Aquarius Man in Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Aquarius Man in Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Probably one of the kinkiest signs out there, it can be a little hard to keep up with an Aquarius man. However, turning him on can be far from how difficult it is to keep up with his pace. Here are some tips on how you can turn your Aquarius man.

To turn your Aquarius man on, you need to start with his mind and get to him intellectually. You also need to be experimental and be able to hit the right buttons. You can also study the tantric version of making love and arouse him by not jumping into the action right away. Be ready to spice it up!

These are just the tip of the iceberg. T

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That said, we still have a lot more to discuss on how you can turn your Aquarius man on. If you want him under your sheets, then keep scrolling and continue reading!

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Aquarius Man in Bed: What’s It Like…

Your Aquarius man in bed is about variety and trying out something new. This is because he is ruled by Uranus, the ruler of experimentation. He will also communicate with you very well while you’re doing the deed. He would ask him about how he can please you more. Lastly, he will be faithful!

Let’s get into it even more!

He is all about variety

Aquarius Man in Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Your Aquarius woman is all about trying something new. This is because he is ruled by the planet Uranus, which is a planet that is a ruler of rebellion and experimentation. He may be into people that are not the same race or the same culture as him. They are into things that are outside of what he normally sees.

He loves experimentation enough that he just does not want to keep it in the bedroom.

With an Aquarius man, there are no limits and boundaries. So, you better be ready for that. And if he sees that you can do what he wants to experience, he is going to be up for it. He may let people see you doing the deed, and you won’t even realize it.

He communicates with you

The best thing about your Aquarius man is that he wants to make sure that you are taking pleasure aside from him.

While doing the deed he will make sure that you are getting the pleasure you came for. He is very much into dirty talking that he will ask a lot of questions about how he can make the experience even better for you.

He likes being told that he is the best sexual partner you have ever had. This strokes his ego. And you know what happens when he does that? It turns him on even more!

He is faithful

Although he likes to experiment on different things and maybe into things that he does not normally see. But this does not mean that he will go around town making love to everybody. Remember that he is a fixed sign, and once he is fixed to a person, he is going to stay.

He is stubborn. And when he is in love, he is going to be faithful to you, and you know what’s even better? The sex will be amazing! Get ready to explore a lot of new things with this lover, and I promise you – you will never regret luring him into your sheets.

6 Tips to Turn On Your Aquarius Man in Bed

Start with his mind

Aquarius Man in Bed

Your Aquarius is an intelligent one. He is rebellious and does get with someone with who he does not have an emotional bond. He is very mental, and so what you really need to do to turn him on is get into his head. If you could appeal to his thoughts and fantasies, that would be the smartest thing to do!

This should happen before you even get some action with him. You can do this by sending him text messages that will surely turn him on. Make sure to insert some sexual stuff in your conversations. Ask him kinky questions that will get him excited to just devour you.

Be experimental

At this point, I have already said this too many times. Your Aquarius man is very experimental when it comes to sex. And he is going to be expecting his partner to be the same. He will want to try out new things once in a while.

So, it is important that you are playful in the bedroom. You can also use natural things such as oils, creams, and chocolates.

Play with this sort of stuff to get him down on his knees to get another round with you. Don’t just jump to the deed right away. It is important to build it up! However, make sure that he is not allergic to any of the things that you will play with.

Hit the right buttons

Aquarius Man in Bed

By hitting the right buttons, I mean do not just get into the private part right away. You should know how to touch him in the right places to turn him on. It may be kissing him on his neck. His sensitivity will be based on what he likes.

And when you finally figure out the things that you both like, repeat them.

His erogenous zone is the ankles and the calves. So, you should be sensual enough to play with him. You can play footsies with him. You can be at dinner, and you can take your foot and rub it under his ankles. That would make him go crazy!

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Study tantric version of making love

If you have not heard of tantric sex yet, this is an ancient Hinduism practice that aims to achieve a sensual and fulfilling sexual experience by being present at the moment. You should have studied a lot about it and hopefully have practiced it.

Beforehand, you should have had conversations about it just so there is something for him to look forward to.

Arouse him

Before the session starts, you should know how to arouse him without even getting into his private area. You can do this by massaging him and French kissing him. It is important that you also make use of available oils when you massage him. This is a way to tease him a little bit.

Be ready to spice it up

Aquarius Man in Bed, 6 Steamy Tips To Turn Him On

Do not be afraid to get out of your shell and go bold when you are getting it with an Aquarius man. Do not be afraid to bring erotic toys to spice up your experience with an Aquarius man. You can also wear a kinky costume like a schoolgirl or a housemaid.

This depends on what he wants. Do not be afraid to wear some sexy lingerie and cute little underwear!

Are Aquarius Men “Freaks” in Bed?

Yes! And that is no surprise anymore! A lot of Aquarius men like to hit you on your behind. These people are super lusty and are like sex kittens, especially to the people they love. They are the most unconventional sign, and their detachment can be puzzling. They are very much into BDSM and more!

I think this whole article sums up explaining why Aquarius men are one of the kinkiest of them all. They are open to trying out pretty much anything that has something to do with sexual pleasure. Name it, and they will deliver!

Your Aquarius man in bed, in a nutshell…

To turn your Aquarius man on, you need to:

  • Start with his mind
  • Be experimental
  • Hit the right buttons
  • Study tantric version of making love
  • Arouse him
  • Be ready to spice it up




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