Does an Aquarius Man Cheat?

Are you afraid that your Aquarius man might be cheating on you? Do not worry! In this article, we’re going to give you an insider on how to catch your Aquarius man if he’s cheating on you and also give you insights as to why he would cheat on you!

An Aquarius man can and will cheat on you because he feels like giving a try on a committed monogamous relationship is restricting his freedom and full capability to experience fun, an Aquarius man also cheats to regain control or he just struggles with commitment in the first place.

The Aquarius man is the fiercely independent man of the zodiac wheel, smart, outstanding, brilliant, and one of a kind, this man can be seen as unconventional and quirky by other people, nevertheless, his erratic and moody behavior can make him try some impulsive and rebellious things in his lifetime.

When in love, your Aquarius man will be more of a friend and a lover at the same time, he will be extremely keen on supporting you and will be there to bring optimism and hope, at the same time his erratic sex drive can make him experimental in bed…

Nonetheless, this wild and independent zodiac sign is a bit hard to catch because Aquarius men in general because they struggle with commitment, they can either be loyal or completely detached from you, there’s no in-between.

With that said, there can be several ways why your Aquarius man would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would your Aquarius man cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if he’s betraying you behind your back!

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Let’s dig deep!

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Are Aquarius Men More Likely to Cheat?

Ruled by traditional Saturn and rebellious Uranus, the Aquarius man isn’t likely to be the kind of guy who’d be into random hookups and flings, because of his social awkwardness, he can be rather focused on other things that are important to him such as advance science or occult.

With that said, Aquarius men aren’t likely to cheat once they are in a committed long-term relationship, they are faithful and are transfixed once in love, however, there can be some exceptions.

If the relationship is abusive and is constricting his freedom and his freedom of expressing himself and his work, he can turn volatile and detached from his partner who he deems as abusing him by restricting him of the freedom he needs.

He can also cheat if the shadow side of being moody and erratic comes to play, he’ll be more inclined to cheat with someone who he feels and thinks can understand him and can sympathize with his work and actions.

Overall, a developed Aquarius man who is inclined to express his light side will be more in tune with healing himself and others, on a collective level most especially his partner, he will be faithful and loyal and show his love in the most surprising and unusual ways possible, he may seem pretty aloof to everyone but not you.

A truly loving and gentle Aquarius man will not be afraid to tell you how he feels and he will express his passionate love towards you, you will feel his energy directly and you will be at the time of your life! Aside from that, he will be a great best friend and confidant by your side…

The Aquarius man will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has similar Air placements (Libra, Gemini) and fiery fire placements (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), the relationships formed with these placements are deemed long-term because they are compatible in terms of outlooks in the relationship!

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Why Do Aquarius Men Cheat?

There can several reasons why an Aquarius man would cheat on you, to start, Aquarius men aren’t known to be promiscuous, it takes time for them to fall in love, and sometimes it is even impossible for them to fall in love.

Aquarius men are ruled by Saturn and Uranus, both are very heavy and traditionally masculine planets, these planets do not govern love, romance, or the pleasure of life, these planets are extremely heavy to deal with, making Aquarius men powerful in their own right.

With that said, Aquarius men don’t pursue love and romance, they usually have their minds on goal with something else, this can make them intensely forward and direct in many social interactions, they lack the flirting skills to attract anyone but they can certainly attract people with their wit and undeniable intelligence.

It is certainly possible that Aquarius men can cheat on their partners but the chances are very slim to none, the fixed modality along with the heavy energy of the planets he is ruled by makes him incredibly committed to the relationship.

The cold fortress where they put their heart seems far reached and intimidating to some people but he is more open to good friendships, remember that the sign of Aquarius deals heavily with collective consciousness, meaning more platonic friendships rather than the usual love and pleasure romance some signs have.

It is also important to know that an Aquarius man is a man who lives in his thoughts and ideas which means he is more mental than physical, he builds mental connections more easily rather than the typical romance you have with other people.

With that said, an Aquarius man will cheat if he feels he is deeply misunderstood in a relationship, no matter how good the sex is or how fun the relationship is, if he feels neglected and is not mentally connected to his partner he will be reconsidering finding another partner who he feels understands him.

