How does an Aquarius Man Express Love?

How does an Aquarius man express his romantic feelings to his partner? How will the partner feel in the relationship?

Worry no more because in this article we are going to show you how an Aquarius man expresses all of that to his partner! We will also give you romantic and sexual tips to get your Aquarius man to express more of his love to you!

Let’s jump right in!

Aquarius man expresses his love by offering you an eccentric love, it can be a quirky feeling or gesture but you will truly feel it in your bone, his romantic feelings will be shown more as an act of love and service, this is because he has trouble emotionally expressing his feelings!

Your Aquarius man is the 11th sign of the zodiac, intelligent, unusual in his ways, his personality is quite eccentric out of all the zodiac signs. With that said his interests and hobbies are typically out of the scope of what most people do.

He likes to shock people with his uniqueness and you will see it greatly with his scope of actions.

Aquarius is the archetype of the reformer. Deep in his facade of a friendly yet detached personality, he seeks a greater collective of good and kindness. He dreams of reforming a broken society into a better one.

He wants to illuminate society with a brighter future. He seeks the truth, and because of that, he can be very passionate about activism. He will be a part of a certain collective movement that seeks radical change in society…

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With all of that said, the Aquarius man expresses his love differently and uniquely. This makes him stand out from the other zodiac signs. Now let’s dive deep into the psychology of how an Aquarius man expresses his romantic and sexual feelings to his significant partner…. Let’s do it!

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How does an Aquarius Man express his feelings?

The Aquarius man seeks and expresses radical love. He does not live by the norms or tradition of how to express love. He doesn’t express love by saying it directly nor by giving expensive gifts and dates. Rather, he seeks and expresses his love by accepting you.

He believes you are worthy of love and he deeply shows that in his caring attitude towards you.

His love doesn’t show off or brag. His love is merely there to make you feel good about yourself. This is what makes an Aquarius man’s love different entirely. His love is unmotivated by reciprocation or reward, his love is unmotivated by showing others how good you both have it.

His love transcends your mind and soul.

Because of this, it may be hard to fully grasp an Aquarius man when he’s in a relationship with you. On the surface, he may seem like a regular guy, but on the inside, his energy is giving, and loving you is insurmountable! Your Aquarius man can be one of the most loving zodiac signs out there!

That said, he rarely says “I love you” for a reason. To some couples saying those three words often is reassuring that both love each other. But to him, he only says those words when he “really means them”. This means that his uttering of those words will be more heartfelt and powerful each time he says it to you.

An intellectual, thoughtful, and expert communicator, he will also show his love to you by being talkative and imaginative.

Your conversation should span all topics including yourselves, your family, your religion, your spirituality, your views about society, politics, media, sports, and certain Hollywood celebrities.  You can even talk about your interest in magic, the occult, and conspiracy theories…

He does this because he rarely talks and he would rather express all of his deep and hidden thoughts to a person that he truly loves and desires.

The conversation can be out of the place, chaotic and random but it will certainly be fun and mind-stimulating. When he does this with you, be sure to know that it’s one of his ways to truly express his love for you.

Along with this, during a romantic relationship with him, your Aquarius man will express his love to you by showing you a good time! It can either be by surprising you with creative hand-made gifts or he will try a daredevil stunt to surprise you!

Either way, those exciting experiences with him will truly strengthen your relationship with him.

In sex, your Aquarius man can be wild and adventurous. He can also be experimental and likes to take a variety of positions. He can also be incredibly loud in bed and can openly communicate his dirty feelings in a way that will turn his partner on.

You’ve got to be prepared for those wild freaky nights with your Aquarius man!

Overall, the love style of an Aquarius man is deeply eccentric and unique. He expresses a form of radical love in a relationship that is unconditional, forgiving, accepting, and deep understanding. He loves in his own way and isn’t dictated by traditional norms.

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How to get your Aquarius man to express his love to you?

Weirdness is greatly appreciated!

Having a funky aesthetic in terms of your whole personality is greatly appreciated by an Aquarius man! Show him that you are wildly different from others by telling him your perspective of things.

Try not to conform to typical traditions or norms in society. Think outside of the box. Think unconventional when doing things or when expressing your thoughts to your Aquarius man. By doing these you will certainly get him more to express his love for you!

Be real and upfront!

