back and enjoy as we unfold the psychology of your Aquarius man!

The Aquarius man is the 11th sign of the zodiac wheel, incredibly smart, and thinks outside of the box he may be perceived as weird and quirky by others due to his unconventional ways of living his life but the truth is he doesn’t care, and wouldn’t give a damn!

Your Aquarius man is a fixed air sign ruled by the rebellious and revolutionary Uranus. The energy of this sign will always be unconventional and truth-seeking. He wouldn’t give a damn about anyone’s opinions he only cares about what he perceives as progression.

An Aquarius man in a relationship is truly rare and unique. This sign doesn’t evolve much around romantic relationships and would only get into one if he deems the relationship to be mutually passionate and that there is something that clicks between the both of you.

However, whenever he gets jealous his feelings can be alienating to him getting him into the deep abyss of confusion and soul-searching, like other distant signs he tends to repress his feelings to the point that he gets cold and becomes incredibly unreachable to the point that you might feel like he is ghosting you!

With all of that said let’s tackle more on the reason why your Aquarius man is jealous and how jealous can she be!

Let’s go!

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How Jealous Can Your Aquarius Man Be?

Jealousy level: 6/10

Your Aquarius man doesn’t entertain too many emotions he deems them unworthy and he even prides himself in not “feeling” the conventional emotions most humans have. This is far from the truth that he feels. Usually, his emotions are often a separate entity from his body that can alienate him.

This can make him spaced out, distant, and aloof which others and his partner might deem him as cold and unresponsive.

Usually, the trauma of an Aquarius man is being unnoticed and being under-appreciated in his home life which in later life might make him susceptible to building enough defenses to inhibit a person from getting into him.

With all of that in mind, one of the repressed emotions he might experience is jealousy. He will try and act as if he doesn’t feel it but it’s gonna be bottled up inside until it reached a breaking point where he might lash out and have a temper similar to Leo’s temper,

The thing with him is that he is an overall kind-hearted person and that he doesn’t feel jealous easily either some circumstances made him think a different way or there are presented shreds of evidence that could prove that his jealousy was real.

Either way, an Aquarius man’s jealousy is cold and aloof often icy, and built with plenty of barriers that can be incredibly difficult to break or reach…. 

Signs Your Aquarius Man Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. He uses humor to deflect pain

Your Aquarius man is naturally witty and quirky as such any sign of emotion he’s feeling will be buried and will be instead replaced by some random funny joke about himself or the situation that he is currently facing. The joke can be awkward or a subtle hit on the person he is jealous of!

2. He’ll act superior and intelligent

The second sign that your Aquarius man is jealous is that he will act superior and intelligent, especially in front of the person he is jealous of!

If you’ve noticed that he’s becoming more substantially snob and provides intellect to the group without notice then he is trying to gain control of the situation by acting superior!

3. He will be focused on his passion more than the relationship

Another part of his built-in defense mechanism is his desire to run from the problems he is facing rather than facing them with emotional and vulnerable qualities. 

With that said you’ll notice that he will act or appear too busy or show you how dedicated he is to his work, career, or passion this can be a sign that he’s running away from the vulnerability that he might face in the relationship.

4. He will be spaced out

Another Aquarian trait, with so many thoughts running around his head he’ll often be just in his head and spaced out.

Usually, you’ll feel energetical that there is something wrong that’s bothering him or that it could be a hunch that he is disliking the person whenever you feel this it usually is a good sign he is jealous!

5. He will try to go to parties and social scenes to tone down his voice…

He will try to go to parties and social scenes to tone down the blabbering voices and ideas in his head. This sign is pretty obvious as your Aquarius man is pretty introverted and can like a company that includes just you.

If you’re noticing he’s more into parties now it could be a defense mechanism to hide his pain and jealousy…

6. He will despise the person on social media

The sixth sign that your Aquarius man is jealous is that he will despise the person on social media!

He might block or unfriend the person or even make subtle jokes about his jealousy or the person he dislikes. The jokes can be witty but they will be a remark on what he feels deep inside so watch out for his social media posts!

7. He’ll tell you eventually…

The last sign but the most flat-out obvious that he is jealous is that you’ll hear it from his mouth. Either because he’s had enough or he has bottled up every emotion that he couldn’t comprehend anymore. The reason will be clear and you will know the reason why he is so jealous of the person…

How to stop your Aquarius Man from being Jealous!

To stop your Aquarius man from being jealous you must corner him to express his emotions. Tell him you know how he feels and that you will try to distance or even cut the person off from your life! This is the simplest yet most effective way to cut that jealousy down from his heart!

Talk to him properly, in a calm and understanding manner. Tell him the sincerest words that you’re heart has. Tell him how much you truly and deeply love him and tell him that you have been faithful always and that you’ll do the necessary things to cut that person out from your life!

Your Aquarius man is simple and easy.

He doesn’t play around that much and once you’ve said that to him it would pretty much be a done deal! No matter how easy it might be you must also incorporate plenty of words of affirmation and acts of service to truly sure he feels loved and wanted in the relationship.

Give him a cup of coffee, make him remember the errands he is about to do, and make sure he gets his daily dose of vitamins. Some of those are examples of simple gestures you can do to make him feel loved and secure in the relationship! Surely in no time he will feel better and will be good all over again!

Aquarius Man and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

Your Aquarius man is advanced, self-reliant, clever, and exceptional in his way of thinking! The good thing about your Aquarius man is that he doesn’t get himself carried by his own emotions way too easily because of that he has a good sense of self and self-control!

Do the things aforementioned above and you’ll surely cure your Aquarius man’s jealousy and make the relationship more open and understanding which will then secure you a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with him!

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