5 Ways An Aquarius Man Handles Divorce

Because an Aquarius man is unpredictable and extremely detached, it can be hard to know how he is holding up after the breakup. If you want to know how an Aquarius man handles divorce, you have come to the right place.

An Aquarius man handles divorce by needing space to rethink what happened and to reflect on what went wrong in the relationship. However, you should expect that he may eventually become cold and will try to take revenge on you. An Aquarius man will still socialize and hang out with his friends.

Read further to know more about what an Aquarius man needs in a relationship and how to know when he is done with you!

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What An Aquarius Man Needs In A Relationship

To show his sweetheart how much he loves her, an Aquarius man has a lot of feelings he wants to communicate, but he doesn’t do it often. Additionally, he tends to be rather aloof and downplays the significance of emotions in general.

Be there for an Aquarius man if he wants to break the norm or try something new because this will immensely excite him.

You’ll need to crank up the humor, crack some sexy jokes, and act smartly without a doubt. A conversation partner who can engage him on an equal footing intellectually is something he values greatly. Always think of novel methods to perk things up and keep an Aquarius man interested.

Aquarius Man As A Husband

From a more optimistic perspective, the Aquarius man can actually have a lifetime of a good marriage. He’s the most fascinating and enjoyable sign native, so if you stop being interested in what’s going to happen next, you can drastically lower all of your chances of getting married to him.

An Aquarius man is not at all drawn to the thought of being a spouse since he does not, deep down, feel that people actually belong to one another. This sign and the woman he wants to marry might actually have an open relationship if they choose to stay together forever.

It’s crucial that you behave in the same way as an Aquarius man does because he might never be possessive or domineering.

When An Aquarius Man Is Done With You

You might notice that an Aquarius man stops showing you affection and gives you silent treatment when he is done with you. When this sign acts out and engages in antagonistic communication with you, it’s another obvious indication that he no longer sees your relationship as a possibility.

An Aquarius man can even start to lose interest in you altogether and put no effort into saving your relationship.

An Aquarius man frequently expresses his opinions in a brutally honest manner. He will also be overly harsh and nasty toward you once he decides that the relationship with you is over. You’re probably right if you have a gut feeling that an Aquarius man is putting distance between you on purpose.

2 Ways To Break Up With An Aquarius Man

Hear him out

Just keep in mind to avoid giving in to flattery or pity because doing so can make him believe he has the power to sway your opinion. Show an Aquarius man that you are open to the idea of letting him open up to you, but be clear that you have made the decision to move on.

If what an Aquarius man says has any meaning for you, then let the experience lead you to reflection. Having said that, his statements shouldn’t make you feel horrible about yourself; rather, they should give you an excuse to spend some time alone.

Let him understand

Keeping an Aquarius man’s focus on you could be challenging since he might act as though you aren’t serious about ending your relationship. Without your bringing up the subject at all, you can find that he withdraws from you if he senses that there is tension between you.

It would be ideal for you to get right to the point and let an Aquarius man understand that you are serious because of this.

You can anticipate that he would pull away from you right away because this could be a defensive move designed to buy him some time to consider his options. Instead of being harsh in breaking up with an Aquarius man, try to be direct and courteous.

5 Ways An Aquarius Man Handles Divorce

He becomes cold

An Aquarius man gives you the silent treatment by becoming cold and distant and building a wall around his heart. He prefers to entirely erase you from his life, which is a pretty belittling yet expected attitude for this sign.

An Aquarius man doesn’t handle feelings and emotions well. Thus, this includes removing anything that reminds him of you or the pictures of you together.

An Aquarius man is fiercely independent, so once he makes the decision to end a relationship, he most likely won’t go back. Moreover, you won’t hear from this sign ever again once he’s gone from your life.

But an Aquarius man won’t find love again very quickly either because he is quite selective in who he chooses to date.

He takes revenge

An Aquarius man won’t be eager to take revenge if you make the mistake of betraying or upsetting him. But you may think that you have been forgiven as a result, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. An Aquarius man doesn’t care if both of you are alone or create a commotion when this occurs.

Even though an Aquarius man does not typically harbor long-lasting grudges, if he becomes sufficiently angered, he will always remember any harm done to him. If you provoke him further, this sign will also express his darker side without hesitation.

An Aquarius man will yell at you and point up all the things you did wrong during your relationship, and things could get very ugly.

He will reflect

An Aquarius man will have a distant, analytical, and logical perspective on divorce.

He will devise explanations for why the relationship didn’t work out and come to terms with it. Many partners may think that an Aquarius man is insensitive and doesn’t care at all because of this laid-back, indifferent attitude, but that’s not quite accurate.

Simply put, it indicates that an Aquarius man is quick to accept the facts of the situation and does not allow himself to wallow in self-pity or other types of emotions because he believes that doing so will not benefit him in the way that he perceives it.

He might go through a few days of hurt and insecurity, but after a few days, he will come to understand that he is so much more than that.

He socializes more

An Aquarius man has his own moral standards and expects everyone, including his partner, to uphold them as well since he believes that he is the standard of morality.

He will be hurt and outraged if a partner crosses the line, but if you have shown yourself to be a real friend, he will probably not dump you right away.

When an Aquarius man is grieving for someone, he will seek out his other friends and spend most of his time with them. In fact, you may notice that he is spending more time with his other friends before a breakup really occurs, which could be a hint that he is considering ending things.

He may need space

If you want to get back with an Aquarius, just know that he may need space to think about it. Pushing him to forgive you and pleading with him to come back to you are two things you must never do. You won’t have a chance of winning him back since an Aquarius man views this kind of behavior as unworthy.

You should just let an Aquarius man go for the time being if you want to get him back. Trying to hold on to this sign will make them want to leave you even more. Even worse, if you act out and try to play the victim card, it will only make them disapprove of you.

An Aquarius man, though, could appreciate you giving him some space to think.

5 ways an Aquarius man handles divorce, final thoughts…

  • He becomes cold
  • He takes revenge
  • He will reflect
  • He socializes more
  • He may need space



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