The most valuable trait that your Aquarius man greatly appreciates is your honesty. Do not lie or sneak around behind his back nor do things just to impress him! Be 100 percent real and upfront! When you are truly showing him what you feel and what you think, he will deem you more compatible with him!

Be straightforward in your words and actions instead of going sideways. Also, avoid any passive-aggressiveness in the relationship. This will only make things worse for both of you. Give him your honest, non-filtered opinion and thoughts. He will surely get more attracted to you if you do!

Cure his boredom by taking on an adventure with him!

Your Aquarius man has a downside trait. His erratic nature can make him easily bored. This is the reason why he hates following routines or doing things “the normal way”. He hates it when he is given those so it is best to cure the boredom by taking him on an adventure!

Take him on a wild ride! Late-night car rides or surprising him by going somewhere different. Somewhere he’s never been to! You can also ask him to go on a long trip with you. Preferably a long-distance or trip overseas.  He will almost certainly accept it! Try to be as adventurous as possible!

Make him laugh

Be a fun and humorous person to be around 24/7. Keep the energy more lighthearted and optimistic. Incorporate jokes or sarcasm into the relationship. He will certainly love and appreciate it. He prefers the lighter side better than having a relationship where it’s all heavy and gloomy…

Try to make him laugh by incorporating your humor into the conversation. Try doing experimental jokes. Try jokes that are random and unexpected. You can also try jokes that have sexual innuendoes or have flirting undertones. By doing these you will surely make your Aquarius man fall hard for you!

Stand your ground and believe in something that matters to you!

Your Aquarius man is deeply moved by activism and radical change. He’s moved by something that people hold onto and believe in!

With that said it is best to reaffirm what you truly believe is right and fight for it! Whether it’s activism about equal rights, the LGBT movement, global warming, the injustices in society, or whether it is a simple belief of how family or friendships are important.

It is best to show him that you are living this life to fight for something good. When you are showing him that you are active, independent, and outspoken in your actions and words, the more he’ll let you into his heart!

By doing this you are surely making him fall harder for you!

Keep the sexual flame alive and burning! Tap into your raw primal sexuality! Have lots and lots of sex with him! This builds strength in the relationship!

With that said, mix things up and add variety when having sex with him. Try doing more interactive role-play where both of you can enjoy the role that you are assuming.

Try different positions. Try positions that bring him utmost pleasure. Try incorporating more sex toys into the bedroom.

Try doing sensual touching and kissing in his erogenous zones. Ask him what feels good. By keeping your sexual flame alive and burning, the more reason he’ll open up his love and affection towards you!

Be a great listener!

Last but not least! Always remember that your Aquarius man is a deeply communicative sign. Being in affinity with the air element, he lives to have his thoughts and ideas expressed and appreciated by people. You must be an active listener when your Aquarius man is opening up his feelings to you!

To be a great listener, be an active learner! Listen to learn more about him instead of listening just for the sake of being polite. Build rapport by asking thoughtful questions. Most importantly wait for him until he is finished before you start talking!

By doing this and showing him that you are an active listener, the more he will open up to you. And, the more he will open up his vulnerabilities to you! He is showing you that he surely loves you when he expresses more of his emotions to you!

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How an Aquarius Man shows love (& how to receive love from his!), final thoughts…

An Aquarius man’s love style is deeply cherishing. He deeply loves and cares for his partner and he isn’t selfish. He puts his partner’s needs ahead of his own. He is honest, pragmatic, and free-spirited.

An Intellectual. He is thoughtful, shocking, and creative whenever he does things to fully express his love for you. He is not selfish. He likes it more when you are growing independently in the relationship rather than being more clingy or attached to it…

Always remember to apply some of the things mentioned above to encourage him to express his love to you! By doing those things you will surely strengthen the relationship you have with your Aquarius man! Always remember that this is a surefire way to keep the relationship healthy and strong!

Remember that this is a general guideline for an Aquarius man. 

For the most accurate overview of how your Aquarius man expresses his love for you, other elements can come into play. The whole astrological profile is set out based on certain planets and other signs can have an influence on him! The only way to truly know is by setting up his birth chart!

You can set up an accurate birth chart for your partner by finding out his birthday and birth time as well as his location of birth. Remember that certain placements of the signs, houses, and planets in his birth chart can tweak or amplify the Aquarian energy that he has!



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