5 Ways An Aquarius Woman Handles Divorce

Although an Aquarius woman will have a logical approach toward a breakup, she will still feel her emotions deeply. If you want to know how an Aquarius woman handles divorce, you have come to the right place.

An Aquarius woman handles divorce by becoming antisocial and acting like the breakup is not affecting her as much. She will immediately move on and distract herself by engaging in new activities. An Aquarius woman won’t hold any grudges toward you and will most likely maintain a friendship with you.

It is also important to know what an Aquarius woman needs in a relationship and how to know when she is done with you. Read further!

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What An Aquarius Woman Needs In A Relationship

Although many people think an Aquarius woman is careless, innocent, or even naive, the truth is that she dislikes being restrained. Give her some room and resist the want to cling; you’ll be surprised at how soon she warms up.

Never settle into a habit; if you do, your Aquarius woman will stop appreciating and loving you.

Always provide her with fresh challenges because she could get distant and colder as the conversation grows monotonous or as she completely confesses her romantic intentions. For the Aquarius woman, a relationship is more like a mental journey down an idealistic route than it is an emotional affair.

Aquarius Woman As A Wife

Being married to an Aquarius woman is not always simple, but it is undoubtedly unique, intriguing, and in line with what the demands of contemporary society need. If she ever decides to take this step, she typically marries a man who is both stimulating and open-minded relatively late in life.

An Aquarius woman needs to make sure she and her partner get enough alone time if she wants her marriage to last.

In her marriage with the man she chooses to marry, they’ll both have equal obligations and make concessions for each other, and the Aquarius woman would hate to think of marriage as a union in which the man is governing since she expects equality, loyalty, and to receive a lot of affection from her man.

When An Aquarius Woman Is Done With You

An Aquarius woman may act quite coldly if she is done with your relationship, especially if you did something to hurt or insult her. Be aware that despite her hard, emotionless demeanor, this sign can be essentially incredibly sensitive.

It’s possible that an Aquarius woman acting in this way is genuinely in great pain.

If you see an Aquarius woman out and about, she might not acknowledge you if she’s completely over the relationship and has no interest in maintaining a friendship. If she feels disrespected or unfairly treated, she is more prone to act in this way.

An Aquarius woman might be trying to ruin the relationship and has no intention of fixing it.

2 Ways To Break Up With An Aquarius Woman

Be honest

You will definitely agree that being honest with an Aquarius woman is important. But you might want to phrase your words in a way that makes her realize she’d be better off without you.

It would be better for you to stay away from certain things that will only increase stress in the scenario as soon as you notice that you are about to make a mistake that could result in an argument.

You should refrain from insulting an Aquarius woman because doing so can make her act defensively. Create a future vision for her to think about instead; this will divert her focus. You should also continue to be aware of the possible ways an Aquarius woman might respond to you.

Hear her side

You would do yourself well to let an Aquarius woman lead the talk after you have made your opinion known. This will prevent her from becoming overwhelmed by irritations and disappointments and allow her to express herself in a mature manner.

It would be in your best interest to show an Aquarius woman respect and be open to her ideas when they are expressed. However, you may expect that there will always be underlying anger in her statements because you are ending your relationship with her.

Aim for mutual understanding and resolution whenever you can to prevent future issues from arising.

5 Ways An Aquarius Woman Handles Divorce

She acts cold

Although this method of handling her pain may come out as childish, it is simply how an Aquarius woman adapts. She will feel things, whether or not she expresses them in unexpected ways, and deep down, she knows that she requires help from her friends and family to get better.

When it comes to expressing her feelings, an Aquarius woman can be quite reserved and closed off.

It can almost feel like an Aquarius woman never really cared about you, leaving you to wonder if she was genuinely interested in you.

This does not imply that she could care less; rather, it suggests that she is aware of the obvious fact that she does not dwell on her true emotions for very long because doing so does not benefit her.

She distracts herself

Although her calm demeanor might suggest otherwise, an Aquarius woman finds it difficult to go forward, yet for the visionary of the zodiac, it is crucial to keep her attention on her future.

She may even like reestablishing her isolation after becoming so entangled in another person, which is why she will engage in a new activity to distract herself.

An Aquarius woman may even start to think that she prefers being single because it expands her intellectual options and gives her more time to dedicate to her hobbies. In order to move closer to a place where she can just be joyful and genuinely okay, she will decide not to focus on or worry about how she actually feels.

She becomes antisocial

Simply put, an Aquarius woman will become more and more antisocial.

She is not required to listen to anyone’s words of encouragement, and she won’t bother trying to connect with anyone. Since an Aquarius woman never considers everyone else’s opinion when making decisions, her justification for the breakup may be extremely plausible.

It’s challenging for an Aquarius woman to interact on a personal basis since she is driven to improve the world and connect with the entire collective.

She will always intellectualize what happened and consider every triumph or failure she has experienced in the relationship, regardless of who recommended the divorce.

She remains a friend

The Aquarius woman will probably recommend staying close friends with you after going through a divorce. However, you should quit thinking that both of you might get back together because the likelihood of that is extremely low.

Keep in mind that an Aquarius woman treats love more like a business and is very cold and detached.

It won’t be hard to dump an Aquarius woman because it’s uncommon for her to harbor resentment, but it doesn’t imply that she never really cared about the relationship. The good news is that she can remain friends with their ex-partners forever, and nobody is a better friend than they are.

She moves on

An Aquarius woman is sensitive at her core, so it seems sensible that she would want to leave the relationship in a way that made her feel the least guilty for having hurt you. When this sign wants to leave, it is impossible to notice anything weird about her.

When an Aquarius woman feels like it, she will simply take her belongings and depart without saying goodbye.

Moving on is challenging for her because it will take her some time to develop a deep relationship with another man, and she won’t open up right away. This does not, however, prevent an Aquarius woman from moving on, and she won’t be beating herself up by constantly thinking about what happened.

5 ways an Aquarius woman handles divorce, final thoughts…

  • She acts cold
  • She distracts herself
  • She becomes antisocial
  • She remains a friend
  • She moves on



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