How To Talk Dirty To An Aquarius Man?

How To Talk Dirty To An Aquarius Man

If you have an Aquarius man in your life and you want to spice things up in your relationship, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to your quirky Aquarius man to make him cum and engaged with you sexually!

Weird dirty talk that is not the typical dirty talk is an Aquarius man’s turn-on.

Be casual and fun when talking dirty to him, try incorporating weird stuff that he’ll genuinely be curious about. For example, you can incorporate something off the wall, weird, or trippy to make the conversation more interesting for him.

Aquarius men are unconventional and out-of-the-box thinkers of the zodiac, because of these, the traits they manifest can make them rebellious and flighty, although in matters of love and sex, once they set their mind to you, they can be great friends and partners in one.

in terms of sex, your Aquarius man will be extremely progressive, he might try different ways to please you and himself, he’s into weird quirks and fetishes, and he is definitely aroused by a woman who is independent and knows how to lead.

With that said, there are certain ways to fully arouse him. In this article, we’re going to show you how to talk dirty to your Aquarius man when you’re with him, and if you’re talking dirty to him through your phone…

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How to turn on an Aquarius man through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To An Aquarius Man

When you’re talking dirty to your Aquarius man you must match his unusual and seemingly alien-like energy, he’s fond of anything that’s out of this world like the supernatural, and incorporating it into your way of talking dirty to him makes him engaged 100%

Be quirky and smart when talking dirty to him, incorporate a lot of humor accompanied by casualness, say things like “I would love to have a space invasion down there in my…” or say nasty things like “I would like to explore different weird stuff with you…in the bedroom of course!”

The casual tone accompanied by quirkiness and humor will make him engage and lead more to the conversation, when you’re feeling this you must be able to approach him in a direct and blunt manner.

He loves women who know how to please themselves and be independent with their bodies, as such, when you’re on it, feel it and be 

Be friendly and exude charm and lightness in the way you’re talking to her. Do not be overly serious or make dirty talk about forcing control.

As much as he gives you the freedom to do and express whatever your desires are you must be able to also let him be free of any constrictions.

That’s why it is important to let go of any restrictions, he would very much enjoy the dirty talk if you’re expressing yourself freely too.

So as much as you want to make the dirty talk unconventional and quirky, you must tell him what really turns you on and what pleasures you the most in bed…

Do these and you’ll be sure to have your Aquarius man fawning over you!

How to talk dirty to an Aquarius man through text?

Share stories of you in the bedroom

How To Talk Dirty To An Aquarius Man

You need to build anticipation, in order to do this, you need to share with him stories of you doing kinky or wild things in the bedroom.

Most specifically what you do when you’re alone and in heat, makes him more imaginative and will be curious to know how you do it…

Intellectual dirty talk all the way!

Incorporate intellectual dirty talks when you talk to him through text!

Every time you talk dirty to him through text, incorporate more humorous but fun-filled dirty talks, it can be anything like talking about sex facts to him or anything that keeps his mind stimulated.

He’ll surely be engaged and will reciprocate with a more intellectual or humorous dirty message.

Ask him about his kinks

Ask him about his kinks, and let him tell his sexual stories and things that immensely turn him on.

In this way you’re able to know more about what turns him on, when you know what it is, tell him you’re down and you want to do it to him specifically.

The thought of his lover being immensely engaged to the kinks he has will give him happiness and pleasure like no other!

Explore your sexuality with him

How To Talk Dirty To An Aquarius Man

Be wild and free!

Show him what really pleasures you in the bedroom, the genuine showing of who you truly are and what you want deeply turns on your Aquarius man.

So go out there and explore what you really want in sex and love, this will surely turn on your Aquarius man.

Try on Kama Sutra

You can try sending him gifs or pictures of some kama sutra positions you might wanna try with him.

Because he is an avid explorer of different and unconventional sex practices he will surely love that you’re trying to explore new things with him.

Be wild and Independent

Tell him what turns you on no matter how freaky it might be, be wild and aggressive. Don’t be afraid to be blunt about sex and pleasure.

Having a confrontational attitude when talking dirty to him is a huge turn-on for him!

Be open-minded in experiencing sex with him

How To Talk Dirty To An Aquarius Man

Having sex with your Aquarius man is one of a kind, he is unique and shows his love in different ways possible, as such when you’re talking dirty to him you must be open-minded in talking about the things that are truly arousing and mind-boggling to him.

No matter how weird it may be to you, it is normal to an Aquarius man, as such going in with the flow or better yet matching his unique energy in sex is the best way to go!

Talking dirty to Aquarius man, final thoughts…

When talking dirty to an Aquarius man you must keep him engaged and interested…

Express your sexuality freely while incorporating humor and quirkiness into the conversation. He will surely love it!

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