5 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Playing You

An Aquarius man not wanting a committed relationship might not be so surprising. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the signs when he is using you for his own advantage. If you want to know if an Aquarius man is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When an Aquarius man is playing you, he will be selfish and will criticize you for no particular reason. He always has something to say about you. He will avoid spending time with you, and his mood will constantly change which may be confusing for you.

He will be unreliable and won’t be able to keep his promises.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Aquarius man.

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That said, let’s first review what he is like in love.

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Characteristics Of An Aquarius Man Playing You

He is communicative

Even if he may not be a great social butterfly, an Aquarius man appreciates having in-depth conversations with the right person. He almost always looks forward to meeting you since he feels at ease in your presence and is almost always prepared to do so.

He may love you enough to open up to you if he shares more information about himself with you.

An Aquarius man is a thoughtful thinker who seeks to fully understand you by engaging in deep, meaningful conversations. He also makes an effort to connect with you by seeking out your viewpoints and opinions on many issues.

An Aquarius man is not one to freely divulge such information to others unless he trusts you.

He is attentive

If an Aquarius man is in love with you, he won’t flirt with other women and will only be focused on you. He would give you his full attention and spend time with you whenever he can. He shares everything with you without holding back, even when he cries his heart out.

An Aquarius man will also present you with his true self.

You always have an Aquarius man’s full attention, so you never have to compete for it. He pays close attention to what you say because he wants to know more about you. In fact, you’ll feel like the center of attention while you’re around him.

An Aquarius man has a reputation for being highly unselfish and devoted to his partner.

He is romantic

Because an Aquarius man cares about you so much, he wants you to feel his romantic feelings for you. Furthermore, he goes above and above to make you feel special by doing the little things for you. Though he might not be a very expressive person, he knows how to romance the one he loves.

An Aquarius man makes sure you have a nice time by carefully planning dates and taking everything into account.

In private, an Aquarius man smothers you with kisses and hugs and doesn’t hold back from showing his love and care for you; he may not hold your hand in public since he dislikes PDA. Knowing that you are the one for him means that he will not hesitate to commit to you and spoil you with romantic gestures.

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Characteristics An Aquarius Man Dislikes In A Woman


The Aquarius man can be quickly turned off by a clinging, uninteresting, and boring woman. He seeks independence and detachment because he doesn’t really care about what people think of him because he is pursuing important goals in life.

A woman who continually inquires about his whereabouts or raises doubts about his friendship with other women won’t win his approval.

A self-assured, self-driven woman who can take care of her life and doesn’t drain an Aquarius man’s vitality by pursuing her goals is what he needs. He greatly admires a powerful woman who makes her own decisions and builds her own path.

Additionally, he is content with someone who lets him be who he is and never tries to guide or change him.


Throughout the relationship, an Aquarius man needs to experience adventure. He will inevitably lose interest in love if it becomes routine or boring. When he is present, he wants someone who is expressive and keeps things light-hearted. An Aquarius man is not seeking an argumentative, emotional opponent.

He will always choose a woman who has the ability to question him in a respectful and intelligent way.

The goal here is to keep him interested and make him want you more. Put an end to being overly accessible to the Aquarius man and you don’t have to tell him about every move you make or surprise him with enjoyable things.


It’s a mistake to assume your Aquarius man will follow your perspective if you have a dominant personality. He adheres to his ideas and principles and refuses to follow the conventional rules and customs that he finds intolerable.

The Aquarius man needs to feel unburdened in order to avoid looking for ways to get away.

Allow him to have his own opinions about the world; don’t influence them; doing so will only make him resentful and lead you to grow apart. Therefore, never try to dominate an Aquarius man, and appreciate his viewpoint or line of thinking rather than criticize it.

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5 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Playing You

He criticizes you

When an Aquarius man often plays with your feelings, you can already sense it when he is being critical of you. Even if he may flatter you and sincerely make you feel good about yourself, he may nonetheless insult you. An Aquarius man’s subtle criticism of you is an example of manipulation.

An Aquarius man is aware of your sensitivity to him and feels somewhat confident that he can get away with being critical. When you want something to happen a certain way, he will be disrespectful. An Aquarius man’s consideration towards your feelings will be nonexistent.

Making you feel less than you are in order to boost his ego is a significant warning sign that he is playing with you.

He avoids you

Without giving you any information about where he is, he will avoid you and be completely out of reach.

However, an Aquarius man will have a list of favors to request when he returns. When you provide without ever receiving anything in return and he feels entitled to perks, it seems like a wholly one-sided relationship.

He will avoid you and will only come back when he needs something or when it is convenient for him.

Recognize that an Aquarius man is playing a mind trick if he starts giving you reasons why he can’t attend important occasions or isn’t there for you when you most need him. He wants you to keep wanting him even if his absence leaves a huge impact.

He is selfish

An Aquarius man will be unable to hide the fact that everything revolves around him when he is trying to play you. It must always be what he desires or what he believes to be the proper course of action. There is nothing remarkable about the way he selfishly treats you, and you don’t feel like he cares.

Both of you may struggle to create lasting memories with one another because the relationship is more about him. Every day, an Aquarius man shows less concern for your feelings and shows more interest in how he might gain from the relationship.

This behavior suggests that he may not truly love you and is only using you for his own benefit.

He is moody

An Aquarius man is playing mind tricks on you if his emotions and mood seem to change suddenly. It’s a warning if he snaps at you when you least expect it or when he seems displeased about something minor that you did. You won’t be able to pinpoint the source of his feelings or the reason behind his behavior.

An Aquarius man doesn’t need to try to control you by seeming like the victim or moody if he truly loves you. Even if you’ve told him or opened up to him, he won’t listen since he doesn’t want to waste time getting to know you and developing a lasting relationship.

He is unreliable

An Aquarius man who is lying to you will make promises in an effort to seduce you and maintain the relationship. He will make you promise that he will change, but you will realize that he is not making an effort to change.

If he never starts a talk about a bright future with you, he will be shying away from engaging himself seriously with you.

If you manage to communicate with him about his unreliability and he responds by making hollow promises to appease you, know that this is just another mind trick. It also demonstrates that he may not truly love you and he knows you’ll always forgive him, so he doesn’t think twice about doing it again.

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5 signs an Aquarius man is playing you, final thoughts…

If an Aquarius man is playing you:

  • He criticizes you
  • He avoids you
  • He is selfish
  • He is moody
  • He is unreliable



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