He will also cheat to regain control and momentum in his relationship if he feels he is being controlled or his freedom or expression of himself is being reduced to cinders, or if he is being shamed for liking the creative or quirky pursuits he has, he will begin being erratic and turn distant to his partner.

Thus making him more likely to cheat, alongside that, in general, if an Aquarius man is more inclined to his shadow negative self, he will be more inclined to cheat whether he’s in a romantic relationship.

This is because of his wrong ideas and morals that gaining absolute freedom means getting and experiencing whatever he wants therefore if he feels like going to another woman he just met then he’s always right.

A shadow-inclined Aquarius man will be non-committal even if he is in a romantic relationship, he deems that he can have absolute freedom and nobody can stop him even his partner, this can be incredibly toxic and draining to the partner who put time, effort, and trust to the Aquarius man.

With that said, if there is some sort of incompatibility in your relationship with your Aquarius man, it is best to have a heart-to-heart talk with him and tell him what’s up, express how you can still support his ideas and interest without hurting yours.

Remember that talking things out, especially the problems that are difficult to express and say is one of the most crucial things to do in building a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with him, however, if you feel something is still off and you feel he is seeing someone else then it is best to investigate further…

How to Find out if your Aquarius Man is Cheating on you?

There can be obvious signs that your Aquarius man is cheating on you or is planning on replacing you, these potential signs must be an early warning sign to leave and cut off the potentially damaging effects of the toxic relationship that will be brought upon by the deceit and lies of cheating.

The first sign that your Aquarius man is cheating on you is that he will be extra distant to you, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you will feel it on a physical and vibrational level, he will be extremely cold and detached to you, he will also not engage in romantic affairs with you, this can be extremely alarming.

This means that he has fallen out of love and is not interested in you anymore, the second sign to look out for is his extreme secrecy towards you, he will lie and hide things from you such as about himself, his schedule, his whereabouts, the friends he meets up and so on.

The third sign is his lack of attention towards you, this usually means that he has his eyes and attention on someone else, the fourth sign you should also look out for is his body language, he will seem erratic and sometimes spaced out, often being happy staring at a blank space.

Sometimes he will be full of chaotic emotions which seems to be unusual to his usual composed body language, pay attention to his closed-off body language, scared and guilt-fueled eye contact, even when he’s staring at you there would be too much blinking, this is because his body is trying to bury the secrets that are in his thoughts.

The last sign that quickly determines your Aquarius man is cheating on you is he is telling you directly that he feels his relationship with you is a “burden” to him, he will tell things that can subtly mean he wants out of the relationship.

Overall, you will see that the passion and romance are dead in your relationship and it feels like the relationship has become one-sided already and he’s not giving any attention to the relationship.

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Final Verdict: Cut off the Cord and Leave your Cheating Aquarius Man

A cheating and lying Aquarius man has an egomania and superiority complex that is far more out of reach than the stereotypical egoistic Leo man, he cheats because he simply wants to and he cheats because he demands freedom at all costs, no matter how hurtful he might be n his partner.

The Aquarius man will cheat if he wants to and if you ever get back to him he will most certainly still cheat, the only way for him to stop cheating and be genuine in him committing to a relationship is if he finally heals the wounds in his heart that’s making him subconsciously act up.

Remember that you can never fix your unhealed Aquarius man, he will only make your life get worse, and no matter what you do there can be no fixing to the undoing he did to your relationship, the best way is the way out, cut him off from your life immediately.

With that said, it will not be worth it even if you ever get back together with your Aquarius man who you solemnly trusted and you got betrayed in return, let him suffer the consequences of his action by not doing anything.

Instead of hurting yourself and putting yourself in a situation of non-growth, try to let go of the situation and focus more on being selfish with yourself, love yourself more, enjoy quality time with family and friends and most of all do not close your heart to potential love interests!

Always remember that real love will not hurt you, genuine love will be easy-going and free-flowing, full of passion and commitment, when healing, try to be as open to receiving love to attract love…

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