How To Make An Aquarius Man Jealous?

In this article, we are going to talk about your Aquarius man and how to make her insanely jealous! We will give you the most efficient ways how to properly make him jealous so he will have his attention all over you!

Alongside that, we will give you the insider on how an Aquarius man gets jealous! So sit back relax and let’s get started!

To make your Aquarius man jealous you must be flirtatious with other people innocently and naively. Be friendly with other people while being nonchalant to him to show your frustration on how cold he’s been towards you.

Your Aquarius man is aloof so match this with intensity and see how different he’ll be!

The Aquarius man is the eleventh sign in the zodiac wheel represented by the Water-Bearer. The penultimate sign after Pisces your Aquarius man is intelligent, skillful, progressive, and known for his unconventional ways. He is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is his old ruler and Uranus is his new ruler.

This makes your Aquarius man complex and powerful. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and also a good point to think about that he is the last air sign. Many might have a misconception that he is a water sign because he is a water-bearer but this is an innocuous error.

Aquarius is an air sign through and through. Of all the air signs he is the most stubborn given his fixed nature. His nature is space-like – mysterious, hard to reach yet fascinating and beautiful.

Aquarius man is unique and introverted to which most are surprised as many people have a misconception that air signs are known to be talkative, social, or extroverted.

This is true for Libras and Geminis but Aquarius is a little bit more complex than that. Yes, an Aquarius man is sociable only if he feels like it because he is truly introverted deeply and likes to think about the macro-perspective of life.

Your Aquarius man is a fascinating subject because his passion and knowledge are unconventional. You might see him deeply interested in the occult, conspiracy theories, esoteric science, or other things that are unconventional or might be seen as “weird” as others.

This is because your Aquarius man is a progressive, revolutionary sign and he seeks knowledge that can help society as a whole.

Intelligence combined with unconventional can bring about some genius aspects to this zodiac! Think about Einstein level genius! Aquarius men are not the ones to be trifled with because aside from being intelligent they are knowns to cause massive disruptions in our society often for a good reason.

Political disruption is in their nature because they are naturally driven and rebellious and will not conform to society’s repressive laws and structure.

Humble and indifferent this makes them a perfect humanitarian. Often working on a large scale to help people in need and suffering from the political injustices in society. This crosses them out as being a cold and emotionless zodiac sign! Contrary to popular belief!

Your Aquarius man is not emotionless! He is however cold, aloof, and somewhat detached from shallow things, shallow people, fake people who are often used to small talk and ingenuine flatteries.

He genuinely dislikes pettiness and gossip and could care less about people-pleasing ordeals and actions. This man is upfront and straight to the point.

He focuses his time, attention, and energy on radical social progress. He shifts the idea of “me” identity to the “we” collective. To him, he knows that there are greater aspects in life that humanity must face as a whole.

As such you will see him going for an active cause whether it’s a political, racial, or gender injustice you will see him fighting for the people! This is the most attractive trait of an Aquarius man! He is unafraid to speak up his mind and defend the people who need it!

Your Aquarius man in his best possible self can be seen as compassionate, innovative, humanitarian, self-reliant, clever, independent, egalitarian, powerful, and helpful towards others at his worst he can be a rebel without a cause. Obstinate, unpredictable, contradictory, calculating, and aloof.

In a relationship, he is affirmatory towards his partner and can be romantic from time to time but he must overcome his aloofness if he truly wants to get emotionally in tune with his partner. He is the type of guy who is quirky and intelligent and wants his woman to be the same.

He wants to spend time with a partner who can keep a conversation with him and someone who can match his level of interest in certain stuff.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Aquarius man let us talk more about your Aquarius man and his jealousy issues! How does he express his jealousy and what are the signs that he is jealous?

Let’s dig deep!

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How does An Aquarius Man Express Jealousy?

Your Aquarius man is a rarely jealous person because as mentioned before he got so many things on his mind that he sometimes forgets he even is in a relationship! He is so concerned about world peace that he forgot he has a relationship!

But all jokes aside your Aquarius man rarely gets jealous but if he ever does it’s mostly because you’ve given him enough reason to believe that he needs to be jealous.

This man is chill and laid back in a relationship and he’s especially a very understanding and sympathetic one. This man is the most open-minded zodiac sign and that makes him the less toxic one out of all the men on the list! Your Aquarius man is pretty chill and rarely feels petty feelings like anger or jealousy.

To him expressing those negative feelings or even feeling those feelings are deemed to be unworthy or not really to be entertained. Your Aquarius man thinks and he thinks intelligently he will not put his emotions first but rather would like to think things out before acting.

However when he sees a danger to his relationship then he will start acting jealous.

He will not actively express his emotions towards you or other people instead he will act cool on it and will use humor and sarcasm to deflect the pain he is currently in. He will be obstinate but rather in a quiet way.

Alongside that, you will notice that he will be less friendly towards you and more aloof in terms of interaction and attitude towards you and the relationship.

Your Aquarius man will not tolerate any disrespect but that does not mean he will stoop down and let everyone see that he is hurt. Instead, he becomes cold and aloof and more detached as his distrust and frustration towards you increase.

If you are noticing less positive interaction with him accompanied by cold stares and poker faces then it could mean that you have done something against him and in this case, he thinks you are flirting or cheating on him.

