Aquarius Man Kissing Style

Even if an Aquarius man considers being intimate a very important aspect of a relationship, he would prefer to live for the pleasurable moment. If you want to know the kissing style of an Aquarius man, you have come to the right place.

An Aquarius man’s kissing style is unpredictable and full of surprises. He will never want to have the same boring kissing style because he loves being creative. He is also playful and will make sure that the experience will be an exciting one for both sides.

In this article, you will also learn about the signs an Aquarius man wants to kiss you and what it means when he does. Read on!

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About The Aquarius Man

An Aquarius man is independent, resilient, and ruled by the element of air. He is a force of brilliance and hard work, excelling at both production and creativity. He is well known for being an excellent thinker and communicator.

He has the reputation of being a smart person who understands just how to address a situation without upsetting others around him. While an Aquarius man is mostly recognized for his strength and willpower, he may occasionally become very emotional when around the right person.

An Aquarius man will go all nice and understanding, conversational and compassionate, and willing to do anything to stand by your side when he falls in love. His elegance and sincerity may easily capture the hearts of many people by making others around him laugh out loud.

One of the most unique zodiac signs, an Aquarius man will stand out for his enthusiasm to pursue his passions and be a warm-hearted person thanks to his affection.

Is The Aquarius Man A Good Kisser?

Considering how obsessed and determined he may be while giving hugs and kisses, an Aquarius man is known to be an extremely good kisser. When kissing him, you will feel relaxed, cozy, and rather smooth.

He always embraces life’s flow and thinks that every encounter has to come naturally. If you kiss an Aquarius man, you won’t experience any pressure or worry.

The kissing style is indicative of the gentle and thoughtful nature that an Aquarius man is known for. There may be times when he finds it difficult to let go of his inhibitions and just enjoy his make-out sessions.

Yet, as an Aquarius man starts to relax and feel at ease, he masters the skill of kissing. He won’t falter in showering you with unanticipated, sweet kisses when it comes to becoming intimate with someone he genuinely loves.

Kissing Style Of An Aquarius Man

Being playful and fun, an Aquarius man prefers to lavish his lover with grand romantic gifts when he falls in love. He is always inventing new ways to play with her lover and to make their kisses more creative.

He will work hard to make pleasure the goal of his interactions with his partner, so every touch and movement he makes is deliberate. When playing the game of hooking up, an Aquarius man can, nonetheless, have unique methods of seduction and can’t miss a single heartbeat.

The Aquarius man’s kiss is unique, subtle, calming, and soothing. He will work hard to provide his lover with the best possible kiss she has ever had in her life. When he gets closer to you, he’ll make sure that you are focusing on him and in the moment.

You’ll have the impression that an Aquarius man is all there is right now. He would softly touch your lips, look into your eyes, and ask if you would want to be kissed again. This time, he would time his kiss to coincide with yours, transforming it into a make-out session, and you would wish it would never stop.

Relationships are viewed as an art form by an Aquarius man, who also values creativity and the desire to express himself in original and genuine ways. He is unpredictable as a partner and never delivers the same kind of kiss twice.

It’s enjoyable for an Aquarius man to employ his intuition and intellect while kissing, so he will try to anticipate his partner’s demands. There’s always a chance that something new may happen when you start kissing a man born under this sign.

What It Means When An Aquarius Man Wants To Kiss You

If an Aquarius man always lingers and could kiss you for hours, it’s one sign that he likes you. This is one of the telltale signals that the kiss meant something to him, and he’s willing to savor it with you for whatever length you like.

An Aquarius man who wants to kiss you all the time wants to make sure you enjoy the kiss and that you appreciate his style.

If you two are in a relationship, an Aquarius man is probably thinking about how much he loves you when you kiss. Even if you’re not yet official, the oxytocin rush that occurs when your lips are pressed together will make him feel good about yourself.

Signs You Should Kiss An Aquarius Man

He is honest

Your Aquarius man will tell you whether he likes the way you kiss, so you’ll never have to worry about that. In fact, he can occasionally be fairly tactless and may accidentally offend you by telling you he doesn’t like the way you kiss him or doesn’t like kissing you at all. An Aquarius man is not trying to offend you, he is just being honest.

You may take advantage of this by turning your kissing techniques into a seductive game. Ask seductively whether he enjoyed it after attempting techniques like nipping his bottom lip or sliding your tongue along his teeth.

An Aquarius man will offer you an honest response as a result of your kissing game, and you will discover how he prefers to be kissed in the future.

He needs excitement

If you constantly kiss him in the same manner, an Aquarius man will become tired of you and look for someone else who is more interesting to kiss. No matter how long you have been with this sign, resist the need to develop a routine kissing style. To pique an Aquarius man and maintain the spark, you need to switch things up.

Kiss him on portions of his body that have never had lip contact, or kiss him in places where he has never received a kiss before. To keep an Aquarius man on his toes and craving more, change up your kissing approach if you want to know how to make him follow you.

He has a hard time opening up

Don’t be hesitant to initiate contact with him; an Aquarius man appreciates bold, assertive women. Do not be reluctant to kiss him if you feel confident enough that he has feelings for you. An Aquarius woman likes women that pursue their goals and don’t play hard to get them.

You could wish to start the first kiss since it will give you a better idea of how your Aquarius man feels about you. It’s difficult for him to convey his emotions, so he may wait before kissing you if he is unsure of how to express his love for you or if he hasn’t yet processed them. Make it clear to an Aquarius man that you like him and aren’t hesitant to initiate contact.

Signs An Aquarius Man Wants To Kiss You

He becomes nervous

An Aquarius man will be fiddling with his fingers and pausing for extended periods of time if he is delaying. He gets nervous because he’s working up the nerve to approach you and kiss you by doing this. For an Aquarius man, the kiss barrier might seem like a significant challenge since it alters the dynamic of the relationship.

Awkwardness isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it indicates his mind is busy in a positive way, as we’ll go into more detail later. An Aquarius man often imagines the kiss and imagines your response in these hesitant, uncomfortable moments.

He may appear more hesitant or bashful than normal as he considers how the kiss will appear, feel, and how to best approach it.

He licks his lips

This is frequently an unconscious indication that an Aquarius man is getting ready to kiss you. Wherever he wishes to be touched, he will unconsciously touch that area of himself. You may bite your own lip or just playfully look into an Aquarius man’s mouth in return.

This might be done on purpose by an Aquarius man, but it could simply be an unintentional indication that he is concentrating on kissing. On the other hand, his concentration and attention will be pulled to your lips if his energy is drawn to kissing you.

He gets closer to your face

An Aquarius man is pushing the limits to see whether you feel at ease getting close to him by acting in this way. As he speaks to you, you could notice that he leans in closer or even attempts to whisper in your ear.

An Aquarius man may also do something subtle, like removing hair from your face just so he could move closer to you. Encourage him by demonstrating the same body language if it makes you feel comfortable. That could give an Aquarius man the boost in self-assurance he needs to go for the kiss.

Aquarius man kissing style, final thoughts…

When an Aquarius man kisses:

  • He is unpredictable
  • He is full of surprises
  • He is creative
  • He is playful



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