Where does your Aquarius Man like to be touched?

Do you want to know where your Aquarius man likes to be touched? Do you know how to work on these areas of sensitivity and pleasure? How do you massage, caress, and touch these areas of your Aquarius man? Do you want to know how to turn your Aquarius man on in foreplay by touching him?

Are you ready to amaze him with your moves? What kinds of touching, caressing, and massaging should you incorporate? What massage techniques should you do with these erogenous zones?

Worry no more! In this article, we are going to talk about how does your Aquarius man like to be touched in his erogenous areas? Where are his pleasure spots and how should you utilize the power of touch to bring immense sensations in these body areas?

Alongside that, we will also give you some insights on how to properly massage, touch, and caress these areas of sensitivity! We will give you some insider tips on the useful techniques especially techniques of massages that you can do to make your Aquarius man relaxed!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Aquarius man rules the calves and lower legs these are the areas you should focus on massaging or touching if you want to give immense pleasure and sensations to his body. Also, your Aquarius man is adventurous and experimentative when it comes to love, sex and pleasure so treat it like a game!

Be wild, fun, and passionate when touching him, and be sure to always show intense emotions when touching him. This makes him love you even more.

Aquarius men are the epitome of unconventional, mysterious, intelligent, and cool vibes. Cold to the front yet extremely warm-hearted when it comes to collective kindness and genuineness.

Aquarius men are quirky, intelligent, logical, and creative and are the men of the zodiac who are often marked for their bravery, intelligence, independence, and sometimes rebelliousness. 

Aquarian energy is about disruption and dismantling old limiting beliefs so Aquarius men or men with heavy Aquarius placements may be capable of creating great change in society. They are influential and powerful when they use their creative talents and passion.

Aquarius men are all about innovative change and progression. They’re the men who can be great leaders who can change the future of society for the better. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and is the eleventh sign of the zodiac wheel. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

Aquarius exhibit both heavy and strong influences and their independence can often pave the way to a successful life.

Aquarius men at best are smart, and friendly when they use their interpersonal skills to mingle with other people, open-minded, sociable, humanitarian, observant, analytical, artistic, and creative and they can properly organize their thoughts and emotions because they can detach from it.

At worst your Aquarius man can be a bit intimidating due to his cold and detached nature. He can also be quite robotic in his approach to life and relationships. Alongside that, he can also be perceived as emotionless or rebellious because he doesn’t like being led on by other people’s opinions.

He hates being influenced and will go the opposite way just to spite the person. He can also be aloof and quite sarcastic when angered.

In romantic relationships, your Aquarius man can be a bit quirky and unconventional in ways to show his love for you. He can also be romantic but only behind closed doors. His mood swings and sexual arousal are fluctuating over time so you should wait for the right time and moment to seduce him.

Sometimes he can be predisposed to his inner world that he forgets about sex and love. Understand that this is how his mind works and that he needs emotional space and independence for him to thrive in the relationship.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Aquarius man and scratched a little bit of his personality let’s dig deep into how does your Aquarius man like to be touched, massaged, or caressed? How can you turn your Aquarius man on by touching him during the foreplay act? 

Let’s find out!

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Where does an Aquarius Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Aquarius rules the lower part of the body it is quite known that the last signs in the zodiac wheel heavily pertain to the lower areas of the body. With that said, Aquarius rules the calves and the ankle.

These are the most sensitive and pleasurable areas for your Aquarius man and these are the areas you should effectively touch, massage and caress whenever you want him to feel relaxed, pleasured, and aroused. 

The calves and the ankles are the most sensitive and pleasurable areas of your Aquarius man. Although it may sound weird and quirky that these areas can be touched and can arouse your Aquarius man also deeply mirrors your Aquarius man’s personality. He is unconventional and unlike no other.

Unlike guys who are probably turned on by the most common things, your Aquarius man can be turned on by a simple touch to the knees or legs.

Alongside that touching, these areas will make you seem daring and bold and this ups your advantage scale to your Aquarius man! He loves a sexually bold and independent partner who knows what she wants and gets it through force!

Taking charge of him by casually arousing him through touch and caress is a great way to truly turn on your Aquarius man! 

To arouse him during foreplay you can begin by being a bold partner and grabbing his legs and ankles behind his back as you whisper some naughty things to him. If not you can ask him to lie down and you can do a sensual calf and leg massage.

To make this massage lusty and sexual you can put more oil or lube on the legs and begin by stroking and gliding your fingertips through the skin of his calves and legs. This will immensely turn him on and make him feel love and pleasure like no other!