You will invariably feel to your gu that there is something wrong. He will act in ways where you might deem that he is losing interest. He might use jokes to subtly hint that he is jealous but he will never express any thoughts or emotions regarding it directly.

Instead, he will try his best to look optimistic and “chill” about the situation, 

He has an avoidant personality type so he will not express any of his sentiments toward you unless you reach out to him first.

Aquarius men, in general, are very friendly ad social people when they get comfortable and it’s as if they can talk about anything under the sun but once the topic gets around his identity, his inner emotions, or any sensitive topic about his relationship he retaliates and becomes stone cold. 

This guy refrains from saying too much because it is not in his nature to overshare about his personal life especially his love life so no matter how many friends or acquaintances he has he will no one ll have the chance to get close enough to get to know him.

He is mysterious and secretive through and through and if you think you already know him well he’s got more layers to be peeled off.

When you’re looking out for signs that he is jealous it will be obvious through the disheartening distance that he will create against you. It will feel like he’s miles away physically and emotionally even if you both are living under the same roof.

Alongside that, he will be disharmonious and sometimes erratic and unpredictable.

The introverted nature of Aquarius also makes him odd and quirky in his approach toward you in most cases. Look out for the humor because he uses it intelligently to convey his deep set of emotions! Overall the cold nature of Aquarius will prevail once he takes his jealousy to take over.

Only a deep and understanding talk can warm him up and fix the relationship.

How to Make Your Aquarius Man Jealous!

Flirt and flirt until you succeed

The first and most common yet effective tactic is to let him see that you are positively interacting with other men to the point of flirtation. This is an effective way to rile him up because you are openly showing him that you have got many options and that you do not care if you are hurting him.

This detached attitude of not giving a damn while at the same time playing your cards with other men will make him insanely jealous.

Flirt and flirt with other people and see how he will react to it!

Be friendly towards other people but not to him

Another useful tactic to use when you are out there making your Aquarius man jealous is that you have to be friendly, sociable, and helpful towards other people – his acquaintances, friends, and family but not to him.

This instantly makes him beg to get your time and attention and it also gives you power in the relationship.

Alongside that when you are being friendly towards other people but not to him you are making him miss you more by directly detaching your energy towards him. This makes him riled up and at the same time angry and jealous that you are not positively interacting with him.

Act like you don’t care

When you act like you don’t care you are instantly making your Aquarius man 100 percent more attracted to you! When you act like you don’t care you are showing him you are a strong, independent woman who probably has other men lining up for you.

Remember that your Aquarius man is a naturally detached zodiac sign so he will be more inclined to the “chase” or the thrill of the relationship rather than settling in.

Tease him 

Tease him and provoke him with jokes or things that will remind him of your previous ex.

Mention how you ran up with your ex yesterday and how good-looking he’s been ever since you broke up with him or say how much more interesting he seems to be now that he’s away from you! This will rile him up and make him jealous!

Have a deep conversation with someone

Your Aquarius man likes deep talks. Talks that will have different fascinating topics. If he ever sees you having that kind of intellectual stimulation with someone this will make him angry and jealous at the same time even if he doesn’t show it directly to you!

Having a deep conversation with someone shows you are having fun with other people without him which is undeserving for him in a relationship!

Alongside that having a deep conversation will make him more likely to go after you assuming that he’s becoming a little strayed away from you. Remember to genuinely have a conversation with someone trying to fake it or be ingenuine about it will just make things worse for you and your Aquarius man.

You have to show him that you are capable of holding off witty and intelligent conversations with other people.

Have an open conversation

At the end of the day, it is still best to talk things out with your Aquarius man and tackle the root cause of the problem in the relationship. Talk to him about the boundaries that he might cross or ask him why he is straying away from the relationship.

After apologizing and amending things with him and give him total absolution for whatever he’s done and let the both of you rebuild the relationship you have.

Show him that you love him no matter what and that you are loyal throughout the relationship even if he thinks you are flirting with other people. Find out each other’s love styles so both of you don’t feel alienated from each other.

Alienation can be a problem you can face whenever you enter a relationship with your Aquarius man because it is easy for him to get clouded in these thoughts but that doesn’t mean he’s straying away from you.

Mind games like making him jealous will only be effective to a certain extent. As much as possible to have a fruitful, strong, and stable relationship with him you must understand each of your differences and work each thing out for the betterment of the relationship.

Open communication saves your relationship with your Aquarius man. This is the most effective way if you truly want him back genuinely without resorting to petty games like making him jealous and angry…

Making An Aquarius Man Jealous (& how to draw attention from him!), final thoughts…

Your Aquarius man isn’t the jealous type but can be with the right circumstances. Weird, and quirky but unique and powerful in their own right. His personality is one of a kind so his expressing his jealousy can be weirdly and eccentrically. 

Your Aquarius man is undoubtedly the most innovative, progressive, tolerant, unique, and humanitarian zodiac sign.

Your complex and dynamic Aquarius man can often be found planning a revolution, inventing a useful tool that can save humanity, or proudly flaunting their funky knowledge, they also have an often overlooked sensitive side that requires enough attention and love.

At the end of the day, it is best not to truly go hard mode in making him jealous because it is just gonna hurt his feelings. Instead, try to be more open in having a conversation

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