Emphasize doing circular rubs to his lower legs and maintaining a low to medium pressure when you are working on his inner thighs. You can also touch his groin area for more arousal. By doing these you are surely giving them enough time to arouse him and make him feel loved like no other!

Overall your Aquarius man likes to be massaged in the lower part of the body particularly the calves and the ankle. If you are going for the relaxation route then you can just slowly touch and caress his ankles using your fingertips.

Also remember to make sure that the room where you are going to massage or arouse him should be well maintained, cool, and tidied up. 

Quick Overview: Aquarius Man’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage his ankles

Massaging his ankles is the most viable option to truly arouse him and make him feel lusty and sexual. Massaging his ankles is a great way to turn on your Aquarius man because this is his area of sensitivity and pleasure!

Some doctors even suggest that massaging the ankles can be a great way to alleviate pain and swelling around this area especially if your Aquarius man is heavy on sports or walking. To massage, his ankles begin to let him sit through a chair as you sit in an Indian position forward facing him.

Using the rubbing scented oil begin to stroke and glide your fingertips downwards on the ankles down to the feet. This helps in removing the swell of fluid buildup in the ankles as it also stimulates blood circulation in the area!

2. Massage his calves

Massaging his calves is a great way to please him and turn him on because his calves have muscles that are deeply connected to the ankles and alongside that calves are part of the lower body. A good calf massage can improve flexibility in that area and improves muscle tightness.

To massage, begin by rubbing scented rubbing oil into your hands then rub and stroke the muscles of the calves. Gently put pressure on the tendons and tensed muscles that you feel during the massage session.

You can also try the knead, or petrissage, this form of massage is formally squeezing the muscle tissue using a thumb or two or three of your fingers. This acts as a deep connective tissue massage where you put point pressure into the calves.

When done properly this will give immense sensations to your Aquarius man!

3. Touch his knees and legs

Touching your Aquarius man’s knees and legs in a flirtatious and sensual manner is a good way to seduce him and get his blood going in the groin area. A simple light touch to his inner thighs can bring immense sensations that will probably make him go crazy! 

Remember that whenever you have the chance to touch his knees you are making him feel the most sensitive and pleasurable sensations he can ever have! To begin touching his knees and legs you can start by approaching him and then lightly touching his knees upwards to his legs then smiling.

Maintain eye contact as your touch this part of his body.

4. Massage his hands

Hand massage is the best and easy way to help him unclog his mind from stress, worry, and anxiety. Being an air sign your Aquarius man can often be clouded by overthinking and this can give him stress and pain.

To massage his hands is to help him alleviate any sort of stress in his system. To massage, his hands begin by letting him sit in a comfortable position and ask him to deep breathe in and out. As you begin to massage his hands use your thumb to put pressure upwards and downwards on the palm of his hands then repeat on another.

You can also use your technique when you are massaging him. Let your intuition guide you as to how you would massage your Aquarius man’s hands. You can touch, stroke, glide, or caress it. Whatever suits you as massaging his hands often is easy and can be done casually.

5. Stimulate his mind by talking to him while doing the massage!

Last but not least! If you are already giving him a hand massage then you can casually start a deep conversation with him! This will be deeply stimulating for your Aquarius man! Remember that he is still an air sign and typically air signs energize thought talking and social interactions.

Let him talk and say what is on his mind then tell him what’s yours. By talking to him in deep conversation you are showing him actual interest. 

Touching an Aquarius Man…Final Thoughts

Your Aquarius man is deeply fascinating, he is a complex individual with a lot of things to share and learn about! Unlike the other air signs, your Aquarius man’s fixed modality and his ruling planet Saturn can give him a grounding and pragmatic approach.

He is aware of the harsh realities of the world and he knows that society is rigged and broken. When given enough independence and space in the relationship he will last you a lifetime!

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus he can be a little bit frisky and rebellious in matters of sex and love! In fact! He can be quite versatile! Wanting to be both dominant and submissive depending on his mood! Touching and massaging him is a good way to initiate lovemaking!

This instantly arouses him and lets him know you’re in the mood for something! You can incorporate touching his sensitive areas to truly make sure he feels, pleased, relaxed, and highly engaged in the situation!

Overall, the most sensitive areas that you can utilize to make your Aquarius man feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • His calves
  • His legs and knees
  • His hands
  • Talk to him (Mental stimulation)

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